New Testament


General Information

In New Testament Studies we try to understand the 27 books of the New Testament from their historical bedrock. With an understanding of this, we aim to communicate the New Testament in a fresh and dynamic manner within our time.

The above aim demands that the student be exposed to the following disciplines of study: 

  • the methods used to expound the New Testament (methodology),
  • the practical exposition of the various books (exegesis),
  • how the New Testament came into being (textual criticism and canonics),
  • the social and cultural milieu in which the New Testament originated (background),
  • how the central theological themes or message of the New Testament can be described (theology of the New Testament),
  • how the exegesis and theology of the New Testament can be made understandable for today (hermeneutics) and
  • how you can apply this to your own spiritual life (Biblical spirituality).



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