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Previous Lists


943.2 ALL
The Nazi seizure of power : the experience of a single German town 1930-1935 / Allen William Sheridan.

028.50968 INT
Introducing children's literature : a guide to South African classroom / Rinelle Evans, Ina Joubert, Corinne Meier (editors).

052.0968 STE
Who killed Mr. Drum? / Sylvester Stein with a foreword by Anthony Sampson.

158.10711 LIF
Life skills : my journey, my destiny / Elmarie van Heerden-Pieterse, editor.

276.8082 PAN
Pangs of growth : a dialogue on church growth in southern Africa / edited by Gabriel M. Setiloane and Ivan H.M. Peden.

284.668 KRU
The pear tree bears fruit : the history of the Moravian Church in South Africa-West. II, 1869-1960 with an epilogue 1960-1980 / B. Krüger, P.W. Schaberg.

301 SPI
Studies in a dying culture / Christopher Caudwell [i.e.: Christopher St. John Sprigg] with an introduction by John Strachey.

301.44930973 PER
Perspectives and irony in American slavery : essays / by Carl N. Degler [and others] edited by Harry P. Owens.

305.2309953 MEA
Growing up in New Guinea : a study of adolescence and sex in primitive societies / by Margaret Mead.

305.55096762 KIT
Class and economic change in Kenya : the making of an African petite bourgeoisie 1905-1970 / Gavin Kitching.

305.800968 DEB
South Africa to the sources of apartheid / Steven Debroey translated by Lidwina Debroey.

305.8034068 CRA
Waiting : the Whites of South Africa / Vincent Crapanzano.

305.896073 HOW
Afrocentrism : mythical pasts and imagined homes / Stephen Howe.

306.0942 MYT
Myths of the English / edited by Roy Porter.

306.89 PRE
Everyone's guide to divorce and separation / Bertus Preller.

307.34160968 UPG
Upgrading informal settlements in South Africa : a partnership-based approach / edited by Liza Rose Cirolia [and others].

320.3 COM
Comparative politics : a reader / edited by Harry Eckstein and David E. Apter.

320.40490968 KAH
Intergovernmental relations in South Africa / Sinval Kahn, Steve Mpedi Madue, Rashid Kalema.

320.5315 MIL
Marxism and politics / Ralph Miliband.

320.560968 SAC
South Africa : the violence of apartheid / by A. Sachs.

323.168 LEL
Move your shadow : South Africa, black and white / Joseph Lelyveld.

325.3469096 MIN
Portuguese Africa and the West / William Minter.

327 GOL
International relations / Joshua S. Goldstein and Jon C. Pevehouse.

330.968 MOH
Economic indicators / Philip Mohr, assisted by Derek Yu and Sandra Mollentze.

330.9680089961 WIL
Land filled with flies : a political economy of the Kalahari / Edwin N. Wilmsen.

331.700941 ZWE
The British worker : a social and psychological study, presenting the problems, difficulties and struggles of the ordinary man at home, at work, and in his leisure hours / Ferdynand Zwig with a foreword by C.A. Mace.

332.6732268 IND
Industrialization and investment incentives in Southern Africa / edited by Alan W. Whiteside.

333.316 CHA
The changing face of land and conservation in post-colonial Africa : old land, new practices? / edited by George Barrett [and others].

333.954 MAC
The empire of nature : hunting, conservation, and British imperialism / John M. MacKenzie.

338.092 ILB
A fox's tale : insights from one of Africa's most creative strategic thinkers / Chantell Ilbury, as told to Daryl Ilbury.

338.27820968719 CAR
In the company of diamonds : De Beers, Kleinzee, and the control of a town / Peter Carstens.

343.6804 IND
Index to the South African tax cases reports, volumes 49-78, 1987-2016 / consulting editor: J.L. van Dorsten.

344.401 NEW
New forms of employment in Europe / editors, Roger Blanpain & Frank Hendrickx guest editors, Bernd Waas [and others].

351.68 PRA
A practical introduction to public management / content editor, Enaleen Draai contributing editors, Enslin J. van Rooyen [and others].

