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016.839363 SCOT
Etienne Leroux / Jennifer Elizabeth Scott.

021.2 WEI
Small business and the public library : strategies for a successful partnership / Luise Weiss, Sophia Serlis-McPhillips, Elizabeth Malafi.

025.84 BRO
Practical digital preservation : a how-to guide for organizations of any size / Adrian Brown.

025.84 COR
Digital preservation for libraries, archives, and museums / Edward M. Corrado, Heather Moulaison Sandy.

025.84 PRE
The preservation management handbook : a 21st-century guide for libraries, archives, and museums / [edited by] Ross Harvey and Martha R. Mahard.

027 OLI
Digital curation / Gillian Oliver, Ross Harvey.

111.85 POD
The manifold in perception : theories of art from Kant to Hildebrand / by Michael Podro.

150 INT
Introduction to psychology / editor, Lionel Nicholas.

155.33 GEN
The gender of psychology / editors, Tamara Shefer, Floretta Boonzaier, Peace Kiguwa.

160 WEL
An intermediate logic / by J. Welton and A. J. Monahan.

220.66 RHE
Rhetoric, scripture, and theology : essays from the 1994 Pretoria Conference / edited by Stanley E. Porter and Thomas H. Olbricht.

221.6 JOI
Torah and tradition : papers read at the Sixteenth Joint Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study and the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap, Edinburgh, 2015 / edited by by Klaas Spronk and Hans Barstad.

221.601 BRO
A handbook to Old Testament exegesis / William P. Brown.

222.106 FAL
The fall of Jerusalem and the rise of the Torah / edited by Peter Dubovsky, Dominik Markl, and Jean-Pierre Sonnet.

223.06 WAS
Was there a wisdom tradition? : new prospects in Israelite wisdom studies / edited by Mark R. Sneed.

223.206 BRO
The end of the Psalter : Psalms 146-150 in the Masoretic text, the Dead Sea scrolls, and the Septuagint / Alma Brodersen.

224.906 NOG
The Book of the Twelve and beyond : collected essays of James D. Nogalski / James D. Nogalski.

224.906 PRI
Priests and cults in the Book of the Twelve / edited by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer.

226.5066 HOW
How John works : storytelling in the fourth gospel / edited by Douglas Estes and Ruth Sheridan.

227.066 COL
The power of images in Paul / Raymond F. Collins.

227.066 PAU
Paul and ancient rhetoric : theory and practice in the Hellenistic context / [edited by] Stanley E. Porter, Bryan R. Dyer.

227.8077 RIC
First and Second Thessalonians / Earl J. Richard Daniel J. Harrington, editor.

227.8077 ROO
Der erste und zweite Thessalonicherbrief / Hanna Roose.

227.8107 BEA
1-2 Thessalonians / G.K. Beale.

227.8107 SCH
Der erste Brief an die Thessalonicher / Stefan Schreiber.

230 DYN
Economic fluctuations in South Africa, 1910-1949.
Dynamics of difference : Christianity and alterity, a Festschrift for Werner G. Jeanrond / [edited by] Ulrich Schmiedel and James M. Matarazzo, Jr.

230.0411 BOD
The heartbeat of Old Testament theology : three creedal expressions / Mark J. Boda.

230.044092 BAR
Karl Barth : post-Holocaust theologian? / edited by George Hunsinger.

230.044092 BON
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the theology of a preaching life / Michael Pasquarello III.

231.044092 SCH
Essential Trinitarianism : Schleiermacher as Trinitarian theologian / Shelli M. Poe.

231.3 KOO
This incredibly benevolent force : the Holy Spirit in reformed theology and spirituality / Cornelis van der Kooi, foreword by Daniel Castelo.

231.7 PHI
Philosophy, science and divine action / edited by F. LeRon Shults, Nancey Murphy and Robert John Russell.

231.7652 BRI
En de aarde bracht voort : Christelijk geloof en evolutie / Gijsbert van den Brink ; [vertaling: Eva van Urk].

235 WIN
Engaging the powers / Walter Wink.

241 FAR
Changing the questions : explorations in Christian ethics / Margaret A. Farley ; edited and with an introduction by Jamie L. Manson.

