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004 OLE
Computing essentials 2019 : making IT work for you / Timothy J. O'Leary, Linda I. O'Leary, Daniel A. O'Leary.

004.6 MAC
Data communications for instrumentation and control / S.G. Mackay, J.M. Park, E.R. Wright.

141.3 LOO
Looking beyond? : shifting views of transcendence in philosophy, theology, art, and politics / edited by Wessel Stoker and W.L. van der Merwe.

144 LEV
Levinas and the crisis of humanism / Claire Elise Katz.

158.7 SPE
Industrial and organizational psychology : research and practice / Paul E. Spector.

194 LEV
Levinas and James : toward a pragmatic phenomenology / Megan Craig.

221.64 IMA
Image, text, exegesis : iconographic interpretation and the Hebrew Bible / edited by Izaak J. de Hulster, Joel M. LeMon.

225.830531 CON
Behold the man : Jesus and Greco-Roman masculinity / Colleen M. Conway.

227.07 BUG
The annotations of Johannes Bugenhagen, the Pomeranian, on ten Epistles of Paul : namely, to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews and The harmony of the Evangelists on the resurrection and ascension of the Lord (1524) / as translated by The Rev. Dr. Richard J. Dinda.

230.044092 BAR
Karl Barth : ein Leben im Widerspruch / Christiane Tietz.

230.044092 BON
Dietrich Bonhoeffer works / translated from the German edition ; edited by Eberhard Betge [and others] ; general editors, Victoria J. Barnett, Barbara Wojhoski.

230.082 POS
Post-Christian feminisms : a critical approach / edited by Lisa Isherwood, Kathleen McPhillips.

230.092 GUN
Trinity and humanity : an introduction to the theology of Colin Gunton / Uche Anizor.

230.0922 GOO
Narrative theology and the hermeneutical virtues : humility, patience, prudence / Jacob L. Goodson.

230.2092 TRA
A theology of conversation : an introduction to David Tracy / Stephen Okey foreword by David Tracy.

231.3 COM
The Holy Spirit and liberation / José Comblin translated from the Portuguese by Paul Burns.

251 IMM
Over God gesproken : preken in theorie en praktijk / Gerrit Immink.

253.52 HUN
Bearing the unbearable : trauma, gospel, and pastoral care / Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger.

261.1 GIR
Christianisme et modernité / René Girard et Gianni Vattimo entretiens menés par Pierpaolo Antonello traduit de l'italien par Renaud Temperini.

262 PRO
Protestant Church polity in changing contexts. II : case studies : proceedings of the International Conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 7-10 November, 2011 / edited by Leo J. Koffeman and Johannes Smit.

270.1 MUG
Copying early Christian texts : a study of scribal practice / Alan Mugridge.

300.721 BAZ
Qualitative data analysis : practical strategies / Pat Bazeley.

300.723 FIN
How to conduct surveys : a step-by-step guide / Arlene Fink.

302.0968 SEL
Self, community and psychology / editors, Norman Duncan [and others].

302.222 MOL
Körpersprache / Samy Molcho mit Fotografien von Thomas Klinger und Hans Albrecht Lusznat.

302.2223 BOO
The book of symbols : reflections on archetypal images / editor-in-chief, Ami Ronnberg editor, Kathleen Martin.

302.23 ROU
The Routledge companion to media and fairy-tale cultures / edited by Pauline Greenhill [and others].

302.23 WOR
World building : transmedia, fans, industries / edited by Marta Boni.

304.2 ENV
Environment and society : a reader / edited by Christopher Schlottmann [and others].

304.2 GOU
Twenty lessons in environmental sociology / Kenneth A. Gould, Tammy L. Lewis.

306 SUB
Subjectivity : ethnographic investigations / edited by João Biehl, Byron Good, Arthur Kleinman.

306.7660968 JUD
Blackwashing homophobia : violence and the politics of sexuality, gender and race / Melanie Judge.

307.76 SHA
Shaping cities in an urban age / [a joint project of the] London School of Economics and Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft edited by Ricky Burdett and Philipp Rode.

322.42092 MAN
Truth, lies and alibis : a Winnie Mandela story / Fred Bridgland.

338.9001 HAN
Handbook of alternative theories of economic development / edited by Erik S. Reinert, Jayati Ghosh, Rainer Kattel.

338.954 BHA
Socio economic wellbeing : under the povert alleviation program in India / Nibedita Bhattacharjee.

341.48 INT
International human rights : law documents / edited by Urfan Khaliq.

343.6807869 FIN
Finsen's the building contract : a commentary on the JBCC Agreements / revised and updated by: Stanley H Segal.

