Aquatic ecology centres around two major themes, namely parasitology and wetland ecology. In parasitology, the focus is on aquatic parasites (in both marine and freshwater environments) and include aspects such as taxonomy, ecology, morphology, parasite/host relationships and phylogeny of parasites. In wetland ecology, the research concentrates on chemical and physical conditions in wetlands, biotic communities in wetlands, threats to wetlands, wetlands as biological filters, production and productivity, as well as wetlands in arid environments.

Due to the scope of aquatic parasitology, the individual researchers have developed their own areas of expertise in certain specialist areas. Student projects (Honours, MSc, and PhD) are chosen from the wider field of aquatic parasitology.

Description: Field labs are used in order to process samples quickly. Tags: UFS Field Lab

Description: Prof. van As showing local inhabitants captured plankton samples. Tags: Prof. JG van As Fieldwork Botswana

Study group members

Postgraduate students and research titles

  • Miss Deidre West, PhD

                        "Plankton succession of ephemeral rivers in Southern Africa."
  • Miss Mia Otto, PhD

                        "The ecology and taxonomy of Southern African Diatoms"
  • Mr Pieter Swanepoel, MSc

                        "Parasites of Barbus SPP. (Cyprinidae) of Southern Africa."
  • Mr Mogorosi Katlego, MSc.

                        "General disease and parasite survey of commercially important fishes of the Free State"
  • Mr Gerhard de Jager, MSc.

                        “Morphological and molecular taxonomic evaluation of Trichodina heterodentata (Duncan, 1977)”

Description: Reproductive Diplozoon parasites attached to the gills of a host. Tags: Ergasilus on Gills

Description: Fish parasites where the male and female worms grow into eachother in order to reproduce. Tags: Diplozoon Reproductives


Faculty Manager: Velaphi Makgwahla
T: + 27 51 401 3199

Marketing Manager: Elfrieda Lötter
T: +27 51 401 2531

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