241 SCH
Theological ethics and global dynamics : in the time of many worlds / William Schweiker.

241 WEL
Introducing Christian ethics / Samuel Wells and Ben Quash with Rebekah Eklund.

241.082 JUS
A just & true love : feminism at the frontiers of theological ethics : essays in honor of Margaret A. Farley / edited by Maura A. Ryan and Brian F. Linnane ; foreword by Francine Cardman.

241.6 SCH
Responsibility and Christian ethics / William Schweiker.

248.4 CAL
Spiritual disciplines handbook : practices that transform us / Adele Ahlberg Calhoun.

251 KIM
Christian preaching and worship in multicultural contexts : a practical theological approach / Eunjoo Mary Kim ; foreword by Mark R. Francis.

253 DOE
The practice of pastoral care : a postmodern approach / Carrie Doehring.

253 SPI
Spiritual dimensions of pastoral care : practical theology in a multidisciplinary context / edited by David Willows and John Swinton.

253.082 MOO
Introducing feminist perspectives on pastoral theology / Zoë Bennett Moore.

261 GOU
Beyond the modern age : an archaeology of contemporary culture / Bob Goudzwaard and Craig G. Bartholomew.

261.57 DEB
Visual arts in the worshiping church / Lisa J. DeBoer.

261.7 POS
The postcolonial church : Bible, theology, and mission / R.S. Wafula, Esther Mombo, Joseph Wandera, editors.

261.720973 LEV
The limits of religious tolerance / Alan Jay Levinovitz.

261.88 CON
Redeeming sin? : social diagnostics amid ecological destruction / Ernst M. Conradie.

262.05137 FUL
When Christ's body is broken : anxiety, identity, and conflict in congregations / Leanna K. Fuller.

264.02 GER
Introduction to the study of liturgy / Albert Gerhards, Benedikt Kranemann ; translated by Linda M. Maloney.

264.34 LAT
Saving images : the presence of the Bible in Christian liturgy / Gordon W. Lathrop.

264.36 BIL
Remembrance, communion, and hope : rediscovering the Gospel at the Lord's Table / J. Todd Billings.

264.36 WEL
Eucharistic prayers / Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher.

266 GEL
Participating in God's mission : a theological missiology for the church in America / Craig Van Gelder and Dwight J. Zscheile.

270.1 KRE
The patient ferment of the early church : the improbable rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire / Alan Kreider.

270.6 HOW
Remembering the Reformation : an inquiry into the meanings of Protestantism / Thomas Albert Howard.

270.82 AND
Spreading fires : the missionary nature of early Pentecostalism / Allan Anderson.

296.0942 MUR
Britain's Jewish problem / by M.G. Murchin.

296.18 MOR
An introduction to biblical law / William S. Morrow.

300.72 ADV
Advances in sociology research. Volume 20 / Jared A. Jaworski, editor.

300.72 GRA
Doing research in the real world / David E. Gray.

300.72 SAG
The SAGE handbook of qualitative research ethics / edited by Ron Iphofen and Martin Tolich.

300.721 CRE
Research design : qualitative, quantitative & mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell, & J. David Creswell.

303.690968 NAT
Community of insecurity : SADC's struggle for peace and security in Southern Africa / Laurie Nathan.

304.23 SOJ
Seeking spatial justice / Edward W. Soja.

305.235091724 HAN
Handbook of the sociology of youth in BRICS countries / edited by Tom Dwyer [and others].

305.3 MAT
Black lesbian sexualities and identity in South Africa : an ethnography of Black lesbian urban life / Zethu Matebeni.

305.310968 FRO
From boys to men : social constructions of masculinity in contemporary society / edited by T. Shefer [and others].

