• Research at the UFS
    National 3MT competition held at UFS
    From Neanderthal hybrid children to eating corn silk as a way of managing kidney diseases, the National Three Minute Thesis competition captivated the mind.
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  • Research at the UFS
    Discovery in Scorpius constellation may signify clean energy for Earth
    Earlier this year, a group of international astronomers announced the discovery of an exotic binary star system, AR Scorpii.
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  • Research at the UFS
    UFS paper published in Nature Communications
    Extending new discoveries in the deep subsurface.
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Commercial Projects

Universities are no longer the ‘ivory towers’ referred to in the past. More than ever before, the reason for their existence is to bring new knowledge and positive change in the societies and communities they service.

In this regard, research is one of the main vehicles for universities to bring about change, and that can only happen when relative research becomes available for commercialisation. The commercialisation of research projects does not only supply welcome third-stream income to the university, it also transfers technology to society so as to make a real impact and difference in the lives of the communities served by the UFS.

Parexel: In the 1970s, the UFS partnered with the Boston-based pharmaceutical research company in Massachusetts in a joint venture. Parexel is located in 80 countries, with the UFS’ Bloemfontein Campus as the African base.

LiquidTech is a commercial enterprise in the Advanced Biomolecular Research cluster. It specialises in the analysis of water samples from rivers, dams, reservoirs, treatment plants, bottled water and highly polluted sources.

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