Recent accredited publications of the department are listed here, updated annually. Authors who were UFS staff at time of writing are marked with an asterisk.


  • Penalized bias reduction in extreme value estimation for censored Pareto-type data, and long-tailed insurance applications. By J Beirlant*, G Maribe, and A Verster*.
  • Estimation of extreme inter-day changes to peak electricity demand using Markov chain analysis: A comparative analysis with extreme value theory. By C Sigauke, and D Chikobvu*.
  • Comparisons of performance indicators between Super Rugby and Currie Cup competition during 2014 Season. By R Schoeman, D Coetzee, and R Schall*.
  • Vulnerability mapping as a tool to manage the environmental impacts of oil and gas extraction. By S Esterhuyse, F Sokolic, N Redelinghuys, M Avenant, A Kijko, J Glazewski, L Plit, M Kemp, A Smit, AT Vos, MJ von Maltitz*.
  • Modelling censored losses using splicing: a global fit strategy with mixed Erlang and extreme value distributions. By T Reynkens, R Verbelen, J Beirlant*, and K Antonio.
  • Fitting tails affected by truncation. By J Beirlant*, IF Alves, T Reynkens.
  • A non-linear mixed model approach for excess of loss benchmark rating. By R Verlaak, and J Beirlant*.
  • Bivariate preventive maintenance for repairable systems subject to random shocks. JH Cha, M Finkelstein*, and G Levitin.
  • Value-at-Risk estimation of gold market with Stable and Generalised Hyperbolic Distributions. By K Chinhamu, and D Chikobvu*.
  • Optimal portfolio selection with stochastic maximum downside risk and uncertain implicit transaction costs. By S Muchori, and D Chikobvu*.
  • On stochastic comparisons for load-sharing series and parallel systems. By M Finkelstein*, and NK Hazra*.
  • The performance of univariate goodness-of-fit tests for normality based on the empirical characteristic function in large samples. By JM van Zyl*.
  • Modelling international tourist arrivals and volatility to the Victoria Falls Rainforest, Zimbabwe: Application of the GARCH family of models. By M Tendai, and D Chikobvu*.
  • Exact expressions for the weights used in least-squares regression estimation for the log-logistic and Weibull distribution. By JM van Zyl*.
  • A Bayesian control chart for a common coefficient of variation. By R van Zyl, and AJ van der Merwe*.
  • Bayesian control charts for tolerance limits in the case of normal populations. By R van Zyl, and AJ van der Merwe*.
  • Redundancy optimization for series-parallel phased mission systems exposed to random shocks. By G Levitin, M Finkelstein*, and Y Dai.
  • Preventive maintenance for systems with reparable minor failures. By M Finkelstein*, and M Shafiee.
  • Optimal Mission Duration for Partially Repairable Systems Operating in a Random Environment. By M Finkelstein*, and G Levitin.
  • Optimal backup in heterogeneous standby systems exposed to shocks. By G Levitin, and M Finkelstein*.
  • On stochastic comparisons of maximum order statistics from the location-scale family of distributions. By NK Hazra*, MR Kuiti, M Finkelstein*, AK Nanda.
  • On preventive maintenance of systems with lifetimes dependent on a random shock process. By JH Cha, M Finkelstein*, and G Levitin.
  • On optimal grouping and stochastic comparisons for heterogeneous items. By NK Hazra*, M Finkelstein*, and JH Cha.
  • On a single discrete scale for preventive maintenance with two shock processes affecting a complex system. By M Finkelstein*, I Gertsbakh, and R Vaisman.
  • Effect of element separation in series-parallel systems exposed to random shocks. By G Levitin, and M Finkelstein*.
  • A new stress-strength model for systems subject to stochastic shocks. By G Levitin, and M Finkelstein*.
  • Investigating the Performance of a Variation of Multiple Correspondence Analysis for Multiple Imputation in Categorical Data Sets. By J Nienkemper-Swanepoel, and MJ von Maltitz*.
  • Generalising Ward's Method for Use with Manhattan Distances. T Strauss, and MJ von Maltitz*.
  • Quantifying South Africa's sulphur dioxide emission efficiency in coal-powered electricity generation by fitting the three-parameter log-logistic distribution. By ME Girmay*, and D Chikobvu*.
  • Evaluating risk in precious metal prices with Generalised Lambda, Generalised Pareto and Generalised Extreme Value distributions. By K Chinhamu, C Huang, and D Chikobvu*.
  • Chemotherapy in the Elderly with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Non-Interventional, Prospective, Multicentric Observational Study. By  DF Heigener, G Hoeffken, D Wuerflein, M Feurer, A Rittmeyer, RM Huber, M Pietsch, A Ring*, K Deppermann.
  • Statistical reporting of clinical pharmacology research. By A Ring*, R Schall*, YK Loke, S Day.
  • Anolyte as an alternative bleach for stained cotton fabrics. By K Seiphetlheng, HJH Steyn, and R Schall*.
  • Morphological and skill-related fitness components as potential predictors of injuries in elite female field hockey players. By M Naicker, D Coetzee, and R Schall*.
  • Time-motion analysis of simulated elite Karate kumite matches. By E Le Roux, FF Coetzee, CJ van Rensburg, and R Schall*.
  • Analysis of Super Rugby from 2011 to 2015. By R Schoeman, D Coetzee, and R Schall*.
  • Precipitation intensity-duration-frequency curves and their uncertainties for Ghaap plateau. By CM Tfwala, LD van Rensburg, R Schall*, SM Mosia, and P Dlamini.
  • Age of diagnosis, incidence and prevalence of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis - A South African perspective. By RY Seedat, and R Schall*.


