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001.42 DEV
The research experience : planning, conducting, and reporting research / Ann Sloan Devlin.

001.42 FIR
First steps in research / Kobus Maree, editor J.W. Creswell [and others].

003 MIC
Micro, meso, macro : addressing complex systems couplings / editors, Hans Liljenstorm, Uno Svedin.

027 INF
Information services today : an introduction / edited by Sandra Hirsh.

111.85 OBJ
The object / edited by Antony Hudek.

150.1 INT
Doing psychology under new conditions / edited by Athanasios Marvakis [and others].

150.1952 KLE
Love, guilt, and reparation, and other works, 1921-1945 / by Melanie Klein ; with an introduction by R.E. Money-Kyrle.

150.1953092 ADL
Alfred Adler revisited / edited by Jon Carlson and Michael P. Maniacci.

150.1988 GRE
Exploring positive psychology : the science of happiness and well-being / Erik M. Gregory and Pamela B. Rutledge.

152.47 ANG
Anger management / Lisa Krueger, book editor.

154.22 HAM
Self and others : object relations theory in practice / N. Gregory Hamilton.

155.4 KIR
Promoting psychological wellbeing in children and families / edited by Bruce Kirkcaldy.

155.6 CAV
Adult development and aging / John C. Cavanaugh, Fredda Blanchard-Fields.

155.8496073 AFR
African psychology in historical perspective and related commentary / edited by Daudi Ajani ya Azibo.

158 APP
Applied psychology : research, practice and practice / edited by Rowan Bayne and Gordon Jinks.

158.1 DUC
Grit : why passion and resilience are the secrets to success / Angela Duckworth.

158.2 ADD
Addressing loneliness : coping, prevention and clinical interventions / edited by Ami Sha?ked and Ami Rokach.

158.7 LEW
Positive psychology at work : how positive leadership and appreciative inquiry create inspiring organizations / Sarah Lewis.

158.72 COP
Coping, personality and the workplace : responding to psychological crisis and critical events / edited by Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou, Cary L. Cooper.

174.2 ETH
Ethics in healthcare / S.A. Pera & S. van Tonder [editors] ; revised by Anne-Mart Oosthuizen & Dirk van der Wal.

174.4 BRO
Business and professional ethics for directors, executives & accountants / Leonard J. Brooks, Paul Dunn.

181.92 ARI
Aristotle and the Arabic tradition / edited by Ahmed Alwishah, Josh Hayes.

222.11066 DOU
Doubling and duplicating in the Book of Genesis : literary and stylistic approaches to the text / edited by Elizabeth R. Hayes and Karolien Vermeulen.

223.7077 FOX
Proverbs : an eclectic edition with introduction and textual commentary / Michael V. Fox.

224.06 NOG
Introduction to the Hebrew prophets / James D. Nogalski.

224.207 JER
Jeremias, Baruch, Threni, Epistula Jeremiae / edidit Joseph Ziegler.

224.4048 EZE
Ezechiel / edidit, Joseph Ziegler mit einem Nachtrag von Detlef Fraenkel.

227.06 LAM
Pauline studies : collected essays / by Jan Lambrecht.

227.8606089969729 THO
Biblical resistance hermeneutics within a Caribbean context / Oral A.W. Thomas.

229.1048 ESD
Esdrae liber II / edidit Robert Hanhart.

229.73048 MAC
Maccabaeorum liber II / copiis usus quas reliquit Werner Kappler ; edidit Robert Hanhart.

261.8 MCF
Life abundant : rethinking theology and economy for a planet in peril / Sallie McFague.

300.285555 FIE
Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics / Andy Field.

300.721 RUA
Introducing social research methods : essentials for getting the edge / Janet M. Ruane.

300.721 SIL
Doing qualitative research / David Silverman.

301.0723 KIN
Interviews in qualitative research / Nigel King, Christine Horrocks.

301.476861 PIE
Drankmisbruikers : 'n sosiologiese ondersoek van 250 aangehoudenes in werkkolonies / Jan Ernest Pieterse.

302.2071 SAG
The SAGE handbook of communication and instruction / edited by Deanna L. Fassett, John T. Warren.

302.23072 CRA
The craft of criticism : critical media studies in practice / edited by Michael Kackman and Mary Celeste Kearney.

