Prof Botma Visser
Associate Professor
Plant Sciences
BL 134
Plant Sciences
IB 62

Short CV

Publications (Short List)

Mafa MS, Lebusa N, Gumani TF, Kemp G, Visser B, Boshoff WHP and Castelyn HD, 2023. Accumulation of complex oligosaccharides and CAZymes activity under acid conditions constitute the Thatcher+Lr9 defence responses to Puccinia triticina. Biologia 78: 1929-1941. IF 1.653.

Mafa MS, Visser B, Boshoff WHP, Kemp G, Alexander O and Castelyn HD, 2023. Flagging defensive roles of carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZymes) and carbohydrates during Puccinia triticina-wheat interactions. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 124: 101947. IF 2.741.

Terefe TG, Visser B, Pretorius ZA and Boshoff WHP, 2023. Physiologic races of Puccinia triticina detected on wheat in South Africa from 2017 to 2020. European Journal of Plant Pathology 165: 1-15. IF 2.1.

Szabo LJ, Olivera PD, Wanyera R, Visser B and Yue Jin, 2022. Development of a diagnostic assay for differentiation between genetic groups in clades I, II, III and IV of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici. Plant Disease 106: 2211-2220. IF 4.614.

Spelman Z, Visser B, Terefe T, Pretorius ZA and Boshoff WHP, 2022. Pathogenicity and microsatellite characterization of Puccinia hordei in South Africa. Crop Protection 158: 106014. IF 3.036.

Boshoff WHP, Visser B, Bender CM, Wood AR, Rothmann L, Wilson K, Hamilton-Attwell VL and Pretorius ZA, 2022. Fig rust caused by Phakopsora nishidana in South Africa. Phytopathologia Mediterranea 61: 283-298. IF 1.788.

Boshoff WHP, Wood AR, Visser B, Bender CM, Joubert L, Richter J, Aime MC and Pretorius ZA, 2022. The life cycle of Puccinia digitariae on Digitaria eriantha and Solanum species in South Africa. Mycologia 114: 319-336. IF 2.696.

Combrink HM, Oosthuizen J, Visser B, Chabilal N, Buccimazza I, Foulkes WD and van der Merwe NC, 2021. Mutations in BRCA-related breast and ovarian cancer in the South African Indian population: A descriptive study. Cancer Genetics 15: 258-259. IF 2.523.

Labuschagne R, Venter E, Boshoff WHP, Pretorius ZA, Terefe T and Visser B, 2021. Historical development of the Puccinia triticina population in South Africa. Plant Disease 105: 2445. IF 4.438.

Terefe TG, Visser B, Botha W, Kozana A, Roberts R, Thompson GD, Prinsloo G and Read DA, 2021. Detection and molecular characterization of Wheat stripe mosaic virus on wheat in South Africa. Crop Protection 143: 105464. IF 2.49.

Meyer WB, Boshoff WHP, Minnaar-Ontong A, Young A, Kong G, Thompson S, Pretorius ZA and Visser B, 2021. Phenotypic and genotypic variation of Puccinia helianthi in South Africa. Plant Disease 105: 1482-1489. IF 4.438.


Area(s) of Interest

My primary interest is the genetic interaction between plants and pathogens, more specifically cereals and their respective rust pathogens. The different aspects that I investigate are:

- The genetic interaction between wheat and stem rust in terms of genes involved in the adult plant resistance response.

- Genotyping cereal rusts, include wheat stem, leaf and stripe rust, sunflower rust and oats stem rust.

- The identification of naturalized Berberis species in South Africa.

- The identification of wheat viruses and their associated vectors in South Africa.

- The control of cereal urediniospore germination using natural compounds. 

Area(s) of Expertise

Courses Presented


BLGY1643 The Interdependence of plants and life on earth


BTNY3754 Plant Molecular Biotechnology


BTNY6874/BTNC6804 Advanced Plant Molecular Biotechnology


BTNY6806 Botany Literature Review


BTNY6808 Botany Research Project


BTNY8900 Botany MSc dissertation


BTNY9100 Botany PhD thesis

Community Service


Service Learning



Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531

Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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