305.488968 LEE
African women and apartheid : migration and settlement in urban South Africa / Rebekah Lee.

305.800968 BUR
Burdened by race : Coloured identities in southern Africa / edited by Mohamed Adhikari.

306.072 RES
Research methods for cultural studies / edited by Michael Pickering.

306.3620973 NIC
Sex trafficking in the United States : theory, research, policy, and practice / Andrea J. Nichols.

306.7663 CVE
An archive of feelings : trauma, sexuality, and lesbian public cultures / Ann Cvetkovich.

306.85 LYW
My dad is my uncle's brother : who's who in my family / Joe Lyward.

320.5408996 WIL
Origins of Pan-Africanism : Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa and the African diaspora / Marika Sherwood.

320.968 ARN
South Africa after Vorster / M.T. W. Arnheim.

320.968005 NEW
New South African review 5 : beyond Marikana / edited by Gilbert M. Khadiagala [and others].

323.168 COT
Racial segregation in South Africa : an appeal / by Walter Aidah Cotton.

324.960329 LIN
Democracy and elections in Africa / Staffan I. Lindberg.

330.968 ECO
Emotional intelligence : tipping point in workplace excellence / by Annette Prins, Eugene van Niekerk, Annette Weyers.

330.968 MAR
South Africa pushed to the limit : the political economy of change / Hein Marais.

332 ELL
Your money and mine / by Barnard Ellinger, foreword by Professor Henry Clay.

332.4 HAR
Money / Roy Harrod.

332.45 CAN
The day the dollar dies / Willard Cantelon.

332.678 SCH
Panics and crashes / [by] Harry Schultz.

333.00968 SUI
The outlook for energy in South Africa : a report for a subsidiary committee of the Prime Minister's Planning advisory council / Suid-Afrika (Republiek). Dept. van beplanning en die omgewing.

335.43 JOH
The socialist sixth of the world / Hewlett Johnson.

338.5 HAN
Handbook of the international political economy of production / edited by Kees van der Pijl.

338.7 DEW
Corporation finance / by Arthur S. Dewing.

339.2091724 RED
Redistribution with growth : policies to improve income distribution in developing countries in the context of economic growth : a joint study by the World Bank's Development Research Center and the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex /

341.55 JUD
The judicialization of international law : a mixed blessing? / edited by Andreas Follesdal and Geir Ulfstein.

342.42 CEC
Conservatism / by Lord Hugh Cecil.

344.2409 DOE
Law and religion in Europe : a comparative introduction / Norman Doe.

345.2551068 SOU
Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act, 7 of 2013 : Prevention and Combating of Torture of Persons Act, 13 of 2013 / edited by Juta's Statutes editors.

346.680438 SOU
Deeds Registries Act, 47 of 1937 Sectional Titles Act, 95 of 1986 & regulations / edited by Juta's Statutes Editors = Registrasie van Aktes Wet 47 van 1937 Wet op Deeltitels 95 van 1986 & regulasies

346.68048 GEY
Law of intellectual property in South Africa / S. Geyer [and others].

346.6807 WIL
Mercantile law of South Africa / by George Wille and Philip Millin.

350 PET
The next public administration : debates & dilemmas / B. Guy Peters & Jon Pierre.

350.724 COM
Comparative conflict resolution procedures in taxation : an analytic comparative study / by L. Hart Wright [and others].

362.220968 COM
Community psychology : analysis context and action / N. Duncan [and others].

364.360968 YOU
Youth violence : sources and solutions in South Africa / edited by Catherine L. Ward, Amelia van der Merwe, Andrew Dawes.

370.1523 WHO
Whole Brain® learning in higher education : evidence-based practice / Ann-Louise de Boer [and others].

370.711 ZYG
Transforming teacher education for social justice / Eva Zygmunt, Patricia Clark with Jon Clausen, Wilfridah Mucherah, & Susan Tancock ; foreword by Peter Murrell.

370.8996073 BLA
Black women's liberatory pedagogies : resistance, transformation, and healing within and beyond the academy / Olivia N. Perlow [and others], editors.

371.102 GIL
Why do I need a teacher when I've got Google? : the essential guide to the big issues for every teacher / Ian Gilbert.

371.19206 INT
International perspectives on maladministration in education : theories, research, and critiques / edited by Eugenie A. Samier and Peter Milley.

