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Short CV

Liezel completed her PhD thesis titled: The drivers of customer perception and sustainable profitability of an agricultural business in South Africa in 2011. She is a senior lecturer for School of Financial Planning Law, as well as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Her research mainly focuses on personal financial management and behavioural finances.


Publication list:


KOTZE, L. & SMIT, A.v.A. 2008. Personal finances: What is the possible impact on entrepreneurial activity in South Africa? The Southern African Business Review. Vol. 12(3), December 2008 (DHET-accredited journal).
KOTZE, L. & SMIT, A.v.A. 2008. Personal financial literacy and personal debt management: the potential relationship with new venture creation. Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Pretoria. Vol 1, Iss.1; p.35-50 (DHETaccredited journal).
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ALEMGEEST, L. & SMIT, A.v.A. 2013. The Contribution of Business Units to Overall Company Customer Satisfaction and Profitability. The Journal of Applied Business Research. Vol. 29(4):1093 – 1102 (IBSS-accredited journal).
ALSEMGEEST, L. & SMIT, A.v.A. 2013. Wearing Two Hats: The Conflict Between Being an Agricultural Business Customer and Shareholder. Journal of Co-operative studies. Vol. 45(3):5 – 16 (IBSS-accredited journal).
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ALSEMGEEST, L. 2015. Family communication about money: Why the taboo? Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol. 9(16):516 – 523 (Peer-reviewed article – non-accredited).
ALSEMGEEST, L. 2015. Arguments for and against financial literacy: Where to go from here? International Journal of Consumer Studies. Vol. 39(2):155 – 161 (ISI-accredited journal).
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GROBBELAAR, C. & ALSEMGEEST, L. 2016. The relationship between spousal communication and financial arguments and stress between young married couples. Journal of Social Sciences. 46(3):271-281 (IBSS-accredited journal).
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ALSEMGEEST, L. 2018. Living in the rectory: The influence of church-provided housing on the retirement prospects of the Dutch Reformed Church minister. Litnet Akademies (Godsdienswetenskappe). 15(2) (DHET-accredited journal).
ALSEMGEEST, L. 2018. The retirement crisis of South African Dutch Reformed ministers: An empirical study. HTS Theological Studies. 74(2):1-8 (ISI-accredited journal).
ALSEMGEEST, L. 2019. The Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Financial Stress and Sufficient Retirement Savings of Near-Retirement Pastors in Southern Africa. Review of Religious Research. Doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s13644-019-00366-1 (ISI-accredited journal).

Publications (Short List)

  2010, 2014 and 2019. Three chapters in Corporate Finances: A South African Perspective. Oxford University Press  Ed. Els, G. (First, Second and Third Edition)

  • o Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Management
  • o Chapter 8: Bond valuation and interest rates
  • o Chapter 13: Distribution Policy 

2011 and 2017. One chapter in Introduction to Business Management: Fresh Perspectives. Pearson Ed. Botha, S. (First and Second Edition)

  • o Chapter 14: Financial Management

2013 and 2020. Two chapters in Macroeconomics: Global and South African Perspectives. Pearson Ed. Blanchard, J. (First and Second Edition)

  • o Chapter 15: Expectations, Consumption and Investment
  • o Chapter 16: Expectations, Output and Policy




Area(s) of Interest

Personal financial managent, behavioural finance, small business management, corporate finance.

Courses Presented

LFPL 4824: Financial Planning Law


Community Service

Service Learning



T: +27 51 401 2451
F: + 27 51 401 3043

E: law@ufs.ac.za

Equitas Building
UFS Bloemfontein Campus

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