Research projects in Botany

  • Re-evaluation of the fossil pollen from Florisbad, which will assist us in reconstructing the climate and vegetation of the Quaternary in the central Free State (Dr Andri van Aardt)
  • Looking at the use of leaf epidermis as possible palaeo-environmental indicators from the Pretoria Salt pan (Tswaing Crater). (Dr Andri van Aardt)
  • Systematics of the Curio group (Asteraceae) (Dr Mariette Jackson)
  • Systematics of genus Steirodiscus (Asteraceae) (Dr Mariette Jackson)
  • Taxonomic revision of the genus Cryptolepis (Dr Lize Joubert)
  • Systematics of the Periplocoideae (Dr Lize Joubert)
  • Systematics of two South African endemic genera: Steirodiscus and Garuleum (Asteraceae) (Dr Lize Joubert)
  • Elicitors in plant defence responses (Dr Lintle Mohase)
  • Characterisation of elicitors/effectors in aphid saliva (Dr Lintle Mohase)
  • Effect of commercial plant activators on crop protection (pest/drought resistance, yield) (Dr Lintle Mohase)
  • Oxygen sensing mechanisms in plants (Dr Gerhard (GP) Potgieter)
  • Evaluation of bio-catalytic compounds on plant growth and development. (Dr Gerhard Potgieter)
  • Late Quaternary Palynology and Environments (Prof Louis Scott)
  • Coprolite pollen taphnomy (Prof Louis Scott)
  • Digitising pollen reference material (Prof Louis Scott)
  • Taxonomic revision of the genus Licium in Africa (Dr Andor Venter)
  • Taxonomic revision of the family Apocynaceae (Prof Johan Venter)
  • Early response to pathogen infection in wheat (Dr Botma Visser)
  • Molecular analysis of gene expression in plants (Dr Botma Visser)
  • Molecular analysis of defence gene expression in wheat (Dr Botma Visser)
  • The role of volatile emissions in defence activation in exposed wheat (Dr Botma Visser)
  • Genetic analysis of stem, leaf, and yellow rust populations of wheat in South Africa (Dr Botma Visser)
  • Genetic analysis of bio-activator treatments in wheat (Dr Botma Visser)
  • Karee malformations represents a biodiverse rich habitat (Ms Marguerite Westcott)


Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531


Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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