  • Effect of uncertainty in total parasite infestation on accuracy and precision of estimates of ectoparasiticide efficacy. By R Schall*, DA Burger*, and TP Erasmus.
  • Classical optimal replacement strategies revisited. By M Finkelstein*, M Shafiee, and AN Kotchap*.
  • Justifying the Gompertz curve of mortality via the generalised Polya process of shocks. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • New shock models based on the generalised Polya process. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • On information-based warranty policy for repairable products from heterogeneous population. By H Lee, JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • On preventive maintenance of systems subject to shocks. By M Finkelstein*, and I Gertsbakh.
  • On some mortality rate processes and mortality deceleration with age. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • On some properties of shock processes in a 'natural' scale. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • Optimal long-run imperfect maintenance with asymptotic virtual age. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • Preventive maintenance of multistate systems subject to shocks. By M Finkelstein*, and I Gertsbakh.
  • Phase I and Phase II - control charts for the variance and generalised variance. By R van Zyl, and AJ van der Merwe*.
  • Estimation under the matrix variate elliptical model. By J van Niekerk, A Bekker, M Arashi, and DJ de Waal*.
  • Regression with an infinite number of observations applied to estimating the parameters of the stable distribution using the empirical characteristic function. By JM van Zyl*.
  • Accuracy and precision of alternative estimators of ectoparasiticide efficacy. By R Schall*, DA Burger*, and HG Luus.
  • Evidence for change: the affective impact of computer-assisted teaching and learning in statistics. By L van der Merwe*, and R Schall*.
  • Bias reduced tail estimation for censored Pareto type distributions. By J Beirlant*, A Bardoutsos, T de Wet, and I Gijbels.
  • Cluster randomised trial of a tailored intervention to improve the management of overweight and obesity in primary care in England. By J Goodfellow, S Agarwal, F Harrad, D Shepherd, T Morris, A Ring*, N Walker, S Rogers, and R Baker.
  • Limited role of culture conversion for decision-making in individual patient care and for advancing novel regimens to confirmatory clinical trials. By PPJ Phillips, CM Mendel, DA Burger*, A Crook, AJ Nunn, R Dawson, AH Diacon, and SH Gillespie.
  • Reliability study of a coherent system with single general standby component. By P Kundu, NK Hazra*, and AK Nanda.
  • Some results on majorisation and their applications. By A Kundu, S Chowdhury, AK Nanda, and NK Hazra*.
  • Stochastic mean absolute deviation model with random transaction costs: securities from the Johannesburg stock market. By S Mushori, and D Chikobvu*.
  • A Multivariate Gamma Distribution applied to compositional data analysis. By DJ de Waal*, R Coetzer*, and S van der Merwe*.
  • On stochastic comparisons for population age and remaining lifetime. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • Tail fitting for truncated and non-truncated Pareto-type distributions. J Beirlant*, IF Alves, and I Gomes.
  • Bayesian process control for the Phase II Shewart-type p-chart. By L Raubenheimer, and AJ van der Merwe*.
  • Mean-of-order p reduced-bias extreme value index estimation under a third-order framework. By F Caeiro, MI Gomes, J Beirlant*, and T de Wet.
  • A world-wide survey and field study in clinical haemostasis laboratories to evaluate FVIII:C activity assay variability of ADYNOVATE and OBIZUR in comparison with ADVATE. By PL Turecek, S Romeder-Finger, C Apostol, A Bauer, A Crocker-Buqué, DA Burger*, R Schall*, and H Gritsch.
  • On ageing concepts for repairable items from heterogeneous populations. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.
  • Rainfall prediction for sustainable economic growth. By R Chifurira, D Chikobvu*, and D Dubihlela.
  • Tail fitting for truncated and non-truncated Pareto-type distributions. J Beirlant*, IF Alves, and I Gomes.
  • On stochastic comparisons for population age and remaining lifetime. By JH Cha, and M Finkelstein*.


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