South African Sign Language (SASL) is a minority language used by more than 600 000 people in South Africa. SASL would enable you to communicate with a Deaf person and provide you with the ability to communicate and therefor render a professional service to the Deaf without the use of an interpreter. You need motivation and passion to enrol for this course.

Focus areas in SASL:

  • Linguistics: The basis for understanding the grammatical aspects of signed languages.
  • History and Deaf Culture: The study of Deaf culture, development of signed languages, organisations for the Deaf and to establish an understanding of the struggle Deaf people have in having their language recognised.
  • SASL Acquisition: Vocabulary (signs) related to specific topics, e.g. family, school, food, animals, etc are taught in this part of the module.
  • SASL Practical: Students have the opportunity to practise what they have learned in the Acquisition class through interaction with deaf people and signing with peers.

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