344.6807 OOS
Inleiding tot die onderwysreg / I.J. Oosthuizen (redakteur), J.P. Rossouw, A. de Wet.

348.68022 BOT
Statutory interpretation : an introduction for students / Christo Botha.

355.03306 EME
African security in the twenty-first century : challenges and opportunities / Stephen Emerson and Hussein Solomon.

356.160968 SCH
Ratels on the Lomba : the story of Charlie squadron / Leopold Scholtz.

361.610968 DEV
Development, social policy and community action : lessons from below / edited by Leila Patel & Marianne S. Ulriksen.

362.20425 SOC
Social work in mental health : contexts and theories for practice / edited by Abraham P. Francis.

363.596942 MAR
Voices of resilience : a living history of the Kenneth Gardens municipal housing estate in Durban / Monique Marks, Kira Erwin and Tamlynn Fleetwood ; with a photo essay by Cedric Nunn.

370.711091724 TEA
Teacher education for diversity : conversations from the global South / edited by Elizabeth Walton and Ruksana Osman.

371.928 CRE
Creating and enhancing cognitive modifiability : the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program Part 1. Theoretical and comceptual foundations Part 2. Practical application of the Feuerstein instrumental enrichment program / Reuven Feuerstein [and other

371.928 FEU
You love me!!--Don't accept me as I am : helping the low functioning person excel / Reuven Feuerstein, Yaacov Rand, Rafi. S. Feuerstein.

378.16 GAR
Redesigning higher education : producing dramatic gains in student learning / by Lion F. Gardiner.

391.423082 WAU
Corsets and crinolines / Norah Waugh edited by Judith Dolan.

401.4 INT
Missionary linguistics V = Lingüistica Misionera V : Translation theories and practices : selected papers from the Seventh International Conference on Missionary linguistics, Bremen, 28 February - 2 March 2012 / edited by Otto Zwartjes, Klaus Zimmermann and Martina Schrader-Kniffki.

411 POL
Origins of the alphabet : proceedings of the First Polis Institute Interdisciplinary Conference / edited by Christophe Rico and Claudia Attucci.

418.0076 BAC
Language assessment for classroom teachers / Lyle Bachman and Barbara Damböck.

418.020243613 COM
The community interpreter : an international textbook / Majory A. Bancroft [and others].

428.0071 NUN
Teaching English to speakers of other languages : an introduction / David Nunan.

508.973 HAN
Gough Island : a natural history / Christine Hänel, Steven L. Chown, Kevin J. Gaston.

510.2462 STR
Engineering mathematics : programmes and problems / K.A. Stroud.

510.76 TAY
Mathematics for first year technologists / James Taylor.

537 MOR
Principles of electricity / Arthur Morley, Edward Hughes revised by W. Bolton.

546 PRO
Progress in inorganic chemistry.

551.355 GEO
Geology and geomorphology of alluvial and fluvial fans : terrestrial and planetary perspectives / edited by D. Ventra and L.E. Clarke.

570.15195 RID
Experimentation in biology : an introduction to design and analysis / W.J. Ridgman.

577.0968 HAN
Exploring our biomes : South Africa / Karoline Hanks.

577.526709699 HUN
Exploring a sub-Antarctic wilderness : a personal narrative of the first biological & geological expedition to Marion and Prince Edward Islands, 1965/1966 / Brian J. Huntley.

577.56096851 MOF
A field guide to the Clarens Village conservancy / Rodney Moffett.

579.6096894 ZAM
Zambian mushrooms and mycology / Marja Härkönen [and others].

580.1 GRE
The green thread : dialogues with the vegetal world / edited by Patrícia Vieira, Monica Gagliano, and John Ryan.

580.1 LAN
The language of plants : science, philosophy, literature / Monica Gagliano, John C. Ryan, and Patrícia Vieira, editors.

595.44 EVA
Spiders : 101 fun facts and amazing pictures (featuring the world's top 6 spiders) / Janet Evans.

597.0968 SMI
The fishy Smiths : a biography of J.L.B. and Margaret Smith / Mike Bruton.

597.9 REP
Reptiles and amphibians / edited by David Ramiro Aguillon Gutierrez.

610.73 LEW
Lewis's medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical problems / edited by Di Brown [and others].

615.8515 OCC
Occupational therapy and physical dysfunction : enabling occupation / edited by Michael Curtin, Matthew Molineux, Jo-anne Supyk-Mellson foreword by Anne Turner, Marg Foster, Sybil E. Johnson.