303.482 COM
Communication and PR from a cross-cultural standpoint : practical and methodological issues / Valérie Carayol & Alex Frame (eds.)

303.610973 MIL
Civil disobedience : protest, justification and the law / by Tony Milligan.

305.4201 BUT
Judith Butler's precarious politics : critical encounters / edited by Terrell Carver and Samuel A. Chambers.

305.51220954 BLA
Black coffee in a coconut shell : caste as lived experience / edited by Perumal Murugan ; translated by C.S. Lakshmi.

306.4 SHA
Gender circuits : bodies and identities in a technological age / Eve Shapiro.

306.43 YOU
Bringing knowledge back in : from social constructivism to social realism in the sociology of education / Michael F.D. Young.

306.44 CAM
The Cambridge handbook of sociolinguistics / edited by Rajend Mesthrie.

306.44082 BUC
Rhetorics of motherhood / Lindal Buchanan ; with a foreword by Amber Kinser.

306.449714 OAK
Normative language policy : ethics, politics, principles / Leigh Oakes, Yael Peled.

306.74 RAY
Not a choice, not a job : exposing the myths about prostitution and the global sex trade / Janice G. Raymond.

306.7660968 CAN
Cane/Cain / Artless Media written & directed by Jordache A. Ellapen and Haseenah Ebrahim ; executive producer Claude Manuel.

306.8743 FRU
The fruits of labour : creativity, self-expression and motherhood / Penny Sumner, editor.

306.8743 MOT
Mothers, mothering and motherhood across cultural differences : a reader / edited by Andrea O'Reilly.

320.0968 MOD
Modern state development, capacity, and institutions / edited by Derica Lambrechts and Pieter Fourie.

320.54096 PAN
Pan-Africanism/African nationalism : strengthening the unity of Africa and its diaspora / edited by B.F. Bankie & K. Mchombu.

322.420968 ROA
The road to democracy in South Africa. Volume 7, Soweto uprisings : new perspectives, commemorations and memorialisation / [South African Democracy Education Trust].

323.01 CUL
Cultural diversity, heritage and human rights : intersections in theory and practice / edited by Michele Langfield, William Logan and Máiréad Nic Craith.

327.117 MAR
Emotional choices : how the logic of affect shapes coercive diplomacy / Robin Markwica.

327.6800905 FOR
Foreign policy in post-apartheid South Africa : security, diplomacy and trade / edited by Adekeye Adebajo and Kudrat Virk.

332.015118 BEN
Financial modeling / Simon Benninga.

333.79 ENE
Energy humanities : an anthology / edited by Imre Szeman and Dominic Boyer.

338.9 GIG
New forms of governance for economic development / [prepared by Sylvain Giguère].

338.9607 COO
Cooperative diplomacy, regional stability and national interests : the Nile River and the Riparian States / edited by Korwa G. Adar and Nicasius A. Check.

342.6802 BEK
Principles of South African constitutional law / Bernard Bekink.

344.0414 MCQ
A-Z of nursing law / David Mcquoid-Mason, Mahomed Dada consulting editor: Nelouise Geyer.

344.09609 REL
Religious freedom and religious pluralism in Africa : prospects and limitations / editors, Pieter Coertzen, M. Christian Green, Len Hansen.

345.6802555 SOU
Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 & regulations / edited by Juta's Statutes editors.

346.68013 VUL
Vulnerable children in South Africa / R. Songca [and others].

346.68015 INT
Introduction to South African family law / by J.A. Robinson [and others].

347.6806 LAW
The law of evidence in South Africa : basic principles : procedural law / Adrian Bellengère ... [and others].

351.68 IJE
Introduction to South Africa's monitoring & evaluation in government / Edwin Ijeoma.

361.1096 TOW
Towards Africa-oriented risk analysis models : a contextual and methodological approach / edited by Korwa G. Adar, Richard O. Iroanya and Francis Nwonwu.

361.32 MIL
Assessment in social work / Judith Milner, Steve Myers, Patrick O'Byrne.

361.765 SOC
Social entrepreneurship : new models of sustainable social change / edited by Alex Nicholls.

362.10968 CUL
Cultural issues in health and health care : a resource book for southern Africa / edited by A. A. Tjale and L. de Villiers.

