Prof Michael von Maltitz
Associate Professor
Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science
1D W102
IB 75
Main Building: West Block W102

Short CV


  • von Maltitz, M.J. (2023). Encouraging Significant Learning in Mathematical Statistics through Portfolios of Learning Evidence and Interview Assessments. Proceedings of the 6th International Academic Conference on Education, Oxford, UK, 24-26 March 2023. DOI:
  • von Maltitz, M.J., Fabris-Rotelli, I., Smit, A., Roberts, D., Das, S., Maposa, D. (2023). A guiding rubric for the early-career doctoral supervisor in Statistics. Proceedings of the 6th International Academic Conference on Education, Oxford, UK, 24-26 March 2023. DOI:
  • van der Merwe, A.J., von Maltitz, M.J., and Meyer, J.H. (2022). A Simulation Study to Compare Reference and Other Priors in the Case of a Standard Univariate Student t-Distribution. South African Statistical Journal, 56(2): 91-120.
  • Fabris-Rotelli, I., von Maltitz, M.J., Das, S., Roberts, D., Smit, A., Correa, F.M., Maposa, D., Maribe, G., (2022). Development of an early career academic supervisor in Statistics: A discussion towards a guiding rubric. ORiON, 38(1): 29-51. ISSN: 0259-191X (print) / 2224-0004 (online). DOI:
  • Gbadegesin, J., Marais, L., von Maltitz, M., Cloete, J., Lenka, M., Rani, K., Campbell, M., Denoon-Stevens, S., Venter, A., Koetaan, Q., & Pretorius, W. (2022). Student Housing Satisfaction at a South African University. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 59(5). ISSN: 1949-6591 (print) / 1949-6605 (online). DOI:
  • Esterhuyse, S., Sokolic, F., Redelinghuys, N., Avenant, M., Kijko, A., Glazewski, J., Plit, L., Kemp, M., Smit, S., Vos, A.T., von Maltitz, M.J. (2017). Vulnerability mapping as a tool to manage the environmental impacts of oil and gas extraction. Royal Society Open Science. DOI:
  • Nienkemper-Swanepoel, J., and von Maltitz, M.J. (2017). Investigating the Performance of a Variation of Multiple Correspondence Analysis for Multiple Imputation in Categorical Data Sets. Journal of Classification 34(3): 384-398. DOI: 10.1007/s00357-017-9238-6.
  • Strauss, T. and von Maltitz, M.J. (2017). Generalising Ward’s Method for Use with Manhattan Distances. PLoS ONE 12(1): e0168288. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0168288
  • von Maltitz, M.J. and van der Merwe, A. J. (2012). An Application of Sequential Regression Multiple Imputation on Panel Data. South African Journal of Economics 80(1): 77-90.
  • Pretorius, J. and von Maltitz, M.J. (2010). Artistry in Education and Aesthetic Education: A Report of Arts-Based Staff Training and Learning. Journal for New Generation Sciences 8(3): 120-151.
  • Burger, R., Booysen, F., van der Berg, S., and von Maltitz, M. (2008). Marketing Wealth in a Poor African Country: Wealth Accumulation by Households in Ghana. In J.B. Davies (Ed), Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective (pp. 248-268). New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Booysen, F., van der Berg, S., Burger, R., von Maltitz, M., and du Rand, G. (2008). Using an Asset Index to Assess Trends in Poverty in Seven Sub-Saharan African Countries. World Development 36(6): 1113-1130.


Area(s) of Interest

Statistics Education, Sequential Regression Multiple Imputation, Incomplete Data, Multivariate Statistics, Causal Inference

Courses Presented

STSM2616 Estimation and Inference

STSM3734 Causal Inference

STSM3764 Generalised Linear Models


Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531


Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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