03 August 2018 Photo Rulanzen Martin
Reputable journal calls for editorial services of UFS researcher Prof Atangana
Some of Prof Abdon Atangana’s papers published in Elsevier journals received more than 100 citations in less than two years. He is researcher at the UFS Institute for Groundwater Studies.

Researcher in the UFS Institute for Groundwater Studies, Prof Abdon Atangana, is editor of more than 23 international accredited journals of Applied Mathematics. 

With his reputation as editor Prof Atangana was contacted by the editor-in-chief and senior publisher of Elsevier to join the editorial board of the journal on chaos solitons and fractals.

Better global presence

“My presence in such a leading journal increases the visibility of the University of the Free State (UFS), both nationally and internationally,” said Prof Atangana. 

In 2016 Prof Atangana published a paper in the journal of chaos solitons and fractals. The title was ’Chaos in a simple nonlinear system with Atangana–Baleanu derivatives with fractional order‘. This paper in particular was cited 167 times. In the last evaluation. The journal of chaos solitons and fractals went from 1.45 to 2.213 impact factor.

Chaos solitons and fractals are one of the leading Applied Mathematics journals and is classified 24/365.

Only African to serve

Prof Atangana was also appointed editor of a reputable journal published by the American Institute of Mathematical Science. In both journals he is the only African to serve as editor. 

“To become editor in such journal is a great responsibility and a clear indication of the impact your work in the field. An editor should endeavour to be a leader in the specific field of practice underpinning journal content as it helps the journal’s development, presence and standing within the international community,” said Prof Atangana. 

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