• Faculty of Health Sciences
    Childhood obesity should be curbed early
    Obesity is a global pandemic rapidly spreading among adults and children, in developed and developing countries alike.
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  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    Hearing loss a silent public health crisis in South Africa
    Communication is a principal challenge for people with hearing loss.
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  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    UFS researcher explores the future cost of cancer
    Dr Alicia Sheriff collaborated on and co-authored a research paper for the South African Medical Journal on the future of oncology treatment in the country.
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School of Allied Health Professions: School of Allied Health Professions Home


The University of the Free State (UFS) School for Allied Health Professions excels in the presentation of programmes in:

The School for Allied Health Professions plays a critical role in the provision of healthcare for all age groups.


The School for Allied Health Professions, as a national and international leader, strives to provide top-quality teaching and training, health services and research that are scientifically and relevantly grounded and that address the needs of the community.


Our mission is practising science as it finds expression in creating, integrating, applying and conveying knowledge, skills, values and attitude within the framework of health sciences.


The following degrees and diplomas can be obtained in the School for Allied Health Professions:

Baccalareus Degrees

  • Baccalaureus Occupational Therapy
  • Baccalaureus Scientiae in Dietetics
  • Baccalaureus Scientiae in Physiotherapy
  • Baccalareus Optometry

Diploma in Optical Dispensing (3 years).

Exercise and Sport Sciences
Exercise and Sport Sciences
 Nutrition and Dietetics
 Occupational Therapy
ButtonOPT Optometry
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