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    Workshop School of Nursing

    A workshop was held at the School of Nursing on 24 and 25 August where an inter-professional team of experts assisted in the development of a Sesotho Health Literacy test.

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  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    Official opening of Faculty of Health Sciences Rural Community Initiative
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    Prof Yvonne Botma
    Prof Yvonne Botma was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Research.
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    Meet the nursing student counsel of 2017


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    Childhood obesity should be curbed early
    Obesity is a global pandemic rapidly spreading among adults and children, in developed and developing countries alike.
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    Hearing loss a silent public health crisis in South Africa
    Communication is a principal challenge for people with hearing loss.
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    UFS researcher explores the future cost of cancer
    Dr Alicia Sheriff collaborated on and co-authored a research paper for the South African Medical Journal on the future of oncology treatment in the country.
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CPD Home

The Division Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is responsible for the accreditation of CPD activities for HPCSA medical practitioners, medical scientists, physiotherapists and psychologists.

CPD activities where the target audience include both professional and non-professional/lay persons shall not be approved and accredited. It is not acceptable that these two groups are combined in the same CPD activity. Separate CPD activities should thus be hosted for these groupings. 

CPD Office

Marina Fourie / Mr Goodwill Nogwanya
CPD Office
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of the Free State
PO Box 339 (G16)

Mrs Marina Fourie
Mr Goodwill Nogwanya

Francois Retief Building
Block A
Room 111
T: +27 51 401 3425 (office hours)


Calender for all accredited activities.






  • CPD1 - Individual Activity Record ( CPD1 pdf)
  • CPD2A - Application for approval of CPD Activities.     
  • CPD7 - Evaluation of HPCSA CPD Accredited Activity 

Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the first date of the activity .No late applications will be processed.

Note that the accreditation process is dependent on the availability of the CPD Committee members.

A completed and signed CPD2A form must be submitted with the following:

1. A Detailed Programme which includes:

  • Course name
  • Topic(s) with a broad outline of the content(s) - (ceu’s only awarded for content)
  • Registration time, tea/lunch breaks also to be indicated on program
  • Start and end time of each lecture/presentation.
  • Venue (s)
  • Date(s)      

2. Presenters:

  • CV(s) or summarised CV of the presenter(s)
  • Proof of registration with HPCSA
  • Presenter(s) from abroad must provide proof of registration from their Board(s) abroad
  • If hands-on-training and clients/patients are involved practitioners would have to request temporary registration with the HPCSA.

3. Ethics:

  • The presentation / outline of the presentation
  • CV of the presenter/s
  • Exact date, time and venue

4. Example of the attendance list that will be used

5. Example of attendance certificate that will be issued

6. Example of evaluation form that will be used

7. Example of the advertisement that will be distributed after approval and accreditation of the activity(s)

“Ethics, Human Rights and Health Law is an understanding of the bio-ethical principles that determine how health professionals perform research and interact with patients/clients and society and is also described in Chapter I and II of the Constitution.” of South Africa, 1996 (As adopted on 08 May 1996 and amended on 11 October 1966 by the Constitutional Assembly). Health care is a constantly advancing field and with these advances, conflicts often arise within the arenas of politics, law, religion, philosophy and economics. An understanding of bioethics helps us to recognise, admit and sometimes resolve these conflicts.” (CPD Guidelines July 2017).

Human rights - the rights of individuals enshrined in the Bill of Rights. All individuals must be treated in a fair and equal manner, taking into consideration their fundamental freedom and human dignity. “(CPD Guidelines July 2017).

Health Law - the Law governing the relationship between providers and users of healthcare. The Common Law and Statute Law governing the field of health care has to conform to the norms, values and standards of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.” (CPD Guidelines July 2017).

Thus, ceu’s in ethics will only be allocated for a presentation focusing specifically on either of the above and not as a component or part of a presentation or discussion. Ceu’s in ethics are allocated at one point per hour.



  • Presenters of CPD activities should inform attendees that if they did not have formal training to do certain techniques, etc. they could not perform such techniques, and
  • Presenters of CPD activities are advised to put a disclaimer of liability on their application forms. 
  • It is unacceptable for health professionals to practice outside their scope of practice. Attending a CPD activity does not mean that an attendee is fully trained to practice same.
  • CPD activities that include the training of practical skills (that are only included in the scope of one specific profession) may not be accredited for attendance by members of another profession. Multi/Inter-disciplinary activities are only allowed/accredited if it is of theoretical nature and is to the benefit of members from more than one profession.



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