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Prof (DF) Francois Tolmie
Old and New Testament Studies
Old and New Testament Studies
IB 5
051 4013023
Short CV
Prof Francois Tolmie was appointed in the Department of New Testament in April 1990, and is currently the Head of the Department of New Testament. He is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate lectures. In his research he specializes in Johannine Literature (in particular, narratological approaches) and Pauline Literature (in particular, the rhetorical analysis of the Letter to the Galatians and the Letter to Philemon). He is also the promoter of several Masters and Doctoral Students who are researching themes on John, Galatians and Philemon.
Publications (Short List)

· 1995: Jesus farewell to the disciples. John 13:1-19:26 in narratological perspective (Leiden: Brill) 249 pp.
· 1996: John 21:24-25: a case of failed attestation? Skrif en Kerk, 17 (2), 420-426.
· 1997: "My Vader en julle Vader, my God en julle God." Oor die interpretasie van Joh. 20:18. NGTT 38 (4), 328-339.
· 1998: The characterization of God in the Fourth Gospel, JSNT 69, 57-75.
· 1999: Markus, Galasiërs, in Vosloo, W & Janse van Rensburg, JJ (reds). Die Bybellennium Eenvolumekommentaar. Die Bybel uitgelê vir eietydse toepassing, 1188-1240, 1547-1563. Vereeniging, CUM.
· 1999: Narratology and Biblical Narratives. A Practical Guide (San Francisco: ISP), 163 pp.
· 2000: Retoriese analises van Galasiërs. n Oorsig. Acta Theologica Supplementum 1
· 2002: Die vertaling van onoma-uitdrukkings in die Nuwe Testament. Hervormde Teologiese Studies 58(3):901-918
· 2005: The Ioudaioi in the Fourth Gospel. In: G. van Belle, J.G. van der Watt & P. Maritz (eds.), Theology and Christology in the Fourth Gospel (Peeters: Leuven University Press), pp. 377-398
· 2005: Salvation as redemption. The use of "redemption" metaphors in the Pauline Literature In: J.G. van der Watt (ed.), Salvation in the New Testament. Perspectives on Soteriology (Leiden: Brill), pp. 247-270.
· 2005: Persuading the Galatians. A Text-Centred Rhetorical Analysis of a Pauline Letter (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck) 286 pp.
· 2005 (with JG van der Watt): Apokriewe Ou en Nuwe Testament. Vereeniging: CUM.
· 2006: The (not so) good shepherd. The use of shepherd imagery in the characterisation of Peter in the Fourth Gospel. In: J. Frey, J.G. van der Watt, R. Zimmermann (eds.,) Imagery in the Gospel of John. Terms, forms, themes and theology of figurative language (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, WUNT).
· 2006: Liberty – Love – The Spirit. Ethics and ethos according to the Letter to the Galatians. In: J.G. van der Watt (ed.), Identity, ethics, and ethos in the New Testament. (Berlyn: De Gruyter, BZNW 141).
· 2007: The rhetorical analysis of the Letter to the Galatians. In D. F. Tolmie (red.), Exploring new rhetorical approaches to Galatians (Acta Theologica Supplementum 9), pp. 1-28.
· 2008: Filippense vir vandag. Vereeniging: CUM.
- 2008: Jesus, Judas and a morsel: Interpreting a gesture in John 13:21-30. In: J. Verheyden, G. van Belle & J.G. van der Watt. Miracles and imagery in Luke and John. Festschrift Ulrich Busse (Leuven: Peeters, BETL 218), pp. 105-124.
- 2009: The interpretation of Gal 5:12. Acta Theologica 29(2), 86-102.
- 2010 (Editor): Philemon in perspective. Interpreting a Pauline letter. (BZNW 169; Berlin: De Gruyter).
- 2011: Angels as arguments? The rhetorial function of references to angels in the Main Letters of Paul. Hervormde Teologiese Studies 67 (1): 317-325.
- 2011: Living in hope in the fullness of time. The eschatology of Galatians. In: J.G. van der Watt, Eschatology of the New Testament and some related documents (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, WUNT 315), pp. 239-256.
- 2011: The spirituality of the Letter to the Galatians. In: P.G.R. de Villiers & L.K. Pietersen, The Spirit that inspires. Perspectives on Biblical Spirituality (Bloemfontein: UFS, AcThS 15), pp. 167-182.
- 2012: Violence in the Letter to the Galatians. In: P.G.R. de Villiers & J W van Henten, Coping with violence in the New Testament (Leiden: Brill, STR 16), pp. 69-82.
- 2012: Research on the Letter to the Galatians: 2000-2010. Acta Theologica 32 (1), 118-157.
- 2012: Member of translation team of first inter-linear Bible in Afrikaans: Interliniêre Bybel Grieks-Afrikaans Nuwe Testament. (Vereeniging: CUM). 1408 pp.
- 2013: (Editor together with S.A. Hunt and R. Zimmermann), Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel. Narrative Approaches to Seventy Figures in John (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck; WUNT 314). Also responsible for articles on the ill and the sick in the Gospel, Pontius Pilate and the four women at the foot of the cross.
- 2014: Tendencies in the interpretation of Galatians 3:28 since 1990. Acta Theologica Supplementum 19, 105-129.
- 2016: The reception of Apphia in the Letter to Philemon: A perspective from the fourth and fifth centuries. Acta Theologica Supplementum 23:283-301.

Some of the above are available at https://ufs.academia.edu/FrancoisTolmie

Area(s) of Interest

Fourth Gospel
Rhetorical analysis of Pauline Letters
Letters to the Galatians and to Philemon

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