616.0757 HAL
Radiobiology for the radiologist / Eric J. Hall, Amato J. Giaccia.

616.07582 COM
Comprehensive cytopathology / edited by Marluce Bibbo and David Wilbur.

616.85210651 SCH
Narrative exposure therapy : a short-term treatment for traumatic stress disorders / Maggie Schauer, Frank Neuner, Thomas Elbert.

616.89147 CRE
Creative solution building : solution focused brief therapy across Southern Africa / editor, Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs.

618.9285836 MED
Medical response to child sexual abuse : a resource for professionals working with children and families / Rich Kaplan [and others].

621.3 HUG
Electrical technology / Edward Hughes.

621.381 HEE
Elektronika N4 / R.B.J. van Heerden.

621.3815 KLA
Digital electronics n6. / G.H. van der Klashorst.

621.38153 LOV
Electronic testing and fault diagnosis / G. Loveday.

621.382 KEN
Electronic communication systems / George Kennedy.

629.28722 REN
Ford Escort service and repair manual / Steve Rendle and John S. Mead.

629.287722 TOY
Toyota Corolla owners workshop manual / Peter G. Strasman.

631.8 FER
Fertilizer handbook.

657.45 HAN
Handbook of international quality control, auditing review, other assurance, and related services pronouncements.

692.8 JOI
Minor works contract / CIOB.
Minor works agreement : contract data / prepared by the Joint Buildings Contracts Committee.
Nominated/selected subcontract agreement / prepared by the Joint Buildings Contracts Committee.
Principal building agreement / prepared by the Joint Buildings Contracts Committee.
Principal building agreement : contract data / prepared by the Joint Buildings Contracts Committee.

700 CLA
Chère Camille ... : 18 lettres à Camille Claudel / [coordination, Sylvie Andreu ; traduction des textes en anglais, Emma Lingwood].

700.1 CAR
Thinking with images : an enactivist aesthetics / John M. Carvalho.

709 KUN
Kunst der Welt : ihre geschichtlichen, soziologischen und religiosen Grundlagen.

709.4920902 JAC
Thresholds and boundaries : liminality in Netherlandish art (1385-1530) / Lynn F. Jacobs.

759.9492 REM
Rembrandt's roughness / Nicola Suthor.

791.43 MOU
Improvising cinema / Gilles Mouëllic.

791.4301 BAR
Hermeneutics of the film world : a Ricœurian method for film interpretation / Albert Baracco.

791.4301 HEI
Phenomenology of film : a Heideggerian account of the film experience / Shawn Loht.

791.43091724 MAR
The skin of the film : intercultural cinema, embodiment, and the senses / Laura U. Marks.

791.43094 ELS
European cinema and continental philosophy : film as thought experiment / Thomas Elsaesser.

791.4375 DEA
Dead ringers : the remake in theory and practice / edited by Jennifer Forrest and Leonard R. Koos.

796.5109 SOL
Wanderlust : a history of walking / Rebecca Solnit.

809.19356 COL
Paleopoetics : the evolution of the preliterate imagination / Christopher Collins.

809.3 MED
Media of serial narrative / edited by Frank Kelleter.

814.54 RIC
Arts of the possible : essays and conversations / Adrienne Rich.

833.92 HOP
Paradiese, Übersee : Roman / Felicitas Hoppe.

833.92 KEH
Tyll : Roman / Daniel Kehlmann.

833.92 MOR
Die Liebe unter Aliens : Erzählungen / Terézia Mora.
Seltsame Materie : Erzählungen / Térezia Mora.

842.914 DEL
Qui rapportera ces paroles? : et autres écrits inédits / Charlotte Delbo.

891.86534 KUN
The book of imitation and desire : reading Milan Kundera with René Girard / Trevor Cribben Merrill.

916.0432092 HOA
'Mad Mike' Hoare : the legend / Chris Hoare.

937.72568 PRI
Privata Luxuria : towards an archaeology of intimacy : Pompeii and beyond : International Workshop Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (24-25 March 2011) / Anna Anguissola (ed.).

965.054 DAO
Chroniques : selected columns, 2010-2016 / Kamel Daoud ; translated from the French and with an introduction by Elisabeth Zerofsky.

969.9 MAR
Marion & Prince Edward : Africa's southern islands / Aleks Terauds [and others].

NSH 7312
More time pieces for viola / arranged by Maggy Lamb & Rachel Meredith.