355.00968 BAK
Boskroniek (April - Junie 1977) : dagverhaal van 'n grenssoldaat / Cas Bakkes.

355.4768 WRO
North of the red line : recollections of the Border War by members of the SAAF, SADF and SWATF / Hanlie Snyman Wroth translation by Gerry van Tonder.

356.10968 NOR
The terrible ones : a complete history of 32 Battalion / Piet Nortje.

356.113096891 BIN
The Rhodesia Regiment : from Boer War to Bush War 1899-1980 / Alexandre Binda.

356.160968 STE
Mobility conquers : the story of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group, 1978-2005 : Mobilitate vincere! / Willem Steenkamp & Helmöed-Romer Heitman.

362.042 HAR
Inside the inner city : life under the cutting edge / Paul Harrison.

362.1 ESS
Essential primary care / edited by Andrew Blythe, Jessica Buchan.

363.2092 BOO
Blood on their hands : General Johan Booysen reveals his truth / Jessica Pitchford.

363.2092 HOW
War in peace / Nick Howarth.

363.220941 STA
Stalker : Ireland, 'Shoot to kill' and the 'Affair' / John Stalker.

364.10609669 ELL
This present darkness : a history of Nigerian organised crime / Stephen Ellis.

364.15230942162 MCK
Time bomb / Grant McKee and Ros Franey with a foreword by Ludovic Kennedy.

364.162859 HAW
A Victorian poacher : James Hawker's journal / edited and introduced by Garth Christian illustrated by Lynton Lamb.

371.9046 BOR
Believe that all can achieve : increasing classroom participation in learners with special support needs / Juan Bornman & Jill Rose.

371.970097452 PER
Ethnic differences : schooling and social structure among the Irish, Italians, Jews, and Blacks in an American city, 1880-1935 / Joel Perlmann.

372.358 CLI
Platinum technology. Grade 7, Teacher's guide / F. Clitheroe [and others].

378.199 DIS
Disrupting higher education curriculum : undoing cognitive damage / edited by Michael Anthony Samuel, Rubby Dhunpath and Nyna Amin.

378.68 FEE
Fees must fall : student revolt, decolonisation and governance in South Africa / edited by Susan Booysen.

439.365 KON
Kontemporêre Afrikaanse taalkunde / redakteurs: W.A.M. Carstens, N. Bosman.

496.3977203 PUK
Pukuntšutlhaloši ya Sesotho sa leboa : this is the official Sesotho sa Leboa monolingual dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-Chief M. V. Mojela.

496.39772321 ENG
English-Sesotho dictionary : this is the official English-Sesotho dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-Chief Motsamai Motsapi.

503 ENG
English-Setswana maths & natural science dictionary : this is the official Setswana maths and natural science dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-chief, G B Mareme.

514.3 KEL
General topology / John L. Kelley.

572.838 CAM
Radium and the secret of life / Luis A. Campos.

607.1041 TEA
Teaching technology / edited by Frank Banks.

610.73069 WOO
Mentoring in nursing and healthcare : supporting career and personal development / Helen M. Woolnough, Sandra L. Fielden.

616.0076 CSA
The CSA exam : maximizing your success / Rachel Roberts ... [and others].

616.028 CRI
Critical care ultrasound / [edited by] Philip Lumb, Dimitrios Karakitsos.

616.1207543 RIM
Echocardiography : a practical guide for reporting and interpretation / Helen Rimington, John B. Chambers.

624.0684 CON
Construction innovation / edited by Finn Orstavik, Andrew Dainty, Carl Abbott.

634.9 URB
Urban tree management : for the sustainable development of green cities / edited by Andreas Roloff.

649.122 PET
The new baby & child care handbook / Marina Petropulos.

657.30218 INT
International financial reporting standard for small and medium-sized entities : IFRS for SMEs.

690.068 COO
Management of construction projects / Brian Cooke.

704.9420968 SCH
The face of the country : a South African family album, 1860-1910 : photographic portraits from the collections of the South African Library : selected and introduced by Karel Schoeman.

