Don’t shoot the messenger!

Produksie: Don’t shoot the messenger!
Dramaturg: Nico Luwes
Regisseur: Nico Luwes
Venue: Wynand Moutonteater
Datum: 25 & 26 Maart 2009
Tyd: 19:30
Besprekings: Computicket (Mimosa Mall en Checkers)

A new allegorical play by Prof Nico Luwes, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” will have its premiere on 25 and 26 March in the Wynand Mouton Theatre on the UFS campus. As part of the 200 year commemoration of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th year commemoration of his publication “The Origin of Species”, Darwin is confronted with ancient Greek knowledge in the form of the character, Ancienti Academicus. Were Darwin’s theories indeed original? Reli-Gious, representing Western religion comes into serious conflict with Darwin, the agnostic. In the fun play, Incense, appears from the blue and throws a spanner in the wheel with Eastern believes in Reincarnation and theories on the origin of life and the creation of Earth.

The oldest, isolated nation is called in to bring some light on the matter and Original Aboriginal comes in to didgeridoo everything up further with her creation theories and Dreamtime. Of course Africa Nus is not impressed and tells the Africa tale on the origin of life on earth and how humans came to wander this earth. All the characters are manipulated by the Jester of the King about the core question: Can a religious person except and believe Darwin’s scientific theories? Or visa versa! Can a scientist except and believe the creation theory as it is written in the Bible?

In this funny allegory, some-one will have to make the final decision, and you, the audience will be the Judge! The play was written with the support of the National Arts Council of South Africa and Nico Luwes directs the play. See you at The Wynand Mouton Theatre at 19:30. Sparks will fly! Book at Computicket in Mimosa Mall or get tickets at the door.
Nico Luwes

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