362.10968 SOU
The South African health reforms, 2009-2014 : moving towards universal coverage / editors, Malebona Precious Matsoso, Robert John Fryatt and Gail Andrews.

362.22023 DIV
Diverse careers in community psychology / edited by Judah J. Viola and Olya Glantsman.

362.7340948 BEN
Constructing transnational and transracial identity : adoption and belonging in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark / Sigalit Ben-Zion.

363.3709685 MOF
Development of fire potential index over Golden Gate Highlands National Park using remote sensing / Dipuo Olga Mofokeng.

363.45097471 BOU
In search of respect : selling crack in El Barrio / Philippe Bourgois.

363.690941 HER
Heritage interpretation / edited by Alison Helms and Marion Blockley.

363.7 MOU
Mourning nature : hope at the heart of ecological loss and grief / edited by Ashlee Cunsolo and Karen Landman.

363.70096 GRE
Green economy and climate mitigation : topics of relevance to Africa / Africa Institute of South Africa.

364.163 DEV
Regulating corporate human rights violations : humanizing business / Surya Deva.

364.32 VEN
Residivisme : 'n vergelykende kriminologiese ondersoek van 200 residiviste en 100 eerste-oortreders / deur H.J. Venter

364.360968 CHI
Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa : a holistic approach / Christiaan Bezuidenhout, editor.

365.968 VEN
Die geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse gevangenisstelsel 1652-1958 / Hermanus Jacobus Venter.

370.7155 RHO
A practical guide to mentoring, coaching and peer-networking : teacher professional development in schools and colleges / Christopher Rhodes, Michael Stokes and Geoff Hampton.

370.72 MER
Qualitative research : a guide to design and implementation / Sharan B. Merriam, Elizabeth J. Tisdell.
Research and evaluation in education and psychology : integrating diversity with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods / Donna M. Mertens.

371.1 MAK
Inclusive teaching in South Africa / T.M. Makoelle editor MP van der Merwe.

371.192 MAP
Powerful partnerships : a teacher's guide to engaging families for student success / Karen L. Mapp, Ilene Carver and Jessica Lander.

371.2 EDU
An educator's guide to school management-leadership skills / Idilette van Deventer (editor) ; Jukka Alava [and others] ; collaborators, Sharon Mampane, Theresa Ogina.

371.425 OSB
Using assessment results : career development / Debra S. Osborn, Vernon G. Zunker.

372.4162 EGG
Connectors 1 : small group independent reading series. Teachers' resource book / Jill Eggleton.
Connectors 2 : small group independent reading series. Teachers' resource book / Jill Eggleton.

375.0010968 HOA
Curriculum : organising knowledge for the classroom / writer, Ursula Hoadley contributor, Jonathan Jansen ; editors, Yvonne Reed, John Gultig, Mike Adendorff.

378.00721 TIG
Researching higher education / Malcolm Tight.

378.1990968 COS
Engaging higher education curricula : a critical citizenship education perspective / Elmarie Costandius, Eli Bitzer ; coda by Yusef Waghid.

379 TAB
Teaching and learning in context : why pedagogical reforms fail in sub-Saharan Africa / Richard Tabulawa.

404.2 MUL
Multilingual practices in language history : English and beyond / edited by Päivi Pahta, Janne Skaffari, Laura Wright.

404.2083 MUL
The multilingual challenge : cross-disciplinary perspectives / edited by Ulrike Jessner, Claire Kramsch.

418.02 FIC
The fictions of translation / edited by Judith Woodsworth ; with the collaboration of Gillian Lane-Mercier, Patricia Godbout, Carmen Ruschiensky.

418.02 KEY
Key cultural texts in translation / edited by Kirsten Malmkjær, Adriana Serban, Fransiska Louwagie.

418.02 MUN
Introducing translation studies : theories and applications / by Jeremy Munday.

418.02 REC
Reception studies and audiovisual translation / edited by Elena Di Giovanni, Yves Gambier.

418.02 TAN
Explicitation in consecutive interpreting / Fang Tang.

418.020711 TEA
Teaching dialogue interpreting : research-based proposals for higher education / edited by Letizia Cirillo, Natacha Niemants.

