Dr Willem Boshoff
Senior Lecturer
Plant Sciences
Department Plant Sciences
Biology Building
Internal Box 64
051 401 2466
Biology Building 233

Short CV

Willem HP Boshoff was born on 10 January 1971 in Mossel Bay.  He matriculated in 1989 from Point High School in Mossel Bay.  After completion of his BSc Agric. and BSc Agric. Honours degrees in Plant Pathology at UFS in 1995, Willem was appointed by the ARC-Small Grain Institute, Bethlehem, to work on stem rust surveillance and pre-breeding for rust resistance in wheat.  He obtained his M.Sc. Agric. degree in 1997 and his PhD in 2001, all at UFS.  His master’s study dealt with Fusarium head blight and for his PhD the main focus was on stripe rust occurrence, epidemiology and control strategies.  This pioneering study was inevitable after the pathogen had been observed for the first time in 1996, causing extensive and severe epidemics, on wheat in South Africa.  After completion of his studies SGI appointed Willem as their spring wheat breeder for the irrigated production regions.  In 2003 he joined Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd. as their winter wheat breeder where he acted as breeding lead from 2006 to 2016, releasing several successful varieties. Willem was appointed as Senior Lecturer by the UFS in January 2017 in the field of rust pathology.  Willem will continue and expand research on rust diseases of field crops, teach undergraduate modules in Plant Pathology, and advise post-graduate students on research projects.


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  9. E. Wessels, R. Prins, W.H.P. Boshoff, J.D. Zurn, M. Acevedo & Z.A. Pretorius 2019. Mapping a Resistance Gene to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in the Bread Wheat Cultivar Matlabas. Plant Disease. https://doi.org/10.1094/PDIS-10-18-1731-RE
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  11. Z.A. Pretorius, G.J. Booysen, W.H.P. Boshoff, J.H. Joubert, G.J. Maree & J. Els 2019. Additive Manufacturing of Devices used for Collection and Application of Cereal Rust Urediniospores. Frontiers in Plant Science. https:doi10.3389/fpls.2019.00639



Focus on rust diseases of field crops including pathogen variability and genetic resistance.  

Area(s) of Interest

My main research interest includes pathogenic variation of rust pathogens of field crops, genetic resistance including cultivar characterisation and the identification and genetic analyses of new sources of genetic resistance with the potential of durable control.  

Courses Presented

PPLG 3734 Bacterial and Viral Plant Pathology

PPLG 3724 Plant Health Management



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