371.33 MOB
Mobile learning and higher education : challenges in context / edited by Helen Crompton and John Traxler.

378.125 TEA
Teaching, pedagogy, and learning : fertile ground for campus and community innovations / edited by Jeffery Galle and Rebecca L. Harrison.

378.197 WEL
Wellbeing in higher education : cultivating a healthy lifestyle among faculty and students / edited by Marcus A. Henning [and others].

378.1982996073 FAC
Faculty of color navigating higher education / edited by Karen Harris Brown, Patricia Alvarez McHatton, and Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott.

378.7308996073 MFU
What works at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUS) : nine strategies for increasing retention and graduation rates / Tiffany Beth Mfume.

381.4564130973 KOC
A theory of grocery shopping : food, choice and conflict / Shelley L. Koch.

394.12 POU
The sociology of food : eating and the place of food in society / Jean-Pierre Poulain ; translated by Augusta Dörr.

398.204963986 MAP
Unqambothi / Mandla Maphumulo.

413.028 OXF
The Oxford handbook of lexicography / edited by Philip Durkin.

418.0071 GRI
The strategy factor in successful language learning : the tornado effect / Carol Griffiths.

439.3682 CAR
Norme vir Afrikaans : enkele riglyne by die gebruik van Afrikaans / W. A. M. Carstens.

541.3728 PER
Buffers for pH and metal ion control / [by] D.D. Perrin, Boyd Dempsey.

550 MON
Environmental geology / Carla Montgomery.

551.21 ERN
Large igneous provinces / Richard E. Ernst.

551.52 OUR
Our warming planet : topics in climate dynamics / editors Cynthia Rosenzweig [and others].

570 RUS
Biology : the dynamic science / Russell, Hertz, McMillan.

572 PRI
Principles of biochemistry / H. Robert Horton [and others]

577.14 LUT
Inorganic chemistry for geochemistry and environmental sciences : fundamentals and applications / George W. Luther.

595.7 NAT
Insect physiology and biochemistry / James L. Nation, Sr.

610.73 LEW
Lewis's medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical problems / edited by Di Brown [and others].

611.81 NOL
The human brain in photographs and diagrams / John Nolte, Jay B. Angevine Jr.

612.01448 SUR
Radiation biology for medical physicists / C.S. Sureka and C. Armpilia.

612.84 FRE
Anatomy of the eye and orbit : the clinical essentials / Thomas F. Freddo, Edward Chaum.

615.718 LOW
Low molecular weight heparin therapy : an evaluation of clinical trials evidence / edited by Monique Sarret, André Kher, Francis Toulemonde.

615.82 HOU
Physiotherapy in respiratory care : an evidence-based approach to respiratory and cardiac management / Alexandra Hough.

616.025 GUI
A guide to the management of common medical emergencies in adults / edited by W.G.J. Kloeck ; contributors, S. Alekar [and others].

616.0751 MIC
History taking for medical finals / Joshua Michaels.

616.1062 CAR
Cardiovascular/respiratory physiotherapy / [edited by] Mandy Smith, Val Ball.

616.89165 WHI
Narrative practice : continuing the conversations / Michael White ; edited by David Denborough ; preface, Jill Freedman ; introduction, David Epston ; epilogue, Cheryl White ; postscript and acknowledgment, Cheryl White.

616.994 BAS
The basic science of oncology / editors, Ian F. Tannock [and others].

616.994 ONC
Oncology in primary care / senior editors, Michal G. Rose [and others].

616.994347 TUM
Tumors of the intestines / by Elizabeth A. Montgomery [and others].

617 MIE
General surgery / C. J. Mieny.

617.7 BOW
Kanski's clinical ophthalmology : a systematic approach / Brad Bowling.

617.7 FOR
Kline's neuro-ophthalmology review manual / Rod Foroozan, Michael S. Vaphiades.

617.762 GRI
Binocular anomalies : theory, testing & therapy / John R. Griffin, Eric J. Borsting.

617.96076 KAN
OSCEs for the primary FRCA / Kiran Singh-Kandola and Joanna Oram Fox.

617.964 HAD
Hadzic's textbook of regional anesthesia and acute pain management / editor, Admir Hadzic.

658 MCC
Team of teams : new rules of engagement for a complex world / Stanley McChrystal with Tantum Collins, David Silverman, and Chris Fussell.

