1. Introduction

The Agricultural Economics department field trip was embarked upon on 4 April 2017, with 29 students, 3 departmental research assistants, and two lecturers participating. The bus departed at 06:00 and arrived after 20:00 at the Wildeklawer farm. There was provision of breakfast and lunch in the trip.

2. The tour

The bus arrived at the first farm enterprise of the Wildeklawer farm, where students took in an epic view of the Vaal River, whilst also refreshing, after which the farm's irrigation system was inspected, with explanations of how and when the system works. After the tour and refreshing of the first enterprise, the bus moved to a second enterprise farm, where a presentation was conducted by the founder on the history of the farm on its entirety, and its operational systems.

A tour around the maize, carrots, potato, and a second irrigation system was embarked upon consecutively, after which lunch was served. After lunch, there was a tour around the potato and onion pack-house was conducted, and great experience of seeing the separation of the good from the bad products was obtained. Finally there was a show of the various machinery repair site as well as the filling station.

3. Conclusion

As much as it sounds like there was a lot of touring around the farm enterprises, it was not just all vague tours, as students got an opportunity to experience first-hand most of the theoretical context on the large farming scale. There were various questions that students raised with regards to the operation of the farm, of which they were precisely answered.

Most students indicated that they had fun, and learnt a lot from this field trip, and would like to embark on more such trips as it puts them closer to the reality in the agricultural world and not merely the theory.

Ultimately, the field trip was a knowledge-invoking, knowledge-filling and highly experiential trip that has majority thumbs up for future embarkment.

Great appreciation to the department for providing with such wonderful experience!





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