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Karee – Loyal, Resolute, and Faithful

In 1974, the Karee Residence Community was founded. Since then, Karee is a force to be reckoned with on the Kovsie campus. With 159 students, the Karee Residence Community focuses on creating a diverse space where each student can excel in all facets of student life and forge a lasting bond of brotherhood.

The botanical name of the Karee tree is 'rhus lancea'. One leaf of the Karee tree consists of three little leaves that symbolises 'unity', something that our residence community values. Like one leaf of the Karee that consists of three little leaves, our community is a unity made up of individual students, whose diverse identities help us to co-create our unique identity as a residence community.

We strive to be loyal; loyal towards each other, as well as the Kovsie community. We are determined and faithful in whatever we do, allowing us to support each student in everything they want to accomplish. This is reflected in our values: 'Loyal, resolute, and faithful'.

We therefore welcome and invite each student to take root and flourish as part of the Karee brotherhood, where every student’s success is our excellence.

Contact details of Residence Head
Paul Antohnie
T: +27 51 401 9971
E: AntohnieP@ufs.ac.za
Residence email: Housekaree74@gmail.com

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