The Directorate of Student Recruitment Services (D SRS) stands as a cornerstone of our university, spearheading the charge in attracting and enrolling viable students. We pride ourselves on forging dynamic strategic alliances with schools, launching innovative marketing campaigns, hosting signature events, and delivering unparalleled customer service to all our crucial stakeholders, including prospective students, their parents, and educators.

As the university's ambassador to various institution departments, the SRS serves as the initial and most influential touchpoint for potential students. Our collaboration with various faculties is robust, ensuring that our feedback is insightful and pragmatically tailored to our audience's needs. Furthermore, our synergy with the Student Academic Services (SAS)—the backbone of the admissions and registration process—is seamless and constructive.

In a move that signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of student engagement, we are excited to announce that starting from 2024, key aspects of the application journey will be seamlessly incorporated within the SRS purview. This strategic enhancement is designed to streamline the prospective student's experience, ensuring that the University's interaction with the market is compelling and truly extraordinary.


To demystify the path to university entrance by being a bridge to academic excellence while offering a seamless experience that supports the university’s enrolment plans.

To attract and guide future leaders by highlighting our innovative, inclusive environment and world-class educational opportunities, fostering a transformative journey for every prospective student.

  • Innovation and Impact
  • Care, Empathy and Compassion
  • Excellence in Service

  • Creative engagement solutions
  • Customer-centric
  • Cohesive performance-driven approach
  • Psychological safety (conducive environment)

Student Recruitment Services creates awareness, sparks interest, and ignites the desire for the University of the Free State’s product offering. Our approach is strategic and multidimensional; we don't just create awareness; we captivate. We don't just spark interest; we set ambitions ablaze. Our mission is to transform curiosity into the unstoppable urge for academic pursuit within our institution. Leveraging a full spectrum of tactical avenues, we aim to guide the brightest, academically qualified prospects along their decision-making journey, drawing them to see their future within our university.

Our efforts are synchronised to meet the enrolment targets, ensuring the UFS remains a beacon of scholarly brilliance for the most capable and promising minds from across the globe.

Core Services (Bloemfontein and Qwaqwa Campuses)

  • Student Recruitment (Undergraduate)
  • Student Recruitment (Postgraduate)
  • Integrated Marketing, Innovation, Special Events and Projects
  • Kovies2B_Connect Centre
  • Research and Data Management


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