The Doctorate of Sustainable Agriculture aims to increase the capacity of the students to develop their own philosophical and ethical views on sustainable agriculture.

Students will learn to collaborate with others in learning, undertake cooperative project work with farmers and others in the rural sector, and integrate their studies in ecologically-sustainable agricultural production systems, business management, self-management, and social behaviour.

Prospective PhD candidates can contact the centre directly for further guidance at

NQF 10 PhDbuttons nqf5NQF level 10  |  240 credits

Students graduate with enhanced analytical and creative thinking skills through the application of their learning to real-world issues and become autonomous or self-directed learners who are capable in research areas relating to their choice of study.
Students will be assessed on the basis of completed assignments, examinations, workplace learning, or other methods as outlined in specific subject outlines.



Faculty Manager: Ms Lee-Ann Frazenburg
T: +27 51 401 3199

Marketing Manager: Mrs Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531

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