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    UFS launches Student Bursary Fund campaign

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UFS launches Student Bursary Fund campaign

In response to the2015 #Feesmustfall protests – a call from students for help to fund their university studies – Prof Jonathan Jansen, UFS Rector and Vice-Chancellor, launched the Fund a Future campaign to raise R100millon for student bursaries at the UFS. “We are committed to ensuring that young people with talent receive the high level education they need to drive our country and our people forward to holistic, sustainable growth,” Prof Jansen said.

The #Feesmustfall protests highlighted the fact that higher education is unaffordable for many students and their families. This plight moved leaders in government, business and higher education to reassess funding requirements because, as South Africa’s National Development Plan states: “Universities are key to developing a nation.” 

The Fund a Future campaign is a proactive response by the University to meet the financial needs of students through a collaborative effort with all of its stakeholdersincluding alumni, parents, the business sector and government.

Prof Jansen calls on alumni and other stakeholders to help raise R100million to fund the future of our students. (read more)


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