658.3124 ARN
ASTD competency study : the training & development profession redefined / Justin Arneson, William J. Rothwell, Jennifer Naughton.

658.314 MIN
Mindfulness in the workplace : an evidence-based approach to improving wellbeing and maximizing performance / edited by Margaret Chapman-Clarke.

658.382 WOR
Workplace bullying : symptoms and solutions / edited by Noreen Tehrani.

658.400954 VAL
Value based management for organizational excellence / edited by Santosh Dhar [and others].

658.408 BEU
Social entrepreneurship : managing the creation of social value / Constant Beugré.

658.827 BEV
Brand management : co-creating meaningful brands / Michael Beverland.

658.8342 STE
Essentials of consumer behavior / Debra L. Stephens.

704.9493036 VIS
Visual politics of psychoanalysis : art and the image in post-traumatic cultures / edited by Griselda Pollock.

709.24 MIC
Michelangelo / [von Jacques de Lacretelle and others].

759.6 GOY
Goya: portraits / [text] by Maurice Sérullaz.

780.71073 OXF
The Oxford handbook of qualitative research in American music education / edited by Colleen M. Conway.

780.92 HAR
Anton Hartman : dís sy storie / Mia Hartman.

782.42092 SCH
n Historiese en krities-analitiese studie van die liedersikuls: Die schone Mullerin van Wilhelm Muller en Franz Schubert / Bouwer, Jacobus Daniel.

783.7 HOP
Hymns of consecration and faith / compiled and arranged by Mrs. Evan Hopkins.

791.4301 AND
The major film theories : an introduction / J. Dudley Andrew.

791.4301 THI
Thinking in the dark : cinema, theory, practice / edited by Murray Pomerance, R. Barton Palmer.

791.43025 BOR
Figures traced in light : on cinematic staging / David Bordwell.

791.430973 BOR
The way Hollywood tells it : story and style in modern movies / David Bordwell.

791.436 ELL
Rethinking the novel/film debate / Kamilla Elliott.

808.0427 LAN
English skills with readings / John Langan, Zoé L. Albright.

813.52 STO
Lust for life : a novel of Vincent Van Gogh / by Irving Stone.

823 LUD
The Scarlatti inheritance / Robert Ludlum.

896.398511 ZEM
Zemk' inkomo magwalandini / umhlengahlengisi nguW. B. Rubusana ; umhlaziyi nguS. C. Satyo.

896.398613 THA
Unqambothi lobunkondlo / Menzi Z. Thango.

896.398632 BUT
Impi yabomdabu isethunjini / J.C. Buthelezi.

896.398632 NYE
Inkinsela yaseMgungundlovu / Sibusiso Nyembezi.

896.398632 SHA
Uthando lungumanqoba / Maphili Shange.

914.7 HAL
The Soviet impact on the western world / Edward Hallett.

951.05 CHI
China's struggle with red peril / (by) Chu Wen-Lin [and others].

968 OBE
The historical monuments of South Africa / J.J. Oberholster ; contributors: G.A. Chadwick [and others]; translated from the Afrikaans by B.D. Malan.

968.058 RUR
Rural resistance in South Africa : the Mpondo revolts after fifty years / edited by Thembela Kepe, Lungisile Ntsebeza.

968.4063 KAA
Report of the select committee on the Jameson raid into the territory of South African republic / Kaapkolonie.

Advances in real and complex analysis with applications [electronic resource] / Michael Ruzhansky [and others], editors.
Sehen und Handeln [electronic resource] / herausgegeben von Horst Bredekamp und John M. Krois.

NCD 3522
Duets [sound recording] : Cecilia & Bryn / Cecilia Bartoli, Bryn Terfel ; Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

QDVD 0245
The wolf of wall street : [videorecording] / Red Granite Pictures presents an Appian Way and Sikelia Production an Emjag ; production a Martin Scorsese. directed by Martin Scorsese.