Prof Rantoa Letsosa
Dean: Theology and Religion
Office of the Dean: Theology and Religion

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Prof Rantoa Letšosa is Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the UFS. He holds a PhD of Practical Theology in Liturgics.  He has been involved in church work from the age of 21, first as deacon and later as elder, Scribe and Treasurer. He served in various Church Councils. After matric, he worked as security guard for one year and because of his great interest in technology from childhood, he completed a certificate course in Computer Basic Programming with Intec College. 


In 1991, he began with his theological studies at the then Hammanskraal Theological Seminary (under the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU/CHE) and completed his BA degree in 1993.  In 1994 he went to Unisa to do his BA Honours in Greek.  Whilst still busy with his honours degree in 1995, he was appointed as junior temporary part-time researcher in the Faculty of Arts at Unisa.  In 1996 he did his MA in Greek and passed it with distinction at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU/CHE). Whilst busy with his MA he simultaneously completed two degrees, his ThB and BA (Hons) in Theology also (cum-laude) with distinction. 


In the year 2000, he was ordained as minister of the Reformed Church Boskop and the Reformed Church Tlokwe-Botshabela. Whilst ministering these two congregations he led the ward of Kokosi into a fully established congregation.  After the establishment of the latter congregation, he served all three congregations.  


Whilst serving these three congregations as a minister of the Word, already in May 2001 he was appointed in a capacity-building position at the Faculty of Theology at PU/CHE, with an agreement being established between the three congregations and the University.  He spent 20% of his time working in these congregations and 80% at the Faculty, in the meanwhile also managing to complete his PhD in 2005. After this, the Reformed Churches in South Africa called him to become a professor in Practical Theology in the Theological School Potchefstroom and he got involved in church planting whilst also receiving invitations from different congregation for services, workshops and presentations.  During his tenure as church professor, he worked himself up in the academic field.


In the year 2010 he became the first black Vice-Rector of the Theological School Potchefstroom (TSP) and in 2011 the first black Director of the School for Ecclesiastical Studies at the Faculty of Theology at NWU (North-West University). In 2012 he was reappointed as Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs of the TSP for a second term. The year 2013 for him turned out to be very positive.  He became Director of the School of Ministers` Training at the Faculty of Theology and received a prestigious HELM award (Higher Education Leadership Management award).  During the same year he successfully applied for full professorship, and was later in yet the same year appointed as the first black Vice-Rector Teaching-Learning of the NWU (Potchefstroom Campus) until 2017 June. From July after the restructuring of the NWU he acted as Dean at the Faculty of Theology of the NWU. In 2019 he made history again by being appointed as first black dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the UFS. Professor Letšosa served in many boards and professional bodies as director, in editorial boards and in different portfolios, including being chairperson of the Society for Practical Theology in South Africa (SPTSA). He also served on different non-professional bodies as one of the directors, among other, The Bible Society of South Africa, where he was also provincial chairperson for a few years, Reformanda, which dealt with the counselling of traumatised people, Residentia Old Age Home and Potchefstroom Old Age Home. As a hobby he sang for the Potchefstroomse Mannekoor, did different styles in martial arts and sits with a black belt in Korean Martial Arts. 


Rantoa’s interest is in practical theology, with a special focus on black culture.  He has already supervised and co-supervised several MA and several PhD candidates.   Some are still under his supervision.   He also acted as external examiner of more than 20 Master and PhDs from different institutions. He also wrote several articles, both popular and peer reviewed.  His PhD was published and became a prescribed work for students. He regards himself as both an academic, a leader and a minister of the Word, but to him these are not separate professions – they are one.


During his term as vice-rector he developed intensive managerial skills. He had 8 faculties under his management with regard to teaching and learning. He was involved in the allocation of Grow-our-own-timber project, the nGap project and in an advisory capacity for the capacity building project. He was also actively involved in the transformation of the NWU as well as actively involved and played a leading role in the merging/unifications of the Reformed Churches in South Africa, where he served on the moderamen as Chairperson and also as scribe. On classis level he served for number of years and Chair of the Corresponding Church Council. 


His aspirations are to help realize South Africa as a rainbow nation, where all are united and working together. To see South Africa as a place for everyone whilst taking into account matters related to social justice and equity as required in our Constitution. 




Academic Adviser
T: +27 51 401 2786

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