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Thou ART Human

South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day on the 21st of March annually. This day is a celebrated holiday that commemorates the Sharpeville massacre of 1960. This year, the Arts and Culture office has decided to celebrate this iconic day by running a competition in which all those who have entered the Thou Art Human competition stand a chance to win. This competition ran from the 8th to the 14th of March and has enabled those candidates to get in touch with their artistic side. The objective of this competition was to show what Human Rights Day means to students visually. The competition aims to allow students to showcase their talents and further develop their skills in photography and written communication.


Winning Photograph
First prize Khanyisa Baloyi

Khanyisa Baloyi

‘Thou art human’ means what it is to be human and have rights.

Human Rights Day is a day on which we all unite in our diversity to honour the fundamental rights and freedoms that every individual is given from birth, and it ought to be protected by law. As a student, I can reflect on this day as one on which I can voice my concerns and celebrate my freedom and opportunity to study. A day to reflect on who I am as a person before I reflect on who I am as a student.

To be human does not mean to exist but to live. To live in a way where I start by respecting myself and what I represent, to live in a way that respects those around me, whether family or strangers. To have human rights means to be under the protection of municipal and international laws.

I know my rights – the rights to life, shelter, education, and clean water; I highlight these rights because, as a student, they genuinely represent me. There are thirteen human rights.

Attached below is my picture and the submission on my photograph with the message ‘Thou art human’ – through the sound of your voice, the birds of the earth singing along, through the posture of your body, nature stands in awe to gaze at the power you hold. Thou art human – through what you command, nature is at your service."

2nd Prize
Second prize Philemon Lekopa

Philemon Lekopa

Born and raised in the East Rand of Johannesburg. I am 23 years old.

3rd Prize
3rd Prize Thabiso Mthembu

Thabiso Mthembu

“My name on my identity document is Thabiso Mthembu, and my artistic name is QUIZLEY GALLERY. I am doing my fourth year in the Humanities. I have been doing photography for almost five years. I am very passionate and obsessed with my work. I have played my part as an artist in Bloemfontein, and just before I leave – since it’s my last year – I would appreciate getting my flowers by receiving this opportunity."

"Freedom of expression. With this project, I wanted to explore and break all the boundaries and rules that most artists believe in. Sometimes, words are not vital, and the simplest way of expressing yourself is through art. This was me being free, producing not what the professors wanted, but how my heart felt at that moment."


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