Dr Angeline van Biljon
Senior Lecturer
Plant Sciences
LG 4.108
Plant Sciences
IB 63
Agriculture Building: Block 4 4.108

Short CV

Angeline van Biljon obtained her B.Sc. degree (Genetics and Botany -1988) and B.Sc. Honours (Genetics - 1989) at the University of the Free State. She became involved in breeding programmes for Gladiolus and Ornithogalum species while working as assistant agricultural researcher at the ARC-Roodeplaat Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Institute, Pretoria till September 1990. After spending nearly six years at a nursery in East London and one year at Port Rex High School she commenced with her postgraduate studies at the University of the Free State in April 1997. Her M.Sc. (Botany) with the title “Micropropagation of Pinus species” was obtained in 1999, under the supervision of Proff. A.J. van der Westhuizen and A.-M. Botha-Oberholster and in 2003 she completed her Ph.D. study under the supervision of Prof. M.T. Labuschagne with a thesis entitled “Genetic variability in the Solanum nigrum L. complex and related species in South Africa”. She is a member of the Southern African Plant Breeders Association. During 2005 to 2007 she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Central University of Technology, Free State, in the Unit for Applied Food Safety and Biotechnology. She has authored and co-authored papers in accredited journals and several posters at conferences. She was appointed as lecturer in the Department of Plant Sciences, Plant Breeding division in 2009 where she teaches undergraduate courses and supervises postgraduate students.


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Shegro A, Labuschagne MT, van Biljon A and Shargie NG. 2013. Assessment of genetic diversity in sorghum accessions using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis. African Journal of Biotechnology. 12(11):11780 1188.

Philippou OA, Minnaar-Ontong A, Swart WJ and van Biljon A. 2013. First report of Fusarium oxysporum causing wilt on Hoodia gordonii in South Africa. Plant Disease 97(1):140.

Miles CW, van Biljon A, Otto WM and Labuschagne MT. 2013. Grain and milling characteristics and their relationship with selected mixogram parameters in hard red bread wheat. Journal of Cereal Science 57:56-60.

Shegro A, Shargie NG, van Biljon A and Labuschagne MT. 2012. Diversity in Starch, Protein and Mineral composition of Sorghum Landrace Accessions from Ethiopia. Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology. 15(4):275-280.

van Biljon A, Labuschagne MT and Koen E. 2010. Microsatellite-based assessment of five Solanum nigrum complex species and their progeny. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B – Soil and Plant Science, 60: 494-499.

Ajith A, Labuschagne MT, Malan AF, van Biljon A and Wentzel B. 2010. Relationship between malting quality traits and hordeins as affected by timing of nitrogen fertilizer application. Cereal Chemistry 87(5): 393-397.

Jacoby A and de Beer H. 2007. Die bestudering van fenotipiese en genotipiese eienskappe van sekere psigrotrofiese voedselgedraagde bakterieë. Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie 26(1): 91-92.

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Jacoby A and Labuschagne MT. 2006. Hybridization studies of five species of the Solanum nigrum complex found in South Africa and two cocktail tomato cultivars. Euphytica 149:303-307.

Jacoby A and Booysen E. 2005. Molecular methods for the detection of food-borne pathogens – an overview. Interim 4(2):72-82.

Jacoby A, Labuschagne MT and Viljoen CD. 2003. Genetic relationship between Southern African Solanum retroflexum Dun. and other related species measured by morphological and DNA markers. Euphytica 132: 109-113.

Jacoby A, van der Westhuizen AJ and Botha AM. 2002. Establishment of embryogenic suspension cultures of Pinus radiata Don. Southern African Forestry Journal 194:53-58.

Publications (Short List)


Courses Presented

PLT900 & PLT700

PLT624 (Marker-assisted breeding, co-responsible)

PLT634 (Applied plant breeding, responsible)

PLT693 (Research: Literature study, responsible)



Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531

Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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