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001.42 WAV
How to write qualitative research / Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower.

076 CON
Connect : writing for online audiences / editors, Marith Pritchard & Karabo Sitto.

150.72 ADU
A step-by-step guide to qualitative data coding / Philip Adu

174.4 AGE
Agency and democracy in development ethics / edited by Lori W. Keleher, Stacy J. Kosko.

199.68 MUN
Indigenous Shona philosophy : reconstructive insights / Pascah Mungwini.

220.910223 BRI
Holman Bible atlas : a complete guide to the expansive geography of Biblical history / Thomas V. Brisco.

221.862193 KOL
The semantic field of cutting tools in biblical Hebrew : the interface of philological, semantic, and archaeological evidence / by Aaron J. Koller.

227.107 WOL
Der Brief an die Romer. Teilband 2 : Rom 9-16 / Michael Wolter.

227.406 OST
Der Brief an die Gemeinden in Galatien / Peter von der Osten-Sacken.

227.706 AND
Colossians : an introduction and study guide : authorship, rhetoric, and code / by Janice Capel Anderson.

234.23 DUR
Verwondering : geloofsrus in 'n tyd van twyfel / Jaap Durand.

234.5 BAS
Forgiveness and Christian ethics / Anthony Bash.

241 CAH
Global justice, Christology, and Christian ethics / Lisa Sowle Cahill.

241.673 TOL
Lying and Christian ethics / Christopher O. Tollefsen.

248.8625 RAM
Spirit and trauma : a theology of remaining / Shelly Rambo.

261.51 FRA
A history of Western philosophy and theology / John M. Frame.

261.8321969792 BUR
Faith in the time of AIDS : religion, biopolitics, and modernity in South Africa / Marian Burchardt.

261.8325 CAL
Poverty in the theology of John Calvin / Bonnie L. Pattison.

266 EEN
Een ander evangelie? : contextualisatie in een verschuivende westerse cultuur / J. van 't Spijker en P.L.D. Visser (red.).

300.721 REV
The reviewer's guide to quantitative methods in the social sciences / edited by Gregory R. Hancock, Laura M. Stapleton, and Ralph O. Mueller.

300.723 COR
A social justice approach to survey design and analysis / Llewellyn J. Cornelius, Donna Harrington.

301.072 DOR
Research methods and society : foundations of social inquiry / Linda Eberst Dorsten and Lawrence Hotchkiss.

302.12 REL
Reliability and safety in hazardous work systems : approaches to analysis and design / edited by Bernhard Wilpert and Thoralf Qvale.

302.13 CLA
Capabilities in a just society : a theory of navigational agency / Rutger Claassen.

302.2071 MUL
Multiliteracies in education : South African perspectives / A. Engelbrecht, editor G. Genis, consulting editor.

302.35 DRI
Organizational culture in action : a cultural analysis workbook / Gerald W.C. Driskill.

303.609 PIN
The better angels of our nature : why violence has declined / Steven Pinker.

305.42 WOM
Women voicing resistance : discursive and narrative explorations / edited by Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr and Michelle N. Lafrance.

305.42092 GQO
Reflecting rogue : inside the mind of a feminist / Pumla Dineo Gqola.

306.4429171043 INT
Integration, identity and language maintenance in young immigrants : Russian Germans or German Russians / edited by Ludmila Isurin, Claudia Maria Riehl.

306.4496 AND
The Anglophone literary-linguistic continuum : English and indigenous languages in African literary discourse / Michael Andindilile.

306.8743 MIL
Making sense of motherhood : a narrative approach / Tina Miller.

306.88096885 MUR
Families divided : the impact of migrant labour in Lesotho / Colin Murray.

307 DEL
Community / Gerard Delanty.

307.140973 MIL
Economic development for everyone : creating jobs, growing businesses, and building resilience in low-income communities / Mark M. Miller.

320.5408996 WIL
Origins of Pan-Africanism : Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa and the African diaspora / Marika Sherwood.

322.42092 MAN
Truth, lies and alibis : a Winnie Mandela story / Fred Bridgland.

323.3096 AKE
Claude E. Ake : the making of an organic intellectual / Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe.

325.3 MCE
Postcolonialism, decoloniality and development / Cheryl McEwan.

327.12092 BAR
Vreedsame revolusie : uit die enjinkamer van die onderhandelinge / Niel Barnard met Tobie Wiese.

327.6051 CHI
China's rise in Africa : perspectives on a developing connection / edited by Dominik Kopinski, Andrzej Polus and Ian Taylor.

332.02400968 FUN
Fundamentals of financial planning 2019 / Marius Botha [and others] managing editor, Paul Rabenowitz.

332.7091724 RIS
The rise and fall of global microcredit : development, debt and disillusion / edited by Milford Bateman, Stephanie Blankenburg and Richard Kozul-Wright.

336.240968 ADV
Advanced questions on SA tax 2019 with selected solutions / general editor Shaun Parsons, contributing authors, Annette Becker [and others].

