Prof Johan Meyer
Senior Professor
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
IB 74
051 4012428
Mathematical Sciences Building 112

Short CV

PhD (Stellenbosch 1986)


Publications over the past ten years:


K.-T. Howell and J.H. Meyer, `Finite-dimensional near-vector spaces over fields of prime order`. Comm. Algebra  38 (2010), 86--93

W.-F. Ke and J.H. Meyer, `Matrix near-rings and 0-primitivity`. Monatsh. Math. 165 (2012), 353--363.

M.J. Dorfling and J.H. Meyer, `On polynomials and divisibility`. Amer. Math. Monthly 119(6) (2012), 502--506.

J.H. Meyer, J. Szigeti and L. van Wyk, `A Cayley-Hamilton trace identity for 2 x 2 matrices over Lie-solvable rings`. Linear Algebra Appl. 436 (2012), 2578–-2582.

K.-T. Howell and J.H. Meyer, `Near-vector spaces determined by finite fields`. J. Algebra 398 (2014), 55--62.

L. Marki, J.H. Meyer, J. Szigeti and  L. van Wyk,`Matrix representations of finitely generated Grassmann algebras

and some consequences`, Israel J. Math.  (2015), 373–384.

G.L. Booth, J.H. Meyer and K. Mogae, `On near-rings of homogeneous maps`, Comm. Algebra, 45(1) (2017), 322--331.

C.J. Maxson and J.H. Meyer, `Unique maximal rings of functions`, Comm. Algebra 45 (2017), 384--391.

B.-E. de Klerk, J.H. Meyer, J. Szigeti and  L. van Wyk,`A structural classification of the

automorphisms on some abelian groups`, Comm. Algebra 46(2) (2018), 467--479.

T. Boykett, W.-F. Ke and J.H. Meyer, `On Invertible matrices over a near-field.` J. Algebra 526 (2019), 345--355.

 B.-E. de Klerk and J.H. Meyer, `When is a permutation of the set Z^n (resp. Z_p^n, p prime) an automorphism of the group Z^n (resp. Z_p^n)?` Turkish J. Math. 42 (2018), 2965--2978.

A.J. van der Merwe, P.C.N. Groenewald, M.R. Sjolander and J.H. Meyer, Outlier Detection in a Random Effects Model, Comm. Statistics. Accepted for publication.

C.J. Maxson and J.H. Meyer, `Rings of congruence preserving functions, II`, submitted.

B.-E. de Klerk and J.H. Meyer, `Functional graphs of abelian group endomorphisms`, In preparation.


Publications (Short List)



Current Projects:


Simple 0-symmetric near-rings with identity

0-primitive matrix near-rings

Symmetric differences of sets and coding theory 





Area(s) of Interest

Algebra and Mathematical Olympiads

Courses Presented

Complex Analysis (3rd years), Algebra (Honours), Algebra (Master`s)

Community Service

Setting papers for the South African Mathematical Olympiad. 


Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531


Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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