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001.42 AUR
The how to of qualitative research / Janice D. Aurini, Melanie Heath, Stephanie Howells.

005.25 PHI
Android programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide / Bill Phillips, Chris Stewart & Kristin Marsicano.

016.323168 KES
Aspects of the apartheid state : a bibliographical survey / Ineke van Kessel.

016.968 CHA
Inventory of the A.W.G. Champion Collection / compiled by A.H. van Gylswyk.

079.68 CUT
A history of the press in South Africa : being an abridged version of a thesis accepted for the M.A. degree. / by Theo E.G. Cutten.

150.1952 FRE
Eros and civilization : a philosophical inquiry into Freud / Herbert Marcuse with a preface by Douglas Kellner.

155.2 SCH
Theories of personality / Duane P. Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz.

155.9042 HAR
Stress, health & well-being : thriving in the 21st century / Rick Harrington.

171.2 CIC
Cicero's three books of offices, or, Moral duties : also his Cato major, an essay on old age Laelius, an essay on friendship paradoxes Scipio's dream and letter to Quintus on the duties of a magistrate / literally translated, with notes, designed to exhibit a comparative view of the opinions of Cicero, and those of modern moralists and ethical philosophers by Cyrus R. Edmonds.

220.6 ARM
The United States and Britain in prophecy / by Herbert W. Armstrong.

252 SPU
Second series of lectures to my students : being addresses delivered to the students of the Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle / by C.H. Spurgeon.

262.001 KOF
In order to serve : an ecumenical introduction to church polity / Leo J. Koffeman.

290.82 WIS
Wisdom is one : being a collection of quotations from the sayings and writings of some of the masters and their followers, collated to show the fundamental identity of all veritable teachings.

294.3444 BST
The book of joy / His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams.

299.934092 BES
The first five lives of Annie Besant / by Arthur H. Nethecort.

300.72 QUA
Qualitative research / edited by David Silverman.

301 MAK
The making of society : an outline of sociology / edited by V.F. Calverton.

301.31 LIM
The limits to growth : a report for the Club of Rome's project on the predicament of mankind / (by) Donella H. Meadows.

301.592 POU
Political power and social classes [by] Nicos Poulantzas translation ... [from the French edited by] Timothy O'Hagan.

302.0968 COE
The narrative study of lives in central South Africa / by Jan K. Coetzee & Asta Rau.

302.230967 EVE
Everyday media culture in Africa : audiences and users / edited by Wendy Willems and Winston Mano.

302.230968 HAD
The people's voice : the development and current state of the South African small media sector / Adrian Hadland & Karen Thorne commissioned by the Media Development and Diversity Agency.

302.2310721 SAG
The SAGE handbook of social media research methods / edited by Luke Sloan and Annabel Quan-Haase.

305.24209670905 SOM
The outcast majority : war, development, and youth in Africa / Marc Sommers.

306.3620973 FIT
The world the slaveholders made : two essays in interpretation / by Eugene D. Genovese.

306.8580968 CRO
Die patriargale familie : ǹ kultuursosiologiese studie / deur G. Gronjé en J.D. Venter.

307.72 PEA
Peasants and peasant societies / edited by Teodor Shanin.

307.72095117 HIN
Fanshen : a documentary of revolution in a Chinese village / William Hinton.

307.76016 COM
Community development and democratic practice / edited by Paul Lachapelle and Michael Rios.

307.76016 ENT
Entrepreneurship, community and community development / edited by Michael W.-P. Fortunato and Theodore R. Alter.

314.2 SIL
Britain in figures : a handbook of social statistics / [by] Alan F. Sillitoe.

320 BEN
Nation-building and citizenship : studies of our changing social order / Reinhard Bendix.

320.5409034 GEN
Gendered nations : nationalisms and gender order in the long nineteenth century / edited by Ida Blom, Karen Hagemann, Catherine Hall.

320.82 POL
Political behavior : a reader in theory and research / edited by Heinz Eulau, Samuel J. Eldersveld [and] Morris Janowitz.

320.942 TAN
English constitutional conflicts of the seventeenth century, 1603-1689 / by J.R. Tanner.

320.968 POW
Power, privilege and poverty : report of the Economics Commission of the Study Project on Christianity in Apartheid Society / general editor, Peter Randall.

