What is Economic and Management Sciences?

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is a dynamic and innovative faculty that effectively meets the demands and challenges of the fast-changing economic and management environment. As a result of this, both our undergraduate and postgraduate students have access to unparalleled opportunities for training, research, and community service, and in particular the additional opportunity to gain international exposure by means of various exchange agreements.


The substantial growth experienced by the faculty is largely due to innovative programme development that complies with the demands of the environment. The fact that the private sector as well as professional and general community inputs were taken into account in the design of these programmes, renders a healthy return on the investment that is regularly displayed in terms of time, energy, and initiative.

International Interest

It was mainly the active international positioning of the faculty that contributed to the significant increase in the number of foreign students.  The interest received particularly from the African continent, especially with regard to the master’s degree in Development Studies, the MBA, and the Baccalaureus degree in Management Leadership, confirms that the quality of our academic programmes complies with international expectations.

All academic programmes offered by the faculty deliver results that contribute to the academic reputation of the UFS.

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