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    Faculty name change
    The Faculty of Theology has been renamed the Faculty of Theology and Religion.
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    The Shepherd Centre celebrates decade of empowering spiritual leaders
    Shepherd Centre annually enrols upward of 300 adult learners, assisting spiritual leaders in Christian denominations with their shepherding responsibilities.
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    Did You Know?
    The oldest man in the Bible was Methuselah, who lived 969 years (Gen 5:27).

Faculty of Theology and Religion Home

The UFS Faculty of Theology was inaugurated in 1980. As the youngest of the faculties at the UFS, it has grown and firmly established itself on many levels in a relatively short period of time. The faculty remains the only institution in central South Africa that offers fully fledged, all-inclusive theological education. Postgraduate students constitute a significant strength in the faculty, with representation from all over the world, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Sixty percent of the total number of students in the faculty constitutes postgraduate students.

The faculty currently offers training in all theological disciplines, from undergraduate to PhD level. The postgraduate offering includes various options in master’s degrees and doctoral programmes, encouraging students to specialise in their particular field of interest.

The faculty embraces values that encourage cultural, gender, and ethnic inclusivity, promote academic and intellectual excellence and innovation, and support spiritual and ethic integrity. It also strives to establish a sense of community and hospitality within all the spheres of activity within the faculty.

The UFS Faculty of Theology delivers a unique national and international contribution to the development of the church, society, and the academic theological environment. This is achieved through quality theological education and specialist research based on a classical theological teaching and research framework.


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