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Use less water and save more
Don't think twice about being water-wise

“Lift up the handle as soon as you flush. Don’t use the whole five litres at a go,” says Dr Cindé Greyling, who reckons we could save 25% of the water we flush down the toilet. Dr Greyling, who completed her PhD in Disaster Management at the University of the Free State (UFS), has spent years studying ways to shape the drought dialogue. Her voice is one that deserves our attention as citizens of this province.

Over the past five years the Free State has been experiencing heightened stress levels on reservoirs and dams due to the drought conditions induced by climate change. Since 2013 the issue has been worsening instead of improving.

Feasible water-conservation strategies
Students and staff members are advised to apply the same principle in the bathroom and kitchen alike by not letting the tap run while rinsing coffee cups. You could save a litre or two a day by (depending on how much coffee you drink and the number of cups rinsed) by quitting this bad habit. According to Dr Greyling, litter on campus is a secondary way of wasting water which many are unaware of. Litter blocks the drains and water which could have otherwise been recycled is lost in the process.

What do fellow Kovsies say?
Unamandla Mdlotshana, a third-year Actuarial Science student proposed eco-friendly adjustments that could potentially save litres of water on our campuses. He believes that using bottles to collect drinking water from taps, installing more water dispensers, and introducing hand sanitisers in bathrooms could drastically minimise water usage.

According to Dr Greyling, litter on campus is a
secondary way of wasting water which many
are unaware of. Litter blocks the drains and water,
which could have otherwise been recycled,
is lost in the process.

In Tebogo Chabangu’s view, taking shorter showers, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, and making sure taps are properly closed are some of the ways we could be water-wise. For the Anthropology honours student being water conscious means changing habits on a daily basis.

Join us as we spread the message of reversing the effects of the drought by saving water prior to the Rector’s engagement with students at 11:30 on 08 March 2018 at the Albert Wessels Auditorium on the Bloemfontein campus.

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