320.968 RAM
Dreams, betrayal and hope / Mamphela Ramphele.

320.973 WAS
The basics of American politics / Gary Wasserman.

320.97731 GOS
Machine politics : Chicago model / [by] Harold F. Gosnell foreword by William F. Ogburn.

323.11968 GOL
Making race : the politics and economics of coloured identity in South Africa / Ian Goldin.

323.168 RHO
Apartheid : a socio-historical exposition of the origin and development of the apartheid idea / by N.J. Rhoodie and H.J. Venter.

323.168092 PLA
Lover of his people : a biography of Sol Plaatje / Seetsele Modiri Molema translated and edited by D.S. Matjila and Karen Haire.
Sol Plaatje : selected writings / edited by Brian Willan.

324.268083 MCK
The ANC and the liberation struggle : a critical political biography / Dale T. McKinley.

325.309 IMP
Imperialism, the state, and the Third World / edited by Michael Twaddle.

326.973 APT
American Negro slave revolts / Herbert Aptheker.

327.1747 THA
Nuclear weapons and international security : collected essays / Ramesh Thakur.

329.942 WIL
Fifty years' march : the rise of the Labour Party / by Francis Williams foreword by C.R. Attlee.

330.1220947 LEN
The development of capitalism in Russia : the process of the formation of a home market for large-scale industry / V. I. Lenin.

330.9687 DUI
The economy of the Cape Colony in the eighteenth century / by Pieter van Duin and Robert Ross.

331.76164046096894 HAN
Distant companions : servants and employers in Zambia, 1900-1985 / Karen Tranberg Hansen.

332.67 NUR
Problems of capital formation in underdeveloped countries / Ragnar Nurkse.

335.41 LUK
History and class consciousness : studies in Marxist dialectics / by Georg Lukács translated [from the German] by Rodney Livingstone.

335.412 MAR
Capital / Karl Marx translated from the fourth German edition by Eden and Cedar Paul introduction by G.D.H. Cole addendum and biographical notes by Murray Wolfson. Vol. 1, Der Produktionsprozess des Kapitals : in 2 volumes. Book 2.

338.968 GRO
Groei : referate gelewer op Algemene Vergadering van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 2 Julie 1965, Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir CHO.

342.087 KHA
A theory of discrimination law / Tarunabh Khaitan.

345.052 LOC
Taking effective witness statements / Hendrik Thomas Lochner.

345.68052 FOR
Forensic investigation : legislative principles and investigative practice/ Rudolph Zinn & Setlhomamaru Dintwe (editors).

345.68067 HEE
Expert evidence in clinical negligence : a practitioner's guide / by Patrick van den Heever and Natalie Lawrenson.

346.68056 SCH
Presumption of innocence / P.J. Schwikkard.

347.6806 PRI
Principles of evidence / P.J. Schwikkard [and others].

350 COM
Comparative politics : notes and readings / edited by Roy C. Macridis and Bernard E. Brown.

361.26068 WEI
Humanitarian business / Thomas G. Weiss.

363.2520968 LOC
Crime scene investigation / Hendrik Lochner and Rudolph Zinn.

363.258 ASH
Quantitative-qualitative friction ridge analysis : an introduction to basic and advanced ridgeology / David R. Ashbaugh.

363.25943 THU
Practical bomb scene investigation / James T. Thurman.

363.25952 WAL
Practical cold case homicide investigations procedural manual / Richard H. Walton.

364.01 HAL
Revitalizing criminological theory : towards a new ultra-realism / Steve Hall and Simon Winlow.

364.072 WIT
Research methods in crime and justice / Brian Withrow.

364.1066 PIN
Gang town / Don Pinnock.

364.1323 HOL
Corruption : a very short introduction / Leslie Holmes.

364.168 SOC
Social networking as a criminal enterprise / edited by Catherine D. Marcum, George E. Higgins.

364.25 TAY
The new criminology : for a social theory of deviance / Ian Taylor, Paul Walton and Jock Young.

364.36 CRO
Die Jeugoortreder in die gemeenskap / G Cronje [and others].
The Juvenile delinquent in society / G Cronje  [and others].

364.3602 JUV
The juvenile delinquent in society / G. Cronje [and others].

365.6082 LIV
Lives of incarcerated women : an international perspective / edited by Candace Kruttschnitt and Catrien Bijleveld.