418.0209 HIS
A history of modern translation knowledge : sources, concepts, effects / edited by Lieven D'hulst, Yves Gambier.

418.0392 XUY
Translation of autobiography : narrating self, translating the other / Susan Xu Yun.

418.04 TEX
Textual and contextual voices of translation / edited by Cecilia Alvstad [and others].

428.24 QUI
English first additional language. NQF level 2, Lecturer's guide / S. Quinn.

482.03 BEE
Etymological dictionary of Greek / by Robert Beekes ; with the assistance of Lucien van Beek.

492.32481 BUT
Language change in the wake of empire : Syriac in its Greco-Roman context / Aaron Michael Butts.

492.455 HOL
The relative clause in biblical Hebrew / Robert D. Holmstedt.

494.35802 TRA
Tradition, tension and translation in Turkey / edited by Sehnaz Tahir Gürçaglar, Saliha Paker, John Milton.

494.51180221 KAR
Aspects of cohesion and coherence in translation : the case of Hungarian-English news translation / Krisztina Károly.

496.39771321 SES
Sesotho sa Leboa-English : pukuntšu ya polelopedi = bilingual dictionary / editor-in-chief, M.V. Mojela ; final editor, M.C. Mphahlele ; editors, M.R. Selokela, W.M. Mojapelo.

496.3977203 PUK
Pukuntšutlhaloši ya Sesotho sa leboa : this is the official Sesotho sa Leboa monolingual dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-Chief M. V. Mojela.

496.39772321 ENG
English-Sesotho dictionary : this is the official English-Sesotho dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-Chief Motsamai Motsapi.

496.397753 THA
Thanodi ya setswana / Bathanodi: O J Mokakale [and others].

496.39775321 THA
Thanodi ya temepedi : Setswana-English / editor-in-chief, G.B. Mareme ; Setswana National Lexicography Unit.

503 ENG
English-Setswana maths and natural science dictionary : this is the official Setswana maths and natural science dictionary of the Government of the Republic of South Africa / editor-in-chief, G B Mareme.

535.35 JOE
Investigation of photoluminescent properties of rare-earths doped mixed multicomponent structures of phosphovanadates / by Motloung Selepe Joel.

535.35 KIP
Synthesis and characterization of CdY (Y= Te/O/Se) nanoparticles by wet chemical process / by Sharon Kiprotich.

535.35 LEP
Synthesis and characterization of rare-earth doped borates phosphors for application in solid state lighting / by Mantwa Annah Lephoto.

535.35 UNG
Formation and characterization of novel nanostructured un-doped and Ga-doped ZnO transparent conducting thin films for photoelectrode / by Jatani Ungula.

553.1 MIN
Mineralized intrusion-related skarn systems / editor, D.R. Lentz.

570.71 KEE
Uncovering student ideas in life science. Vol. 1, 25 new formative assessment probes / by Page Keeley.

599.77515 WEL
Quantifying perceived risk in a small mesocarnivore, the bat-eared fox / Rebecca Jane Welch.

610.69 PRE
Patient-centred communication and counselling : principles and practice / Deidre Pretorius, Marietjie van Rooyen, Angelika Reinbrech-Sch¨¨ütte.

610.72 BRI
Fundamentals of research methodology for health care professionals / Hilla Brink, Christa van der Walt, Gisela van Rensburg.

610.73 MID
Juta's nursing psychology : applying psychological concepts to nursing practice / Lyn Middleton, Gail Nicolson, Viv O'Neill.

610.7343 VLO
Vlok's community health / Marina Clarke (general editor).

612.04 SHU
Motor control : translating research into clinical practice / Anne Shumway-Cook, Marjorie H. Woollacott.

615.321 ARI
Biological and pharmacological activities of root extracts and isolated compounds of Hermannia geniculata / Adeniran Lateef Ariyo.

615.321 MOJ
Isolation, characterisation and in vitro biological activity of bioactive principles in Hermannia geniculata Eckl, & Zeyh. leaf extracts / Pheello Jeremia Mojau.

