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 2021 Graduation: for more information, please follow this LINK.

2021 Registration: How to register successfully

Registration for Higher Certificate students: South Campus and sub-regions, 2021

Before registration:
Take note that registration will take place from 1-13 March 2021 for Higher Certificate students in the Access Programme. Follow our registration steps.

The 2021 UFS registration process will take place online for first-year, senior, and postgraduate students:
  1. The Access office will send you a pre-completed DV4 form to complete and sign. Please note that you must have accepted the offer to study before you can receive this form.
  2. After completing the form, send the completed DV4 form and the proof of payment to accessinfo@ufs.ac.za.
  3. Once we have received your form and proof of payment and the money reflects in your account, you will be registered.  
  4. After you have been registered, you can go to the UFS portal and print your proof of registration.
  5. After printing your proof of registration, you may collect your student card.
General registration information

About the South Campus

Our South Campus provides alternative access to higher education for promising students who did not obtain the required marks in their final school examinations. Several programmes are in place that off er students the opportunity to access higher education. Th rough these programmes, students can ultimately enter the mainstream curriculum after completing the preparation courses. By offering this opportunity, students who might otherwise not have been able to enter university, now get to develop their full potential and realise their dreams.

Since its incorporation in 2004, the campus has been playing a significant role in the economy of the region, the enhancement of its people, as well as being a hub for distance-learning programmes offered by the UFS. Th is campus, nestled in the hills overlooking Bloemfontein, can accommodate 4 000 students.

The South Campus offers the following programmes:

We also address our social responsibility through a variety of collaborative projects in schools, such as the Schools Partnership Projects (SPP), Creative Clubs, TopKids, In-Service Education and Training (INSET), and the Internet Broadcast Project (IBP).

Our colleagues in the IDEAS Lab are ready to assist with the development of online learning. IDEAS Lab has professional learning designers who will assist with the development of fully online programmes and short learning programmes. IDEAS Lab will also develop online artefacts to help students understand difficult concepts.

For more information on Access Programmes, contact:

Nkotseng Mokhosi
+27 51 505 1490
E: accessinfo@ufs.ac.za
Lerato Mosiah
+27 51 505 1508
Lydia Moilwa
+27 51 505 1201

For more information on our Distance Education Programmes, contact: 

Lebohang Seseane
T: +27 51 505 1452
E: TsekeletsaL@ufs.ac.za
Dries van Tonder
T: +27 51 505 1243
E: vtondeaj@ufs.ac.za

For information on how to apply for the ONLINE Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT), contact:

Tosca Reid
T: +27 51 505 1342
E: ReadILC@ufs.ac.za

For information on how to apply for the BLENDED (limited contact) delivery of the Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT), contact:

Lourette Wilson
: https://apply.ufs.ac.za/
T: +27 51 505 1378
E: WilsonLA@ufs.ac.za

Who to contact for South Campus short learning programmes (SLPs):

Charlene Afrika
T: +27 51 505 1474

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Access (UAP)
Lydia Moilwa
+27 51 505 1201

Applications and Registrations: Open Distance and E-learning Programmes
Lourette Wilson
+27 51 505 1378

Distance-Education Programmes
Lebohang Seseane
+27 51 505 1452

Short Learning Programmes
Charlene Afrika
+27 51 505 1474

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