369.268 EVE
Old soldiers never die : the story of Moth O / [by] C.A. Evenden (Evo) an autobiography in two parts.

370.71041 LAN
Learning to be a teacher / John Lange & Sue Burroughs-Lange.

370.968 DAV
Nineteenth-century African education in the Cape Colony : a historical analysis / by Richard Hunt Davis.

370.968 WES
Facilitating language learning in the foundation phase / Marguerite Wessels.

371.26 DUE
Grading smarter, not harder : assessment strategies that motivate kids and help them learn / Myron Dueck.

371.272 WES
Charting a course to standards-based grading : what to stop, what to start, and why it matters / Tim R. Westerberg.

371.3 TUC
Blended learning in action : a practical guide toward sustainable change / Catlin R. Tucker, Tiffany Wycoff, Jason T. Green.

371.82694 ECH
How to reach the hard to teach : excellent instruction for those who need it most / Jana Echevarria, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher.

371.90460973 VIL
Leading an inclusive school : access and success for ALL students / Richard A. Villa, Jacqueline S. Thousand.

372.358 STU
Study & master technology. Grade 7, Teacher's guide / Ria de Jager [and others].

378.42092 MUR
Recollections / by Keith Murray.

391.65 FRI
The world atlas of tattoo / Anna Felicity Friedman foreword by James Elkins.

391.6509 MCC
100 years of tattoos / David McComb.

401.41 SEB
Global semiotics / Thomas A. Sebeok.

439.3681 SUI
Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreëls / saamgestel deur die Taalkommissie van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.

541 TAN
Understanding advanced physical inorganic chemistry : the learner's approach / Jeanne Tan, Kim Seng Chan.

550.0223 SPE
Geologic maps : a practical guide to the preparation and interpretation of geologic maps / Edgar W. Spencer.

552.5 BOG
Principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy / Sam Boggs.

607.1268 STU
Study & master technology. Grade 8, Teacher's guide / Ria de Jager [and others].

610.71173 CUR
Curriculum development for medical education : a six-step approach / edited by Patricia A. Thomas [and others].

612 BON
A text book of physiology and hygiene for South African schools / by C. von Bonde and J.P. de Villiers.

613.7042 PAT
Modern methods of feeding in infancy and childhood / by Donald Paterson and J. Forest Smith.

614.15 BRO
Research methods for forensic psychologists : a guide to completing your research project / Sarah Brown and Emma Sleath.

617.96 BAS
Basics of anesthesia / Manuel C. Pardo, Jr., Ronald D. Miller.

621.31244 DIT
Materials concepts for solar cells / Thomas Dittrich.

641.220968 PLA
John Platter's 1993 South African wine guide / edited by Erica platter.

641.220968733 RUS
Rustenberg 300.

650.13968 STO
Turning passion into profit / Jabu Stone foreword by Jonathan Ackerman.

657.48 KEW
Financial accounting : an introduction / Jacqui Kew, Alex Watson.

658.4092 SIN
Start with why : how great leaders inspire everyone to take action / Simon Sinek.

658.45 OUT
Out-thinking organizational communications : the impact of digital transformation / Joachim Klewes, Dirk Popp, Manuela Rost-hein, editors.

783.04309 STA
Bel canto : a history of vocal pedagogy / James Stark.

794.8 THI
Third person : authoring and exploring vast narratives / edited by Pat Harringan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