615.321 TSH
Antioxidant and antidiabetic potentials of Medicago laciniata (L) Mill root extracts : invitro investigations / B.D. Tshabalala.

615.82 JEW
Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice / Dianne V. Jewell.

615.8515 REE
Quick reference to occupational therapy / Kathlyn L. Reed.

616.025 ROS
Rosen's emergency medicine : concepts and clinical practice / editor-in-chief, Ron M. Walls ; senior editors, Robert S. Hockberger, Marianne Gausche-Hill ; editors, Katherine Bakes [and others].

616.0754 MAC
Macleod's clinical OSCEs / Paul O'Neill [and others].

616.0756 FRA
Biological variation : from principles to practice / Callum G. Fraser.

616.240754 HYA
Interpretation of pulmonary function tests : a practical guide / Robert E. Hyatt, Paul D. Scanlon, Masao Nakamura.

616.80475 BRA
Localization in clinical neurology / Paul W. Brazis, Joseph C. Masdeu, José Biller.

616.89 ABN
Abnormal psychology : a South African perspective / edited by Alban Burke.

616.9803 OCC
Occupational health : management and practice for health professionals / [edited by] Jenny Acutt and Susan Hattingh.

617.0231 HIR
An introduction to the operating theatre for nurses and operating theatre practitioners / Janice van Hirtum.

617.0231 JUT
Juta's complete textbook of medical surgical nursing / Sophie Mogotlane (general editor) [and others].

617.51 KJL
K.J. Lee's Essential otolaryngology : head & neck surgery / edited by Yvonne Chan, John C. Goddard.

617.5140597 ATL
Atlas of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery / editors, James N. Palmer, Alexander G. Chiu ; associate editor, Nithin D. Adappa.

617.540757 WEB
Thoracic imaging : pulmonary and cardiovascular radiology / W. Richard Webb, Charles B. Higgins.

617.7 ZAB
Clinical ophthalmology companion / Anthony Zaborowski, Colin Cook.

618.92994 PRI
Principles and practice of pediatric oncology / editors, Philip A. Pizzo, David G. Poplack.

636.0896909684 DLA
Understanding the spatial distribution and factors responsible for cloven hooved foot and mouth disease in Umkhanyakude district, South Africa / by Khetiwe Dlamini.

649.64 BYR
The house of tiny tearaways / Tanya Byron.

657.0218 INT
International GAAP 2018 : Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under International Financial Reporting Standards / Jeremy Barnes [and others].

657.3 INT
International financial reporting and analysis / David Alexander [and others].

658.15 PAL
Business analysis and valuation / Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy, Erik Peek.

658.3 HUM
Human resource management : strategic and international perspectives / edited by Jonathan R. Crawshaw, Pawan Budhwar, Ann Davis.

658.4036 PRI
The essential elements of facilitation / Simon Priest, Michael Gass, Lee Gillis.

658.4093 SHA
Organisational behaviour / Shuchi Sharma.

704.0396 IMA
The image of the Black in African and Asian art / David Bindman, Suzanne Preston Blier, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., general editors ; Karen C.C. Dalton, associate editor.

704.042 LIS
Feminist art and the maternal / Andrea Liss.

704.9424 COL
Maternity : mothers and children in the arts of Africa / Herbert M. Cole.

704.9424 GRE
The great mother : women, maternity, and power in art and visual culture, 1900-2015 / an exhitibition curated by Massimiliano Gioni ; edited by Massimiliano Gioni and Roberta Tenconi.

734 BLE
Motherhood and meaning in medieval sculpture : representations from France, c.1100-1500 / Marian Bleeke.

770 GEI
Inadvertent images : a history of photographic apparitions / Peter Geimer ; translated by Gerrit Jackson.

770 IVE
Photography, trace, and trauma / Margaret Iversen.

779 HOM
Home truths : photography and motherhood / edited by Susan Bright.

782.270943 ZAH
Die Melodien der deutschen evangelischen Kirchenlieder : aus den Quellen Geschöpft und mitgeteilt / von Johannes Zahn.

