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Fine Arts Home

Fine Arts is not simply a field of study, but a vocation. Students at the undergraduate level can choose to pursue either the four-year BA (Fine Arts) degree or a three-year Diploma in Fine Arts.

An education in Fine Arts contributes to the development of a student’s creativity, imagination, innovative thinking, critical ability, and visual literacy. A wide variety of career possibilities await the graduate, primarily in the worlds of art, advertising, museums, and education.

Both BA (Fine Arts) and Diploma courses involve the following disciplines: Drawing, History of Art, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

An additional mandatory subsidiary subject (such as a language) can be completed within the first two years of study. For those students wishing to incorporate alternative or new media in the arts, a multi-disciplinary approach is available in the senior years of study.

The department’s well-equipped studios are situated in the Mabaleng Building, Block D on the Bloemfontein Campus, where students are taught by practising artists who are expected to participate and excel at local, national, and international levels.

Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art
Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art Description: Artwork Tags: fine arts, art

Application procedure and admission requirements

Admission to any Fine Arts course is subject to two criteria:

  • You must first be admitted to the university.
  • Only once you have met the university’s admission criteria can the Department of Fine Arts consider selecting you for admission to the BA (Fine Arts) or Diploma in Fine Arts.

All prospective students are required to submit a portfolio of a minimum of eight works, which must be clearly marked with the applicant’s name and should include all relevant information.

The closing date for submission of portfolios to the departmental address (see selection page for details) is 1 November. No applications will be considered without a portfolio.

Graduates in possession of a four-year BA (Fine Arts) degree can apply for admission to the MA (Fine Arts) degree.

The department also offers an Advanced Certificate in Education and a BEd Hons for practising teachers who wish to offer Arts and Culture in the foundation, intermediate and senior phases.

A complete list of qualifications and additional information regarding these is available.

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