Name of SLP:Principles and Processes of Mediation 
SLP Code:CCAM1500S 


Short Description of the SLP: This mediation course will allow legal practitioners and any alternative dispute resolution practitioners to apply their skills in mediation within their fields of expertise according to their academic qualification, prior learning and personal skills as needed to serve within their own institutions as mediators including the government's panels of court-annexed mediators, panels of family mediation, employment relations, or any applicable civil or commercial panels.

The areas of application include employment disputes, commercial disputes, consumer disputes, neighbourhood disputes, land claims disputes, family disputes, industrial relations disputes, disputes within religious communities, medico-legal disputes, construction disputes, etc.
Admission Requirements: National Senior Certificate
Learning Duration: 8 weeks 
Costs: To be confirmed upon request
Language of Tuition:English
Mode of Delivery: Online 
Campus: Bloemfontein
Learning Level: 5
Dates of Programme: To be confirmed upon request
Nature of Programme:Competence 
Programme Structure: The teaching and learning strategy for the proposed SLP will be governed by adult teaching strategies.  An active teaching-learning strategy will be followed that allows participants to talk and listen, read, write, and reflect as they approach SLP content and to apply what they are learning.  There will be many opportunities to reflect on their own practices, learn from and contribute to the learning of other participants, and identify possible applications to their own work environment.

Teaching methods: Combination of formal online theory lectures with interactive online discussions, as well as practical applications.

Mode of delivery:  The mode of delivery is a blend of pre-recorded as well as live online theory lectures, interactive online discussion and face to face role-play under supervision of course presenters.

Study material: Each participant will be provided with comprehensive electronic study material that details the programme and includes content that pertains to the various topics within the programme.
Assessments: Formative assessment and practical summative assessment.


Academic Entity: Public Law 
Contact Person: Hennie Erasmus
Telephone:+27 83 443 7741 

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