337 APP
International economics / Dennis R. Appleyard, Alfred J. Field.

338.4791091734 MOW
Tourism and sustainability : development, globalisation and new tourism in the Third World / Martin Mowforth and Ian Munt.

338.9 CAR
Development theory and practice in a changing world / Padraig Carmody.

338.9 KEY
Key thinkers on development / edited by David Simon.

338.9 LEW
Non-governmental organizations, management and development / David Lewis.

338.90091724 KRA
South-South development / Peter Kragelund.

338.90091724 POS
Postdevelopment in practice : alternatives, economies, ontologies / edited by Elise Klein and Carlos Eduardo Morreo.

338.96 CHI
Economic growth and development in Africa : understanding trends and prospects / Horman Chitonge.

338.96806 SOU
Annual performance plan, 2018-2019 / Department of Science and Technology.

340.148 INT
International citator and research guide : the greenbook / [compiled by] Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center faculty advisor, Joseph M. Hnylka.

341.0968 DUG
Dugard's international law : a South African perspective / by John Dugard [and others] with contributions by Anton Katz [and others].

349.68 INT
Introduction to legal pluralism in South Africa / C. Rautenbach, editor.

361 CHA
Social pedagogy and social work / Lowis Charfe and Ali Gardner.

361.3 ROG
Applying critical thinking and analysis in social work / Michaela Rogers, Dan Allen.

361.3072 TRA
Developing cross-cultural measurement in social work research and evaluation / Thanh V. Tran, Tam H. Nguyen, Keith T. Chan.

361.32 ANA
Global mindedness in international social work practice / Janet Carter Anand and Chaitali Das.

361.32 FEN
Social work for lazy radicals : relationship building, critical thinking and courage in practice / Jane Fenton.

361.4072 GAR
Group work research / Charles D. Garvin, Richard M. Tolman, Mark J. Macgowan.

362.1 ANT
Anthropology and public health : bridging differences in culture and society / [edited by] Robert A. Hahn, Marcia C. Inhorn.

362.778 LAI
Cultural diversity in child protection : cultural competence in practice / Siobhan E. Laird and Prospera Tedam.

364.6019 WIL
The Wiley international handbook of correctional psychology / edited by Devon L.L. Polaschek, Andrew Day, and Clive R. Hollin.

370.1 HIG
Philosophy of education today : an introduction / Philip Higgs and Jane Smith.

370.1534 SMI
The emotional learner : understanding emotions, learners and achievement / Marc Smith.

371.010973 TEA
Teaching to change the world / Jeannie Oakes [and others].

371.1020968 PLE
Teaching and learning in South African schools / Pierre du Plessis, Lloyd Conley, Elize du Plessis.

371.144 COO
Being a teacher : teaching and learning in a global context / Lucy Cooker, Tony Cotton and Helen Toft.

371.260968 OUT
Outcomes-based assessment for South African teachers / Lukas Meyer [and others].

371.3 COF
Inquiry-based learning : designing instruction to promote higher level thinking / Teresa Coffman.

371.829 IND
Indigenous and decolonizing studies in education : mapping the long view / edited by Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Eve Tuck, K. Wayne Yang.

372.35044 KET
Science learning and inquiry with technology / Diane Jass Ketelhut and Michael Shane Tutwiler.

372.8 TEA
Teaching life skills in the intermediate phase / Christina Jordaan and Mariana Naude, editors.

378.177 MAG
Learning conversations : the value of interactive learning / Meahabo Dinah Magano, Pieter Mostert, Gert van der Westhuizen.

378.198 POS
Possible selves and higher education : new interdisciplinary insights / edited by Holly Henderson, Jacqueline Stevenson and Ann-Marie Bathmaker.

378.1980968 ENG
Engaging students : using evidence to promote student success / editors: Francois Strydom, George Kuh, Sonja Loots.

378.68 VIT
VitalStats : public higher education, 2016 / [Council on Higher Education].

378.68227 JAN
Knowledge in the blood : confronting race and the apartheid past / Jonathan D. Jansen.

381.45641300684 SHA
Corporate social responsibility, social justice and the global food supply chain : towards an ethical food policy for sustainable supermarkets / Hillary J. Shaw & Julia J.A. Shaw.

401.41 IRO
Irony in language use and communication / edited by Angeliki Athanasiadou, Herbert L. Colston.

401.41 PRO
Prototypical argumentative patterns : exploring the relationship between argumentative discourse and institutional context / edited by Frans H. van Eemeren.

409.883 ARE
Language and slavery : a social and linguistic history of the Suriname creoles / Jacques Arends.

415 GEL
Syntax : an introduction to minimalism / Elly van Gelderen.

417 LAN
Language contact in Africa and the African diaspora in the Americas : in honor of John V. Singler / edited by Cecelia Cutler, Zvjezdana Vrzić, Philipp Angermeyer.