813.54 PAT
Private : no. 1 suspect / James Patterson & Maxine Paetro.

822.33 SHA
Introducing Shakespeare / Nick Groom and [illustrated by] Piero edited by Richard Appignanesi.

823 HIG
Toll for the brave / Jack Higgins.

823 HIG/823.914 HIG
Exocet / Jack Higgins.
The graveyard shift / Jack Higgins.
Toll for the brave / Jack Higgins.

823 JON
Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all / Jonas Jonasson translated from the Swedish by Rachel Willson-Broyles.

823 LEV
People of the book : images of the Jew in South African English fiction, 1880-1992 / Marcia Leveson.

823 PLA
Silent scream / Lynda La Plante.

823 SAN
Hidden prey / John Sandford.

823 SPI
Don't look back / by Erica Spindler.

823.912 TOL
Tolkien and the Great War : the threshold of Middle-earth / John Garth.

823.914 LES
Walking in the shade : volume two of my autobiography, 1949-1962 / Doris Lessing.

828.993633 JAC
The trap and, A dance in the sun / Dan Jacobson with a new preface by the author.

828.993634 MAT
Coconut / Kopano Matlwa.

833.914 DIS
The job / Irene Dische.

839.3615 KRO
'baie worde': identiteit en transformasie by Antjie Krog / Jacomien van Niekerk.

839.3625 PLE
Teerling : 'n dobbelsteen vir twee akteurs, 'n rot en 'n klankbaan / P.G. Du Plessis.

839.3635 BLO
Doodskoot / François Bloemhof.

839.3635 NIE
Triomf / Marlene van Niekerk.

839.3636 BRE
Moordlys / Henk Breytenbach.

839.7374 NES
The weeping girl : an Inspector Van Veeteren mystery / by Hakan Nesser translated from the Swedish by Laurie Thompson.

907.2 STE
The varieties of history : from Voltaire to the present / edited, selected, and introduced by Fritz Stern.

912 UNI
The university atlas / edited by Harold Fullard & H.C. Darby.

914.21 FLE
The London nobody knows / Geoffrey S. Fletcher.

916.6 POS
The new States of West Africa / Ken Post.

916.80445 TRO
South Africa / Anthony Trollope.

916.87045 BAL
Six months at the Cape or, Letters to Periwinkle from South Africa / by R. M. Ballantyne with illustrations by S.E. Waller.

940.2 MER
A history of modern Europe / John Merriman.

940.28 MOO
The making of bourgeois Europe : absolutism, revolution, and the rise of capitalism in England, France, and Germany / Colin Mooers.

941.067 ANG
The Anglo-Dutch moment : essays on the Glorious Revolution and its world impact / edited by Jonathan I. Israel.

941.081092 ROB
Salisbury : Victorian titan / Andrew Roberts.

941.085 MAR
British society since 1945 / Arthur Marwick.

941.6082 FAR
Northern Ireland the Orange State / Michael Farrell.

941.60824 MCC
War and an Irish town / Eamonn McCann.

942 TRE
History of England. Volume one, From the earliest times to the Reformation / by G.M. Trevelyan.

942.08 HAL
History of the English people in the nineteenth century / Elie Halevy translated from the French by E.I. Watkin and D.A. Barker with an introduction by R.B. McCallum.
History of the English people in the nineteenth century / Elie Halevy translated from the French by E.I. Watkin and D.A. Barker with an introduction by R.B. McCallum.
History of the English people in the nineteenth century / Elie Halevy translated from the French by E.I. Watkin and D.A. Barker with an introduction by R.B. McCallum.

943.086 NAZ
Nazi culture : intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich / [edited and with an introduction by] George L. Mosse, translations by Salvator Attanasio [and others].

946.081 THO
The Spanish Civil War / Hugh Thomas.

949.2 ISR
The Dutch Republic : its rise, greatness, and fall 1477-1806 / Jonathan Israel.

949.2 RIE
A short history of the Netherlands : from prehistory to the present day / by Prof. Dr. P.J.A.N. Rietbergen, Dr. F. Lamers, Dr. G.H.J. Seegers translation, M.E. Bennett final editor, Prof. dr. P.J.A.N. Rietbergen.

