• Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Discovery in Scorpius constellation may signify clean energy for Earth
    Earlier this year, a group of international astronomers announced the discovery of an exotic binary star system, AR Scorpii.
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Research eradicates bacteria from avocado facility
    “The aim of the project was to identify and characterise the contamination problem in an avocado-processing facility and then to find a solution.”
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Prof Danie Vermeulen, new Faculty Dean
    The Council of the UFS approved the appointment of Prof Danie Vermeulen as Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences during its meeting on 11 March 2016.
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  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Lithium-Ion Batteries Research Improving Ordinary Lives
    The future of scientific research at the Qwaqwa Campus is in good hands. Dr L Koao is one of the members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Prestige Scholars Programme (PSP) on this Campus.
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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences : Vision, Mission and Values

The vision, mission, and value systems of the faculty are founded on the broad scope of the vision of the University of the Free State; a university recognised across the world for excellence in academic achievement and in human reconciliation.


To be widely acknowledged as a faculty at the forefront of the practice of natural and agricultural science, where the highest levels of quality and credibility are reflected.


To promote and advance high-quality scientific practice as a basis for innovative technology. Included are the:

  • establishment of an academic culture
  • nurturing of critical scientific reflection
  • promotion of scientific education
  • advancement of pure and applied research
  • fostering of community service
  • development of the total individual
  • commitment to continuous pro-active intellectual, physical, and cultural transformation.


A common set of values which, through deep-rooted convictions, guide the faculty in the realisation of its vision and mission, namely a commitment to:

Excellence and quality

The faculty aims to contribute at the highest level in the fields of teaching, research, and service while promoting an atmosphere of:

  • academic freedom and autonomy
  • impartiality
  • integrity
  • equity
  • quality assurance.

International collaboration and an entrepreneurial approach to education and research are an important focus of the faculty.

A positive disposition towards teaching

In teaching, the development of scholarship is emphasised. Scholarship not only serves the student but, ultimately, society as a whole.

Innovative research

Innovative research to advance scientific knowledge is a primary concern. Thus, by advancing a better quality of life, the community is served.

Dedicated community service

Dynamic service to the community of the Free State and the South African society at large will maintain the faculty and ensure that it remains relevant nationally and internationally. This service to the community is ideally promoted through education and research.

Sound quality control

Quality control is an important value, because quality is recognised as the hallmark of products and services, which the faculty delivers to its students, society, and science itself.


In respect of political and religious matters, the faculty will remain neutral to ensure and maintain scientific objectivity.

Motto: No substitute for Excellence!

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