The main purpose of the projects is to generate funds for the less privileged.  It also affords the student population the opportunity to informally connect with the community.  The success of these projects depends on good management.  The students get the opportunity to develop their skills in the planning and execution of the projects. The following are examples of structured activities that take place:


During October each year, first-year students from all 26 residences become involved in fund-raising for our Ubuntu outreaches.  This fun-filled project includes door-to-door collections and is vital in our quest to make a practical and direct impact on our communities.

Evening Collections

In an effort to enhance and support the main Rag parade, Rag CS initiated the Evening fund-raising project. This is of course not to be confused with the equally valuable First-year collection lists.

On selected evenings at the beginning of the year, students roam the neighbourhoods of Bloemfontein to collect funds. The generous members of our community are highly responsive towards this fund-raising drive and the Evening fund-raising project has proven to be highly successful.

Rag Finalists

Every year, scores of young women and men compete for the coveted title of Rag Queen and Mr Rag. The semi-finalists become debutantes for a period of six months.

The twenty debutantes (10 ladies and 10 gentlemen) that raise the most money become the Rag finalists. The Rag finalists engage in various fund-raising activities and also visits hospitals, old-age homes, homes for the disabled, as well as business and shopping centres.

Coronation Ball

The Coronation Ball consists of two projects, the Finalists and the Coronation Ball itself: 

The Coronation Ball naturally flows from the Finalists project and the annual Kovsie Rag Coronation Ball has become a highlight on the Free State’s social calendar. At this prestigious event, twenty finalists, comprising some of our region’s most beautiful young men and women, compete for the title of Rag Queen and Mr Rag. The winners will represent the UFS at major national university-related events and are referred to as the 'faces of the UFS'.

Ritsim magazine

The Ritsim is the voice of Kovsie Rag CS and has achieved veritable 'coffee-table' status over the years.  As the official, annual Kovsie Rag/Jool publication, it not only reflects contemporary student humour, but also serves as one of the most significant contributors to the overall fund-raising initiatives of Kovsie Rag. The Ritsim has grown in size and impact through the years.  This was fuelled by the contribution of advertisers, sponsors, and the public.  Between 20 000 and 30 000 copies are sold throughout the region each year. The publication offers advertisers an effective platform for marketing, while at the same time allowing them the opportunity to be publicly linked with a charitable cause.


Entering the university system can be a daunting task. For many students, this will be an entrance into a new province, a new town, and new ways of doing things. RAG can assist in this induction process by creating the opportunity to get to know new people in an informal and social setting. The float-building area has been created to facilitate diverse interaction, where the first-year students will get the opportunity to work together with other residences and peers. This has the benefit of developing team work and communication skills.

Rag CS cooperates closely with the Gateway project of the university. Rag CS provides additional activities to induct the new students into university life. Recent activities have shown that the success of Gateway and Rag CS lies in this mutually beneficial partnership.

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