Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree offers students a broadly formative education that is useful in any occupation requiring a culturally developed perspective. It provides students who intend specialising in a particular discipline with a meaningful context; it would be beneficial to people in any leadership position.

A Bachelor of Arts degree provide the opportunity to develop skills in observation, competitive analysis, creativity, comparison, communication & presentation as well as multilingualism. Employers around the world realise more and more that it is necessary to employ people who can help solve complicated problems. Although the STEM fields certainly have a specific function in society, it is particular skills pertaining to innovative, creative and adaptable thinking that employers seem to need more and more. We want to instill these attributes in our BA graduates.

What is the three-year degree?

The BA is a general formative degree to be completed over three years. It is recommended that students choose an academic plan with a specific core (two majors over three years), one minor subject (for two years) and a limited number of other modules (called electives). The academic plans are designed to support students in choosing a more focused and coherent curriculum.

Admission Requirements?
  • National Senior Certificate
  • AP Score: 30+
  • A minimum of 50% for the school-leaving examination in English or Afrikaans.

What is the four-year degree?

The four-year BA degree and the three-year BA degree are equivalent qualifications and differ only in terms of course duration. Another difference is that we require students to complete four compulsory development modules in the four-year degree that have the purpose of improving language, mathematical and learning skills.

Admission Requirements?
  • National Senior Certificate
  • AP Score: 25-29
  • A minimum of 50% for the school-leaving examination in English or Afrikaans.
Subjects you could choose from in a specific BA plan

Afrikaans and Dutch, Anthropology, Art History and Image studies, Business Management, Classical Studies, Communication Studies, Criminology, Economics, English, French, German, Geography, Greek, Hebrew, History, Human Resource Management, Latin, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sesotho, Sociology, South African Sign Language

For more information on the different plans we offer, follow this link.


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