Placement Administration

Placement Administration is responsible for ensuring that all applications for accommodation in residences are received, after which those applications, selected according to the Placement Policy, are placed in a residence or one of the other accommodation categories.

The list below provides a further explanation of the activities that are dealt with by Placement Administration.

  • Residence placement of prospective students in Junior and Senior Residences
    - Refer to the Placement Policy: Junior Residences
    and the Placement Policy: Senior Accommodation;
  • Replacement of current students in Junior and Senior Residences
    - Refer to the Placement Renewal Regulations: Junior Residences (click here to download application)
    - and the Placement Policy: Senior Accommodation (click here to download application);
  • Processing and checking of cancellations in Junior and Senior Residences;
  • Compiling and dispatching of the necessary documentation to the various Residence Heads and Residence Committees;
  • Identification and eviction of cases handed over to lawyers in residences;
  • Identification and eviction of students not registered for the academic year;
  • Placement of students who qualify for Housing and Residence Affairs’ Bursaries;
  • Identification of deposits repayable to prospective students, subject to fixed guidelines;
  • Dealing with late cancellations/senior students who failed to show up, with a view to identifying those who qualify for fines;
  • Processing and checking of financial levies (undercover parking, occupation of single rooms, use of fridges, etc.); and
  • Marketing of campus residences.

It is important to Placement Administration that you, as prospective student or current resident, are treated professionally, and that provision is made for all your accommodation needs. If you are happy, we are happy!

If you have any enquiries with regard to placement, you are welcome to contact one of the following persons:

Or click here to send your online enquiry.

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