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Dr Lynette Jacobs
Senior Lecturer/ Researcher
South Campus
051 5051289

Short CV

Highest Qualification: PhD


Publications (Short List)

Publications since 2013.  For complete list, please click on the link to the Curriculum Vitae

Lets’opha, MM & Jacobs, L.  2017.  “He doesn’t like it, but I do it anyway”: listening to the voices of learners who bully others. Acta Criminologica, 13(1): accepted for publication.

Jacobs, Lynette.  2017.  Burke’s Dramatism Framework: A Lens to Analyse Bullying.  In Popov, N, Wolhuter, C., Kalin, J., Hilton, G., Ogunleye, J., Niemczyk, E., Chigisheva, O. (Eds.). Current Business and Economics Driven Discourse and Education: Perspectives from Around the World. BCES Conference Books, 15: 195-201.

Mohlaloka, Sello MB, Jacobs, Lynette & De Wet, Corene.  2016.  Insights from traditional initiators (Basuwe) on the influence of male traditional initiation (lebollo) on the behaviour of school boys. Perspectives in Education. Accepted for publication in volume 34(2).

Mohlaloka, Sello MB, Jacobs, Lynette & De Wet, Corene.  2016.  The Influence of Traditional Male Initiation (Lebollo) on School Discipline: Educators’ Perspectives.  Deviant Behavior, 38(6): 709–721. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01639625.2015.1071132

Jacobs, L & De Wet, NC.  2015.  A quantitative exploration of the effects of workplace bullying on South African educators. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 13(2): 31-58.

Jacobs, Lynette & De Wet, Corene.  2015.  Workplace bullying in schools: Who are being victimised?  Acta Criminologica, 28(1):50-66.

Potgieter, E; Teise, K; Jacobs, L & De Wet, C. 2014.  Ontgroeningspraktyke in Vrystaatse sekondêre skole en skoolkoshuise: `n verkennende studie.  LitNet Akademies, 11(3):506-543.

Jacobs, Lynette.  2014. The framing of school violence in the South African printed media - (mis)information to the public.  South African Journal of Education (online), 34(1): 1-16. http://www.sajournalofeducation.co.za/index.php/saje/

De Wet, Corene & Jacobs, Lynette.  2013.  South African teachers’ exposure to workplace bullying. The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, 9(3): 446-464.

Shushu, H; Jacobs, L & Teise, K.  2013.  Dimmed voices of learners in democratic school governance: a threat to Education for Sustainable Development.  Journal of Education Studies, 12(1):16-32.

De Wet, Corene & Jacobs, Lynette.  2013.  South African educators’ understanding of bullying.  Journal of Psychology in Africa, 23(2) 339-344.

Jacobs, Lynette; De Wet, Corene & Ferreira, Annelie.  2013.  Strategies used in Lesotho schools to maintain discipline: Results from an exploratory study.  Africa Education Review, 10(2):323-346.

LeeFon, R, Jacobs, L, Le Roux, A & De Wet, C, 2013, Action towards hope: Addressing learner behaviour in a classroom, Koers – Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 78(3), Art. #459, 8 pages. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/koers.v78i3.459

Jacobs, Lynette & De Wet, Corene.  2013.  Evaluation of the Vocational Education Orientation Programme (VEOP) at a University in South Africa.  International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 14(4):68-89.


I have two focus areas in my research.  Firstly, I focus on issues pertaining to school violence, which includes disruptive learner behaviour, bullying, workplace bullying and exclusion in education settings, from an Education Systems and Education Policy perspective. 

Secondly, I focus on education opportunities, including open distance learning, as well as access to education and higher education.

Area(s) of Interest

School violence, School discipline, Workplace bullying & Bullying
Open Distance Learning & Access to Education

Courses Presented

Community Service

Service Learning


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