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Legend / Notes:

  1. KNx = (30min Keynote) & Yx (15min Young Scientist) lectures; Across AFRICA
  2. FPYx = 2x3min poster flash presentations (3 Slides p.p.); young scientists
  3. 2x Poster Sessions; Monday and Tuesday evening
  4. 1x Round Table Panel discussion (Tuesday: 16:30)
  5. S1, S2: 2x Presentations by South African legends; Boeyens & Nassimbeni (Wednesday Session 11)
  6. South African Crystallographic Society: Annual general meeting (Tuesday evening 17:15)

 Sun 12 Oct       Title
   12:00  17:30  Registration  Bains Game Lodge    
 Ses.1      Opening function  Bains Game Lodge   
   17:30  18:15    Opening  
   18:15  20:15    Mixer and Dinner
 Mon 13 Oct       Title
 Breakfast  07:00  07:45  Breakfast     
Ses.2    Chair:  A Roodt   UFS  
   08:00  08:40  KN1    L Barbour (US) Establishing crystallography at the Univ of Stellenbosch
   08.40  09:00  Y1  D Haynes (US) Towards functional materials from multi-component Xtals
   09:00  09:30  KN2  D Billing (Wits) Powder XRD in South Africa
   09:30  09:50  Y2  M Fernandez (Wits) Opportunities for young Crystallographer at Wits & in SA
   09:50  10:20  KN3  A Thalal (UCA) Crystallography In Morocco
   10:20  10:30  FPY1  2x Flash Posters Young Scientists (4+1min each)
 Tea  10:30  11:00  Tea    
 Ses.3    Chair:  D Billing  WITS  
   11:00  11:30  KN4  S Bourne (UCT) Adventures in Chemical Crystallography
   11:30  11:50  Y3  A Brink (UFS) Crystallography in South Africa: thoughts from the young
   11:50  12:20  KN5  J v Rooyen (UCT) From humble beginnings (Electron Microscopy)
   12:20  12:40  FPY2  4x Flash Posters Young Scientists (4+1min each)
 Lunch  12:45  14:00  Lunch    
 Ses.4    Chair:  A Thalal   UCA, Morocco  
   14:00   14:30   KN6  J Ngoune (Dschang)   New 3D Coord Polymer
   14:30   15:00   KN7   M Tredoux (UFS)   Mineralogy: Nanoparticles in Geology
   15:00   15:30  KN8    H Boughzala (TEMU)   Crystallography in Tunisia: history and future
 Tea  15:30  16:00  Tea    
 Ses.5    Chair:  J Conradie    UFS  
   16:00  16:30  KN9  Z Yav (UKin, DRC) Crystallography in the D. R. Congo
   16:30   16:45   Y4    B Kennedy (UFS)   Identifying Minerals in Nanoparticles
 S Kimani (UCT)  
Targeting oncogenic transcription factors from T-box 
   17:05   17:25   Y6    C Oliver (UCT)   Challenges for a young crystallographer at UCT
   17:30   17:40   FPY3    3x Flash Posters   Young Scientists (4+1min each)
   17:40   18:30  Poster Session 1
 Dinner  19:00    Dinner    
 Tue 14 Oct
 Breakfast     07:00  07:45   Breakfast     
 Ses.6    Chair:  WD Schubert   UP
   08:15   09:00   KN10    C Esterhuysen (US)   Building Crystallography at US as female scientist
   09:00   09:20   KN11    O Munro (UKZN)   History and Current Status of XRD Science in UKZN
   09:20   09:50   Y7    B Omondi (UKZN)   Challenges for a young Crystallographer at UJ/ UKZN
   09:50   10:20   KN12    HG Visser (UFS)   History of Crystallography at UFS: Past, Present, Future
   10:20   10:30   FPY4    2x Flash Posters   Young Scientists (4+1min each)
 Tea  10:30  11:00  Tea    
 Ses.7    Chair:  D Visser  UFS
   11:00   11:30   Y8    P Mangwala (UKin)  Structure Elucidation of Physalins Isolated from Physalis
   11:30   11:50   KN13     E du Plessis (Sasol)     XRD at SASOL
   11:50  12:20  Y9    R Forbes (Sasol) Young Scientist's perspective of XRD at Sasol
   12:20  12:40  KN14  M Lee (NMMU)   Electron microscopy at the atomic level
   12:40   13:00   I1    D Levendis (Wits)   High Pressure Crystallography (WITS)
 Lunch  13:00  14:15  Lunch    
 Ses.8    Chair:  J Dillen   US  
   14:15   14:45  KN15   A Venter (NECSA)   Neutron Diffraction in South Africa
   14:45   15:20   KN16    P Comba (Heidelberg)   Structure and Function: From Crystallography to...
   15:20   15:45   FPY5   3x Flash Posters   Young Scientists (4+1min each)
 Tea  15:30  15:15  Tea and Poster Session 2  




 (Chair: C Esterhuysen)  Meeting of the SA Crystallographic Society
 Dinner  19:00    Dinner    
 Wed 15 Oct
 Breakfast   07:00  07:45    Breakfast    
 Ses.10     Chair:
 H Boughzala   TEMU, Tunisia  
   08:15   08:45   KN17   T Kroon (UFS)   Crystallography and Physics in the South African context
   08:45   09:15   KN18    WD Schubert (UP)   Biological XRD at UP (SA)
   09:15   09:45   SI4    SAASta NRF   SAASta NRF
   09:50  10:00  FPY6  3x Flash Posters   Young Scientists (4+1min each)
 Tea  10:00  10:30  Tea    
 Ses.11     Chair:  Levendis   WITS  
   10:30   11:00  S1  JCA Boeyens (UP)   Establishing Crystallography at the CSIR and WITS
   11:00  11:30  S2  LR Nassimbeni (UCT)   Crystallography at the University of Cape Town
   11:30  12:00  A Roodt   Closing
 Lunch  12:00  13:30  Lunch    

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