794.81536 MAC
Games, design and play : a detailed approach to iterative game design / Colleen Macklin, John Sharp.

801.9 NGU
Globalectics : theory and the politics of knowing / Ngugi wa Thiong'o.

808.819968 SOL
The Sol Plaatje European Union poetry anthology. Volume lII / compiled by Liesl Jobson.

813.54 CAL
Your sins and mine / Taylor Caldwell.

823 ADE
Easy motion tourist / Leye Adenle.

823 MAH
When a man cries / Siphiwo Mahala.

828.91403 NGU
Birth of a dream weaver : a writer's awakening / Ngugi Wa Thiong'o.

828.993632 PLA
Mhudi / Sol T. Plaatje.

828.993633 PLA
Mohudi / Sol T. Plaatje mofetoledi ke Thipe K. Malebye.

828.99676208 NGU
Secure the base : making Africa visible in the globe / Ngugi wa Thiong'o.

828.99679101 KAB
Flame and song : a memoir / Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa.

896.39543 NGU
Wizard of the Crow / Ngugi Wa Thiong'o a translation from Gikuyu by the author.

904 ESS
Essays presented to Sir Lewis Namier / edited by Richard Pares and Alan J.P. Taylor.

909.0971241 OXF
The Oxford history of the British Empire / Wm. Roger Louis, editor-in-chief.

920.72 SHE
Bad girls throughout history : 100 remarkable women who changed the world / Ann Shen.

923.242 WEB
The Webbs and their work / edited by Margaret Cole.

940.3141 KEY
Two memoirs / by John Maynard Keynes introduced by David Garnett.

940.3141 MAC
Peacemakers : the Paris Conference of 1919 and its attempt to end war / Margaret MacMillan.

940.5421 RYA
The longest day / Cornelius Ryan.

941.082092 CUR
From empire to international commonwealth : a biography of Lionel Curtis / Deborah Lavin.

942.0640924 CRO
Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan Revolution, by Maurice Ashley.

944.04 THO
The French Revolution / by J.M. Thompson.

945.7509 SNO
Violence and great estates in the south of Italy : Apulia, 1900-1922 / Frank M. Snowden.

947.08 LEN
Lenin and his rivals : the struggle for Russia's future, 1898-1906 / Donald W. Treadgold.

956.70442 VIR
Desert screen : war at the speed of light / Paul Virilio translated by Michael Degener.

960 AFR
Africa seminar : collected papers. Volume 5. 1985 / edited by Andrew D. Spiegel.

960 GOE
Goede Hoop : Zuid-Afrika en Nederland vanaf 1600 / onder redactie van Martine Gosselink, Maria Holtrop, Robert Ross met advies van Wayne Dooling auteurs Geoffrey Badenhorst [and others].

960 WAL
Contemporary Africa : continent in transition / T. Walker Wallbank.

966.903 CRO
Revolt in Bussa : a study of British native administration in Nigerian Borgu, 1902-1935 / by Michael Crowder.

967.62601 AMB
Kenyan communities in the age of imperialism : the central region in the late nineteenth century / Charles H. Ambler.

967.822 FEI
Peasant intellectuals : anthropology and history in Tanzania / Steven Feierman.

967.94 ELK
The quest for an African Eldorado : Sofala, southern Zambezia, and the Portuguese, 1500-1865 / by T.H. Elkiss.

968 ASW
History of South Africa to 1854 / H.J. van Aswegen.

968 GRO
Oor berge en dale : op reis met 'n monumentjagter / Jackie Grobler.

968 HEY
Guide to sieges of South Africa / Nicki von der Heyde.

968.004963 BER
Tribes and kingdoms / J.S. Bergh, with the assistance of A.P. Bergh.

968.04 MER
Die noordwaartse beweging van die boere voor die groot trek, 1770-1842 / deur P.J. van der Merwe met 'n voorwoord deur B.J. Liebenberg.

968.04 PLA
Native life in South Africa / Sol T. Plaatje.

968.04092 PLA
Sol Plaatje / John Pampallis consulting editor: Chris van Wyk illustrations by Trish de Villiers.

968.048 SCH
Guerrillastryd : minder bekende skertmutselings en gevegte in die Transvaal tydens die guerrillafase van die Anglo-Boereoorlog / Tian Schutte.

968.05 COB
Class and consciousness : the Black petty bourgeoisie in South Africa, 1924 to 1950 / Alan Gregor Cobley.

968.06 CAL
Southern Africa after Soweto / Alex Callinicos and John Rogers.

968.06092 NDL
Flashes in her soul : the life of Jabu Ndlovu / [written by Jean Fairbairn].

968.063082 AUC
Ja Luitenant! : vergete vroue van die bosoorlog / Zoetje Buys Aucamp.

970.00497 WIL
Apologies to the Iroquois / by Edmund Wilson with a study of The Mohawks in high steel / by Joseph Mitchell.

970.017 HAK
The first colonists : Hakluyt's voyages to North America : a modern version / with an introduction, by A.L. Rowse.

976.1061 WIE
Social origins of the new South : Alabama, 1860-1885 / Jonathan M. Wiener.

DVD 0033
Gladiator [videorecording] / [presented by] Dreamworks Pictures and Universal Pictures in association with Scott Free Productions produced by Douglas WickDavid Franzoni, Branko Lustig directed by Ridley Scott screenplay by David Franzoni and John Logan and William Nicholas story by David Franzoni.

DVD 2148
Troy [videorecording] / Plan B Productions, Inc. Radiant Productions Helena Productions Warner Bros. produced by Wolfgang Petersen, Diana Rathbun, Colin Wilson screenplay, David Benioff directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Advances in neural networks - ISNN 2007 [electronic resource] : 4th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2007, Nanjing, China, June 3-7, 2007, Proceedings, Part II / edited by Derong Liu [and others].