20 February 2019 | Story Valentino Ndaba
Fire facts: Assuming stable fuel, heat, and oxygen levels, a typical house fire will double in size every minute.

There are certain incidents that you cannot prevent from happening in life. However, in case the worst happens, you can always be well-prepared to take the right action. Fire outbreaks are a case in point. 

Certain rules apply to mitigate risks that may cause bodily harm. As a student, the University of the Free State is committed to ensuring that your well-being is taken care of.

In case of a fire, here are a few tips to remember:
1. Know your emergency evacuation plan
2. Know the fire brigade’s number 
3. Trust your Protection Services, notify them ASAP
4. Never waste time. Get up and get out
5. Wait to be accounted for at designated assembly point
6. Go low and never breathe in smoke, all smoke is toxic 
7. Close all windows and doors in case of a fire
8. Alert everyone in the building through the alarm system
9. Know your emergency exists and use them
10. Never try to be a hero, save yourself first

Once you are safe and sound, refrain from posting on social media before Emergency Services arrive. You are urged to obey these safety rules in all buildings and residences on campus.

Always report hazardous conditions and/or emergencies:

Bloemfontein Campus Protection Services: +27 51 401 2911/ 2634 
Toll Free: +27 80 020 4682
ER24: +27 80 005 1051

South Campus Protection Services: +27 51 505 1217/ 1478
ER24: +27 80 005 1051

Qwaqwa Campus Protection Services: +27 58 718 5160
Emergency Services: +27 86 155 5111
ER24: +27 84 460 7007

Mangaung Fire and Rescue
+27 51 406 6666

Qwaqwa Fire Station
+27 58 713 1777

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