791.43 POS
Post-theory : reconstructing film studies / edited by David Bordwell and Noël Carroll.

791.4301 FIL
Film landscapes : cinema, environment and visual culture / edited by Graeme Harper and Jonathan Rayner.

791.4301 PER
The off-screen : an investigation of the cinematic frame / Eyal Peretz.

791.4301 ROM
10/40/70 : constraint as liberation in the era of digital film theory / Nicholas Rombes.

791.43013 AND
The reality of illusion : an ecological approach to cognitive film theory / Joseph D. Anderson.

791.43015082 CHA
Feminist film theorists : Laura Mulvey, Kaja Silverman, Teresa de Lauretis, Barbara Creed / Shohini Chaudhuri.

791.43023 BEA
A hidden history of film style : cinematographers, directors, and the collaborative process / Christopher Beach.

791.430233092 SPI
Steven Spielberg's style by stealth / James Mairata.

791.430973 BOR
Reinventing Hollywood : how 1940s filmmakers changed movie storytelling / David Bordwell.

791.436164 HAN
Cinematic emotion in horror films and thrillers : the aesthetic paradox of pleasurable fear / Julian Hanich.

791.43618 MAC
Irony in Film / James MacDowell.

791.4362 CON
Cartographic cinema / Tom Conley.

791.4362 LAN
Landscape and film / edited by Martin Lefebvre.

791.43652042 KAP
Looking for the other : feminism, film, and the imperial gaze / E. Ann Kaplan.

791.450973 SHU
New television : the aesthetics and politics of a genre / Martin Shuster.

808.23 THO
Storytelling in the new Hollywood : understanding classical narrative technique / Kristin Thompson.

809 ADA
Adaptation studies : new challenges, new directions / edited by Jørgen Bruhn, Anne Gjelsvik, and Eirik Frisvold Hanssen.

809.896891 CHI
Out of crisis: discourses of enabling and disabling spaces in post-2000 Zimbabwean literary texts in English / Tanaka Chidora.

810.935252 KAP
Motherhood and representation : the mother in popular culture and melodrama / E. Ann Kaplan.

823 BAU
Snap / Belinda Bauer.

839 NAU
Die derde spoel / S. J. Naudé.

860.99282 GAR
Origin narratives : the stories we tell children about immigration and international adoption / Macarena Gárcia Gonzáles.

907.2 HOW
From reliable sources : an introduction to historical methods / Martha Howell and Walter Prevenier.

968.711 DUN
Inside Kimberley / Paul Duncan & Alain Proust.

Black consciousness and progressive movements under apartheid [electronic resource] / Ian M. Macqueen.
Challenges in writing your dissertation [electronic resource] : coping with the emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual struggles / Noelle Sterne.
Corporate reputation [electronic resource] : managing opportunities and threats / edited by Ronald J. Burke, Graeme Martin and Cary L. Cooper.
Criminal justice internships [electronic resource]: theory into practice / R. Bruce McBride.
Rethinking reputational risk [electronic resource] : how to manage the risks that can ruin your business, your reputation and you / Anthony Fitzsimmons, Derek Atkins.
Shaping Africa's talent [electronic resource] : enabling Africa's potential / edited by Terry Meyer.
The silence of Great Zimbabwe [electronic resource] : contested landscapes and the power of heritage / Joost Fontein.
Spirituality matters in social work [electronic resource] : Connecting spirituality, religion, and practice. / James R. Dudley.
Stanzaic syntax in the madrashe of Ephrem the Syrian [electronic resource] / Paul S. Stevenson.
University community engagement and lifelong learning [electronic resource] : The Porous University / Julia Preece.
Uses and abuses of governance indicators [electronic resource] : by Christiane Arndt and Charles Oman.
Victimology in South Africa [electronic resource] / Robert Peacock, editor.
Water in social imagination [electronic resource] : from technological optimism to contemporary environmentalism / edited by Jane Costlow, Yrjö Haila, Arja Rosenholm.
Working on the play and the role [electronic resource] : the Stanislavsky method for analyzing the characters in a drama / Irina and Igor Levin.

NSH 7275
Sonate in EEs für Klarinette und Klavier= Sonata in E-flat major for clarinet and piano / Mendelssohn Bartholdy zum ersten Mal nach dem Autograph herausgegeben von Gerhard Allroggen.

NSH 7276
Tuba solos / arranged and edited by John Fletcher.