Research Profiles

Prof Johan Meyer
+27 51 401 2428
Bloemfontein Campus

Prof Meyer investigates 0-primitivity in matrix near-rings, in particular whether the 0-primitivity of a matrix near-ring implies the 0-primitivity of the underlying near-ring. This a long-standing open problem and has been solved in certain restricted cases. He also investigated zero-symmetric simple near-rings with identity. Again, there is an open problem, namely whether such near-rings are always equiprime. The result is known to be true in some cases. The solution to this problem has implications for radical theory in near-rings. Furthermore, he continued the study of the so-called 1-2-3 problem. This concerns the cardinality of the symmetric difference of certain (finite) sets. There is a clear conjecture which is believed to be true by everybody working on this problem, but a proof in the general case is still lacking. The solution to this combinatorial problem has implications for coding theory.

Prof Tomas Vetrik 
+27 51 401 2912 
Bloemfontein Campus

Prof Vetrik's favourite topics include metric dimension, partition dimension and topological indices. These topics have applications in chemistry and computer science, since graphs can represent various networks and chemical structures and lead to a variety of publications in these areas. He mostly usescombinatorial and algebraic methods in his proofs.

Dr Albert Kriel
+27 51 401 2190
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Kriel's research area is numerical analysis, with specific focus on hyperbolic problems.

Dr Edgard Ngounda
+27 51 401 2329
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Ngounda conducts research on numerical methods for partial differential equations (PDEs), in particular some analytical investigations and numerical experiments using finite differences, spline approximation and spectral methods for the parameter. He also investigates numerical methods for option pricing in the field of computational finance.

Dr Renier Jansen
+27 51 401 7892
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Jansen, a categorical topologist, studies dual closure operators and their interaction with left and right constant subcategories. He also investigates Kurosh-Amitsur type radicals, as usually studied in algebra, on an arbitrary category to find links with his other research.

Dr Elizabeth Maritz
+27 51 401 9935
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Maritz is a graph theorist specializing in variations of metric and partition dimension, graph colourings and hereditary properties. Graph theory has many applications, and her recent work on resolving vertex covers has been applied to the problem of determining the optimal placement of travelling wave fault location (TWFL) detectors, in order to accurately detect and locate faults on power grids.

Dr Narcisse Loufouma Makala
+27 58 718 5202
Qwaqwa Campus

Dr Narcisse Loufouma Makala conducts research on set-valued mappings, continuous selections, and their applications and Absolute Retracts (AR), Absolute Extensors (AE) and Paraconvex sets.

Prof Jeandrew Brink
+27 51 401 2763
Bloemfontein Campus

Prof Jeandrew Brink investigates various theoretical aspects of testing general relativity. Her work
entails introducing properties of homogenous functions to describe geodesics around the Kerr
Metric and investigating the resonant effects around black holes. Some of the implications are the
proving of some empirically known results in the self-force problem and assisting in general
perturbation theory around black holes.

Dr Yibeltal Terefe
+27 51 401 9581
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Terefe's field of interest is the application of Mathematics to population dynamics and epidemiology, vector-borne infections, Mathematics motivated by biological applications, dynamical systems, PDEs, Integral equations, nonstandard finite difference methods.

Dr Christian Budde
+27 51 401 9789
Bloemfontein Campus

Dr Budde's research concentrates on evolution equations, operator semigroups and networks as part of functional analysis. Especially, he is interested in well-posedness of abstract Cauchy problems, extrapolation spaces and perturbation theory of operator semigroups. Non-strongly continuous operator semigroups are of special interest in this context. Also non-autonomous evolution equations are part of his current research.


Elfrieda van den Berg (Marketing Manager)
T: +27 51 401 2531


Dilahlwane Mohono (Faculty Officer)
T: +27 58 718 5284

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