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Many Mathematics teachers who are currently teaching Mathematics in the FET phase have unfortunately never had the opportunity to do Euclidean Geometry, whether at school or tertiary level. The introduction of this important area of Mathematics in the syllabus therefore creates a new challenge for these teachers, especially since it forms a large part of paper 2.

This SLP focuses on Gr 10–12 Euclidean Geometry for Mathematics teachers. The aim of the programme is to assist Mathematics teachers to improve their Euclidean Geometry content knowledge, as well as to provide them with tools and teaching strategies to use when presenting the content to their learners. The tools will include the use of GeoGebra, an interactive geometric program, as well as the application of MS Word.

The programme layout is as follows:

Learning Unit


Time allocated


Revision (Gr.9): lines, angles, triangles / congruency / similarity

12 hours


Quadrilaterals: definitions / properties / solving problems with quadrilaterals

12 hours


Circle Geometry: basic terminology / theorems / solving riders

16 hours


GeoGebra: introduction / basic training / MSWord (sketches)

12 hours


Proportion and Midpoint Theorem: ratio / midpoint theorem

16 hours


Measurement: terminology / 2D-shapes / 3D-shapes

-  Problems involving measurement

16 hours

The programme is specifically aimed at teachers who are currently teaching Gr 10–12 Mathematics and would like to improve their Euclidean Geometry knowledge.  This programme can also be used by non-Mathematics teachers who would like to re-route. In this case, additional support can be provided.

The programme was first presented in 2018.  The students receive adequate study material (hard and soft copies) as well as sufficient student support.  Facilitators are of high standard and will be able to guide and assist teachers to improve their Euclidean Geometry content knowledge and pedagogical skills.


Access (UAP)
Lydia Moilwa
+27 51 505 1201

Applications and Registrations: Open Distance and E-learning Programmes
Lourette Wilson
+27 51 505 1378

Distance-Education Programmes
Lebohang Seseane
+27 51 505 1452

Short Learning Programmes
Charlene Afrika
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