The Predation Management information Centre (PMiC)

The PMiC was established at the University of the Free State to provide an information service to the four producer organisations represented on the Predation Management Forum (PMF):

We collect, manage and disseminate information regarding predation on livestock and wildlife by predators such as the black-backed jackal, caracal, leopard etc. Information regarding the management of damage-causing animals, their ecology etc. is collected. Similarly, relevant information is distributed to anyone who wants to find out more about the above-mentioned topics.

Effective management is based on a sound understanding of the topic in question. To achieve effective predation management in South Africa, we need to draw from as much information as possible. In SA, there is a lot of information available on damage causing animals, their impact on livestock production and how to manage them, but much of this information lies in the hands of a few experts etc, while there are many people out there who seek advice and information, but do not know where to obtain it. The PMiC aims to fulfil this purpose…extracting valuable information from reliable sources and providing a platform where such information can be accessed by people who need it.

Predation Management Centre

The PMiC plays an integral part in the Predation Management Centre (PMC).
The PMC implements the objectives of the Canis-Caracal Programme (CCP), which was launched at the University of the Free State in 2004 by the African Large Predator Research Unit (ALPRU).

  1. Collecting and interpreting all available information on predation, predation management and the predator species involved, and distibuting relevant and appropriate information after scientific evaluation to stakeholders and role players.
  2. Initiating, supporting, and conducting scientific studies on the ecology of predator species implicated in predation, as well as their natural food base, on livestock farms and wildlife ranches.
  3. In partnership with farmers and conservation authorities, assisting in formulating new or updating existing scientific management strategies and policies to coordinate the management of damage-causing predator species at national and provincial levels.

To achieve its goals, the PMiC has done the following:

1. To assist in building and maintaining institutional memory, the PMiC generated a Management Information System (MIS), consisting of the following databases and archives:

  • Contact details of role-players involved in predation
    • Legislation
      Detail regarding relevant acts, regulations and policies regarding predation management.
           This database and collection of documents serves as repository to anyone requiring information on           the legal aspects of predation management on a provincial as well as national level. 

    • A functional collection of publications (hard copy and/or electronic) on predators, predation and relevant associated topics, both local and international. The collection includes peer-reviewed publications, as well as articles published in popular press.

    This database and archive serves to keep track of research conducted on topics relating to predation management, in efforts to coordinate and prioritise future research, as well as to inform present-day predation management practices.

    • Management methods, devices or equipment.
      This database serves to inform responsible, legal and humane predation management strategies, and will be incorporated in future training sessions.
    • Information on predation/predator control (extent, distribution etc.).
           Our most important source of information is from the people directly involved in predation management, namely farmers and specialist predator hunters. Incorporating local knowledge and experience is undeniably the most important priority in compiling best practices and guidelines in predation management. The relationship between predation, predation management and subsequent predation must be able to inform predation management. 

    2. Initiated and supported projects by supplying input and information. (SKA development, predator management programmes, PredSA, predator research, and student support - post graduate studies).

    3. Provided inputs and assistance to government departments in working towards coordinated predation management. 

    Read more about the PMiC's role in coordinating predation management in South Africa in the document:
    The Predation Management information Centre at the University of the Free State


    Faculty Manager: Ms Lee-Ann Frazenburg
    T: +27 51 401 3199

    Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
    T: +27 51 401 2531

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