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Faculty of Theology and Religion: Honours and Master's Theologia Praxis

Theologia Praxis: Honours and master's programme

1. Introduction

In a rapidly changing world with a focus on effectivity, one needs a relevant theology. As part of the mission of the Faculty of Theology, the Department of Practical Theology endeavours to make a relevant theological contribution to and be involved in the community at large. In order to understand theology as a term with public significance, the postgraduate honours and master's programme in Theologia Praxis affords the student the opportunity to communicate this significance.

2. Aim of the qualification(s)

In recent years, the honours and master's programmes have met the various needs of prospective students to be meaningfully involved in congregations and in the community. However, recent research and challenges in practice has shown that the needs in the church and society demand an increasingly comprehensive and interdisciplinary contribution. In order to meet these needs, the honours and master's qualifications afford the student the opportunity to select a relevant programme from a number of modules with a view to a meaningful and relevant contextual ministry.

3. Theologia Praxis

Closing date for applications:  30 September.

Enquiries: Annelize Dreyer –  dreyera@ufs.ac.za or +27 51 401 3430.

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