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    Ethical Code
    It is expected from students to take an oath concerning the ethical code to ensure high values within the legal profession.
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Ethical Code
  • I pledge loyalty to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and undertake to respect its laws and to maintain and develop its legal system.
  • I shall observe all the rules and regulations of the University of the Free State and the Faculty of Law.
  • I shall maintain high moral and ethical standards.
  • I shall strive towards ensuring that my actions are always in the interest of the public and directed towards improving the good name of the University and the Faculty.
  • I shall uphold the dignity, traditions and culture of the legal profession.
  • My behavior shall be such that at all times I may be regarded as a person fit and suitable to be admitted as a legal practitioner.
  • As a prospective jurist, I shall display impeccable honesty at all times.
  • I shall maintain a high standard of integrity.
  • I shall act objectively, fairly, and without bias.
  • I shall employ my working potential to the full.
  • I bind myself to the code of conduct of the University and the Faculty, and to any disciplinary measures should I fail to comply with my commitment to this code.
  • If a student fails to comply with the above-mentioned code, it could result in suspension of all legal studies at the University of the Free State or in that a certificate of good conduct, required for admission to all legal professions, be refused.
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