University of the Free State awards honorary doctorate to Marius Botha

Marius Botha Graduation 2017

It is with great pride that the University of the Free State, on application by the School of Financial Planning Law, has awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Marius Botha.

Dr Marius Botha is synonymous with financial planning in South Africa. In many ways formal education in financial planning was developed and has evolved at the hands of Dr Botha.

"He has been involved in the training of financial planners since 1986 and is the author / co-author of the 3 main sources that are used in the financial planning arena. There are very few Certified Financial Planning® Professionals in Southern Africa who have not been trained by him. The majority of the CFP® Professionals in the Southern African region owe a great deal of their knowledge to Dr Botha, having started with his independent training in 1986 in the time when there were only accreditation examinations in the form of ILPA (Institute of Life and Pension Advisers), to today and the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He is one of very few people in South Africa who has an in-depth knowledge of just about all the elements of financial planning and financial planning law.

Dr Botha has made an invaluable contribution towards the South African financial planning education landscape and the professional lives of so many financial planners, advisors, fund managers and principal officers. Because of his devotion, millions of South Africans, of all financial backgrounds, are protected, livelihoods are improved and wealth is preserved. He has literally touched the lives of the average South African, from the richest to the poorest. Any person who has made use of a financial planner, has indirectly benefited from Dr Marius Botha’s dedication to the industry. If not through an education institution, then through a company where that financial planner has either used Dr Botha’s material, his books, or has been trained by him in some form ", said Adv Shirly Hyland, Director : UFS School of Financial Planning Law



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