949.203 JAC
In pursuit of pepper and tea : the story of the Dutch East India Company / Els M. Jacobs [translation, Kist Kilian Communications].

949.23 PRI
Holland and the Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century : the politics of particularism / J.L. Price.

967 ASP
Aspects of central African history / edited by T. O. Ranger.

967.8104 OKE
Revolution in Zanzibar / by Field Marshal John Okello.

968 DAV
South Africa : a modern history / T.R.H. Davenport.

968.0043936 STE
Afrikanerjoernaal : 'n vervolgverhaal in 365 episodes / J.C. Steyn.

968.004961 POS
Testament to the Bushmen / Laurens van der Post and Jane Taylor.

968.04 SEL
Select documents relating to the unification of South Africa / edited with an introduction by Arthur Percival Newton.

968.048 PAK
The Boer War / Thomas Pakenham.

968.048092 WET
Broedertwis : bittereinder en joiner: Christiaan en Piet de Wet / Albert Blake.

968.058092 VER
Verwoerd : architect of Apartheid / Henry Kenney new introduction by David Welsh.

968.06 BER
Memory against forgetting : memoirs from a life in South African politics, 1938-1964 / Rusty Bernstein.

968.06 LAZ
Against the tide : whites in the struggle against apartheid / Joshua N. Lazerson.

968.06092 ZIL
Not without a fight : the autobiography / Helen Zille.

968.063 COM
Mission to South Africa : the Commonwealth report / the Commonwealth Group of Eminent Persons foreword by Shridath Ramphal.

968.064092 KLE
F.W. de Klerk : the man in his time / Willem de Klerk.

968.065 MAT
Mandela & Mbeki : the hero and the outsider / Lucky Mathebe.

968.072092 MBE
The life and times of Thabo Mbeki / Adrian Hadland and Jovial Rantao [foreword by Shaun Johnson].

968.602 BUR
The justice of the Queen's government : the Cape's administration of Basutoland, 1871-1884 / S.B. Burman.

968.7032 VER
Die VOC aan die Kaap, 1652-1795 / redakteurs, Con de Wet, Leon Hattingh, Jan Visagie.

968.73 STE
Stellenbosch three centuries : official commemorative volume / [editor, Francois Smuts].

968.8501 MOS
Moshoeshoe 1 : forging the Basotho nation.

973 DIV
Diversity and unity in early North America / edited by Philip D. Morgan.

973.711 FON
Politics and ideology in the age of the Civil War / Eric Foner.

975 OAK
The ruling race : a history of American slaveholders / by James Oakes.

975.00496 OAK
Slavery and freedom : an interpretation of the Old South / James Oakes.

975.8041 HAH
The roots of southern populism : yeoman farmers and the transformation of the Georgia Upcountry, 1850-1890 / Steven Hahn.

980.02 LYN
The Spanish American revolutions, 1808-1826 / John Lynch.

994.02 HUG
The fatal shore : a history of the transportation of convicts to Australia, 1787-1868 / Robert Hughes.

African immersion: [electronic resource] : American college students in Cameroon / Julius A. Amin.
Collectivities [electronic resource] : politics at the intersections of disciplines / Robert F. Carley.
Community, crime control, and collective efficacy [electronic books] : neighborhoods and crime in Miami / Craig D. Uchida [and others].
Literary research and British postmodernism [electronic resource] : strategies and sources / Arianne Hartsell-Gundy and Bridgit McCafferty.
Methodological problems with the academic sources of popular psychology [electronic resource] : context, inference, and measurement / Robert Ausch.
Philosophy of perception [electronic resource] : a contemporary introduction / William Fish.
Race and pedagogy [electronic resource] : creating collaborative spaces for teacher transformations / Susan R. Adams and Jamie Buffington-Adams.
Spirituality research studies in higher education [electronic resource] / edited by Terence Hicks.

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