The Arts, Culture, and Dialogue office serves as a channel through which the Student Affairs mandate finds expression in the visual, literary, performing arts and dialogue. Our purpose is to explore different ways of understanding social relations through artistic encounters thereby accentuating the broader UFS Strategic Plan. We seek to engage students and members of the university and greater Mangaung Metro community, with a specific focus on social justice, social cohesion and critical diversity.  The aim is to inspire audiences toward developing engaged citizenship and cohesive communities.

What we offer

The Student Life Art and Dialogue Festival creates a platform for UFS community to engagement on critical issues pertaining to the student and staff lived experience. It aims to engage not only South African Universities, but Universities all over the African Continent through the medium of visual, literary, performing arts and dialogue. 

Through our community engagement we create a platform for students and communities exchange ideas on how to through shared knowledge and the arts address social issues. 

By creating various arts based communities such as poetry, drama, music and visual arts, we seeks to enhance the engagement within the student community. 

What makes the communities different from other initiatives is that it:
a) Seeks to create an informal yet safe space for robust engagement
b) Fuses subject matter with creative expression
c) Documents all engagement as research data, for analysis in order to track progress
d) Creates platforms for participants to give feedback, to encourage further engagement
e) Uses venues in an around the university space to make it more inclusive

If you which to join one of our arts communities please visit the office at the Career Office Building next to the Basketball courts. 

The UFS Choir forms an integral part of our institutional culture as well as our national and global identity. Through the UFS Choir we create platforms for engagement with our local community as well as other institutions.  

Through our campus wide dialogue programme we aspire towards creating a socially cohesive student body, student life and UFS community. The ideal is that the UFS community use its power and privileged positionalities to ensure humanising lived experiences for those who are less privileged (i.e. socially, economically, politically, religiously, sexually, culturally and with regard to disability, class, gender, origin and language, etc.)


25 January: First-years Welcoming Activation
4 and 7 February: Introduction of ACD Office to First-years
3-4 May: ACD Extravaganza
1-3 August: Annual Musical Production
20-24 September: SLAD-FEST


Angelo Mockie
T: +27 51 401 9349

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