Dihlabeng Local Municipality–University of the Free State Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The UFS has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dihlabeng Local Municipality which covers three towns in the municipal area. The MoU includes the commitment of the university to assist the municipality with the training of office bearers, support to the schools and support with social engineering projects.

Dihlabeng Easter Enrichment Classes

The UFS and Dihlabeng Local Municipality Easter Enrichment classes are complementary to the MoU that was signed by the two parties. These enrichment classes are continuing from the winter enrichment classes that were held for the class of 2011.
A number of meetings were held at the Dihlabeng mayoral committee room in preparation of the Easter Enrichment Classes. Following the decisions that were taken at these meetings it was then decided that the Easter enrichment classes would take place during April 2012 and these would be part of the bigger package to be given to schools in the Dihlabeng area as school support. The Easter enrichment classes were held at the 10 different participating schools in the Dihlabeng District Municipality.

The bigger package, i.e. school support, is most likely to include other than the Easter enrichment classes, also winter enrichment classes and spring classes.

Dihlabeng Winter Enrichment Classes

As a follow up to the Easter Enrichment Classes, Winter Enrichment Classes were held at the Qwaqwa Campus where 567 learners from the nine high schools participated. This was a programme where all 567 learners resided at the university residences for the duration of the programme.

Open Talk with the Community

On 7 May 2012 the Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the University of the Free State, Prof Jonathan Jansen, invited members of the community of QwaQwa and the surrounding towns to a community meeting. A number of issues were addressed at this meeting, amongst others the following can be singled out:

  • The relationship that exist between the university and municipalities.
  • The outreach projects that the university can assist the community with.
  • The high pregnancy rate that the university faces.
  • The protection of students who are non-resident students.
  • The meeting was well-received by the members of the community and that really showed that they are pro every project that the university intends to do in the community.
Graduation Ceremony

As part of the school support programme, we hosted learners from both Maluti-A-Phofung and Dihlabeng Local Municipalities to attend the university's graduation ceremony. A number of 300 learners from 20 different schools attended the occasion. This intended to expose learners to the university setup, while on the other hand to motivate learners to wish to come to the university and graduate.

Rector's School Visits

In respect of the MoU that was signed on behalf of the University and Dihlabeng Municipality, the Vice-Chancellor and Rector, Prof Jonathan Jansen, visited four schools in Dihlabeng. He discussed a number of issues with the grade 12-learners which, amongst others, were:

  • What is the importance of studying?
  • Why is it important to acknowledge where they come from?

During his visit to the schools, Prof Jansen gave motivation to both the teachers and learners at the following schools:

  • Thabo-Thokoza Secondary School.
  • Tiisetsang Secondary School.
  • Bethlehem Comprehensive School.
  • Ntsu Secondary School.
Social Cohesion Project

As part of our MoU with the Dihlabeng Local Municipality, the Directorate for Community Engagement, together with the Executive Mayor, initiated a Social Cohesion Project in line with the vision of the University of the Free State as well as the Municipality to promote reconciliation and nation-building.

The university has engaged the services of its Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice to implement this project. A number of meetings between the university and the municipality have taken place which included a planning workshop with stakeholders from the municipality.

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