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Library and Information Services: Copyright

 What is copyright? 

"Copyright protection grants the creators of works of the intellect certain legal rights over their works. These rights are both economic and moral: economic rights allow authors to profit from their work, while moral rights allow them to protect the integrity of what they create.

Copyright regulates what others may do to the owner’s intellectual property. Since the underlying principle is to protect the right of authors to be acknowledged as creators and to receive remuneration for their work, only the author may do, or authorise another person to do, certain acts in relation to the work:

  • reproduce it in any manner or form
  • publish it
  • perform it in public
  • cause it to be transmitted in a diffusion service
  • adapt it

If you want to perform one of these acts you need to request a licence to do so from the copyright owner or administrator. The copyright owner is not obliged to grant a licence."

From the DALRO website. For more information on reproduction rights (i.e. photocopies), go to their
Repographic Reproduction & Rights Licensing page.

Click here to download the DALRO form.

See also the Southren African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) webpage.

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