423 CON
Concise Oxford English dictionary / edited by Catherine Soanes, Angus Stevenson.

492.482421 PRA
Basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar / Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt.

495.6 MAP
Mapping genres, mapping culture : Japanese texts in context / edited by Elizabeth A. Thomson, Motoki Sano, Helen de Silva Joyce.

496.39 BAN
The Bantu languages / edited by Mark Van de Velde [and others].

500.2071268 FIS
Fisiese wetenskappe. Graad 10, Boek 1, Fisika. Teorie & werkboek / saamgestel deur A. Olivier.
Fisiese wetenskappe. Graad 10, Boek 2, Chemie. Teorie & werkboek / saamgestel deur A. Olivier.

515.93 BRO
Student's solutions manual to accompany Complex variables and applications [by] James Ward Brown, Ruel V. Churchill / prepared by James Ward Brown.

551.41 BIE
Key concepts in geomorphology / Paul R. Bierman, David R. Montgomery.

615.85153 CHE
Therapeutic games and guided imagery. Volume 2 : tools for professionals working with children and adolescents with specific needs and in multicultural settings / Monit Cheung.

616.028 ANN
Annual update in intensive care and emergency medicine 2019 / Jean-Louis Vincent, editor.

616.3 MAY
The mind-gut connection : how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health / Emeran Mayer.

616.834 MUL
Multiple sclerosis / editor, Darin T. Okuda.

616.89 AUG
Introduction to mental health / Jo Augustus, Justine Bold and Briony Williams.

616.9792 AID
AIDS : origin, spread, and healing (shortened version) / [edited by] Wolff Geisler.

617.96 ART
Anaesthesia OSCE / G. Arthurs, K.M. Elfituri illustrations by T. Bailey.

617.96 HAN
Handbook of communication in anaesthesia and critical care : a practical guide to exploring the art / edited by Allan M. Cyna [and others].

636.8 BUD
The character of cats : the origins, intelligence, behavior, and stratagems of Felis silvestris catus / Stephen Budiansky.

658.048 HAN
Handbook of research on nonprofit economics and management / edited by Bruce A. Seaman, Dennis R. Young.

658.1511 DRU
Management and cost accounting / Colin Drury.

658.406 STA
Guide to organisation design : creating high-performing and adaptable enterprises / Naomi Stanford.

658.408096 SUS
Sustainable management development in Africa : building capabilities to serve African organizations / edited by Hamid H. Kazeroony, Yvonne du Plessis, and Bill Buenar Puplampu.

658.872 PAR
Platform revolution : how networked markets are transforming the economy and how to make them work for you / Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Sangeet Paul Choudary.

741.5968 ZAP
Rhodes rage : cartoons from Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times and The Times / Zapiro [captions by Mike Wills].

750 DOH
Looking at paintings : a guide to technical terms / Tiarna Doherty and Anne T. Woollett.

784.83096873 BRU
Parading respectability : the cultural and moral aesthetics of the Christmas bands movement in the Western Cape, South Africa / Sylvia Bruinders.

791.430233092 KIE
The films of Krzysztof Kieslowski : the liminal image / Joseph G. Kickasola.

808 PEL
The creative qualitative researcher : writing that makes readers want to read / Ronald J. Pelias.

808.803538 EXP
Exploring erotic encounters : the inescapable entanglement of tradition, transcendence and transgression / edited by John T. Grider and Dionne van Reenen.

811.54 DOT
Still life with oysters and lemon / Mark Doty.

823 BRO
Inferno / Dan Brown.

823 VLA
The distance / Ivan Vladislavic.

828.91203 NIC
Diaries and letters, 1945-1962 / Harold Nicolson edited by Nigel Nicolson.

831.92 WAG
Die Eulenhasser in den Hallenhausern : drei Verborgene : Gedichte / Jan Wagner.
Die live butterfly show : Gedichte / Jan Wagner.
Gedichte von Jan Wagner : Interpretationen / Christoph Jurgensen, Sonja Klimek (Hrsg.).
Jan Wagner / Gastherausgeber, Frieder von Ammon.
Regentonnenvariationen : Gedichte / Jan Wagner.
Selbstportrat mit Bienenschwarm : Ausgewahlte Gedichte / Jan Wagner.

839 PRE
Eggo's / Vita du Preez.

839.3636 JAC
Oor 'n motorfiets, 'n zombiefliek en lang getalle wat deur elf gedeel kan word / Jaco Jacobs.

896.398632 ZUL
Izibi zaseThekwini : inoveli yesiZulu / N.S. Zulu.

944.024 TUC
A distant mirror : the calamitous 14th century / Barbara W. Tuchman.

Handbook of family resilience [electronic reource] / Dorothy S. Becvar, editor.
How to do things with affects [electronic resource] : affective triggers in aesthetic forms and cultural practices / edited by Ernst van Alphen and Tomáš Jirsa.
The politics of adaptation [electronic resource] : media convergence and ideology / edited by Dan Hassler-Forest and Pascal Nicklas.

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