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Strategies and Values Committee 2012/2013 Report

“We should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what the colour.” Maya Angelou

Each residence goes through certain phases during the decades. The season that we as Veritas brothers are going through, is an exciting one. Being part of the University of the Free State, we are in the same season as many of the other residences where diversity and transformation are the central issues. We are proud to say that we are in a phase of change towards new and inclusive ideas.

The catalyst for this phase was the cultural renewal sessions that we had in the residence during 2012 and 2013. This created a safe platform where our Veritas brothers could raise their thoughts and feelings about certain difficult issues in the residence. Although it brought forth the problems that we have to address, it showed us a clear path that we must walk to be a top residence.

Some of the biggest issues that were addressed, were the issues of diversity and inclusivity. These are extremely sensitive issues to tackle, as it takes you back to your deepest roots and convictions.

We also went on a journey of our own history and took from that the key values that are closest to us as a collective. These values will then be the basis of our conduct for the future and in every decision that is to be made.

We, as the Strategies and Values committee, were given the responsibility to help implement this challenging but refreshing vision in the residence.

One of the opportunities we identified to implement change, is the appearance of the residence.We noticed that if a person of an ethnicity other than white would enter the residence, there would be nothing for him to identify with. Everything on the walls was in Afrikaans and even our old residence song, Boerseun, could easily offend someone from another cultural or racial background. Click here to view the changes made in the residence.

Taking into account that we are a city residence and all our members are there voluntarily, we found that the look of the residence would be the place where we would have the most influence.

Hence, we started getting ideas on how to make it more inclusive towards all cultures and backgrounds. We recognised the need to become values-based, and not culture-based. We wanted to portray our core values – the basis of our conduct – extremely huge on the walls for anyone who sets foot in the residence to identify with it immediately! In addition, the need for another residence song was also met by creating a whole new song, one that is inclusive and displays our values.

Our main goal was to be as effective as possible, so we even had some professional interior decorators to help us with the layout and the specifications and what would be the most effective way to go.

With the whole project finished before the classes started for the 2013 academic year, Veritas is ready to take on new challenges in a multi-cultural way.

We are looking forward to new projects that will take Veritas even further and make an even bigger impact on campus!

"Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed.” Mary Parker Follett

Compiled by the Veritas Strategies and Values committee – 2012/2013 under the guidance of the Prime and Residence Head.



Veritas Alunmi Trust was established to develop a support base for the residence in the form of a continuous network, consisting of former Veritas members. The alumni annually seeks other forms of financial contributions for the residence and its RC, as well as helping to involve former members. The Alumni Trust also aims to keep former members informed of all the happenings and activities on Veritas’ calendar.


To use a well-managed committee to recruit as many Alumni members as possible, to cherish their membership for as long as possible, thereby creating a strong support network to achieve progress of the residence in all aspects of its existence.


  • To recruit at least 100 Alumni members per year.
  • To use their contributions to the benefit of the residence.
  • To make regular contact with alumni members in the form of:emails/letters/Facebook
  • To thank Alumni members for their contributions through an annual banquet.
  • To communicate regularly with the RC.

For further information, contact Dr Scarpa Schoeman on 082 378 7333

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