Prof Dominique Goedhals
Senior Lect/Pathologist
School of Pathology
Medical Microbiology
IB G23
051 4052834

Short CV

MBChB University of the Free State, 1999
DTM&H University of the Witwatersrand, 2004
MMed (Virol Path) University of the Free State, 2005
PhD (Virol) University of the Free State, 2014

Academic teaching responsibilities
MMed (Virology, Microbiology)
MMed Sc

Research interests
Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus; HIV and opportunistic infections


Publications in peer reviewed journals

  1. Goedhals D, Kriel J, Hertzog ML, Janse van Rensburg MN.  Human cytomegalovirus infection in infants with prolonged neonatal jaundice.  J Clin Virol 2008; 43: 216-218.    
  2. Huang KHG, Goedhals D, Fryer H, van Vuuren C, Katzourakis A, De Oliviera T, Brown H, Cassol S, Seebregts C, McLean A, Klenerman P, Phillips R, Frater J.  Prevalence of HIV drug-associated mutations in pre-therapy patients in the Free State, South Africa.  Antiviral Therapy, 2009; 14: 975-984.  
  3.  Seedat RY, Thukane M, Jansen AC, Rossouw I, Goedhals D, Burt FJ.  HPV types causing juvenile recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis in South Africa.  Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, 2010 Mar; 74 (3): 255-9.  
  4. Huang KHG, Goedhals D, Carlson JM, Brockman MA, Mishra S, Brumme ZL, Hickling S, Tang CSW, Miura T, Seebregts C, Heckerman D, Ndung’u T, Walker B, Klenerman P, Steyn D, Goulder P, Phillips, R, Bloemfontein-Oxford Collaborative Group,  van Vuuren C, Frater J. Progression to AIDS in South Africa is associated with both reverting and compensatory viral mutations.  PLOS ONE, 2011; 6 (4): e19018.
  5. Matthews PC, Adland E, Listgarten J, Leslie A, Mkhwanazi N, Carlson JM, Harndahl M, Stryhn A, Payne RP, Ogwu A, Huang KHG, Frater J, Paioni P, Kloverpris H, Jooste P, Goedhals D, van Vuuren C, Steyn D, Riddell L, Chen F, Luzzi G, Balachandran T, Ndung’u T, Buus S, Carrington M, Shapiro R, Heckerman D, Goulder PJR.  HLA_A*7401-mediated control of HIV viremia is independent of its linkage disequilibrium with HLA-B*5703.  J Immunol 2011; 186: 5675-5686.    
  6. Rossouw I, Goedhals D, van der Merwe J, Stallenberg BS, Govender NP. A rare, fatal case of invasive spinal aspergillosis in an antiretroviral-naïve, HIV-infected  man with pre-existing lung colonization.  J Med Microbiol 2011; 60(Pt 10):1534-1538.  
  7. Meiring M, Webb M, Goedhals D, Louw V.  HIV-associated thrombotic thrombocytopeni purpura – What we know so far.  European Oncology & Haematology 2012; 8(2):89-91.  
  8. Goedhals D, Rossouw I, Hallbauer U, Mamabolo M, de Oliveira T.  The tainted milk of human kindness.  Lancet 2012 Aug 18; 380(9842):702.  
  9. Kløverpris HN, Harndahl M, Leslie AJ, Carlson JM, Ismail N, van der Stok M, Huang KH, Chen F, Riddell L, Steyn D, Goedhals D, van Vuuren C, Frater J, Walker BD, Carrington M, Ndung’u T, Buus T, Goulder P.  HIV control through a single nucleotide on the HLA-B locus.  J Virol 2012; 86(21):11493-11500.    
  10. Matthews PC, Listgarten J, Carlson JM, Payne R, Kuan-Hsiang GH, Frater J, Goedhals D, Steyn D, van Vuuren C, Paioni P, Jooste P, Ogwu A, Shapiro R, Mncube Z, Ndung’u T, Walker BD, Heckerman D, Goulder PJR.  Co-operative additive effects between HLA alleles in control of HIV-1.  PLoS One 2012; 7(10):e47799.    
  11. Goedhals D, Scott LE, Moretti S, Cooper MA, Opperman WJL, Rossouw I.  Evaluation of the use of plasma preparation tubes for HIV viral load testing on the COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 version 2.0.  J Virol Methods 2013; 187(2):248-250.
  12. Manasa J, Lessells R, Rossouw T, Naidu K, van Vuuren C, Goedhals D, van Zyl G, Bester A, Skingsley A, Stott K, Danaviah S, Chetty T, Singh L, Moodley P, Iwuji C, McGrath N, Seebregts CJ, de Oliveira T.  Southern African Treatment Resistance Network (SATuRN) RegaDB HIV drug resistance and clinical management database: supporting patient management, surveillance and research in southern Africa.  Database 2014 Feb 6;2014:bat082.
  13. Goedhals D, Bester PA, Paweska JT, Swanepoel R, Burt FJ.  Next-generation sequencing of southern African Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus isolates reveals a high frequency of M segment reassortment.  Epidemiol Infect 2014; 142(9):1952-1962.
  14. Burt FJ, Goedhals D, Mathengtheng L.  Arboviruses in southern Africa, are we missing something?  Future Virol 2014; 9(11):993-1008.
  15. Goedhals D, Paweska JT, Burt FJ.  Identification of human linear B-cell epitope sites on the envelope glycoproteins of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus.  Epidemiol Infect 2015; 143(7):1451-1456.
  16. Goedhals D, Bester PA, Paweska JT, Swanepoel R, Burt FJ.  Comparative analysis of the L, M and S RNA segments of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus isolates from southern Africa.  J Med Virol 2015; 87(5):717-724.
  17. The TenoRes Study Group.  Global epidemiology of drug resistance after failure of WHO recommended first-line regimens for adult HIV-1 infection: a multicentre retrospective cohort study.  Lancet ID 2016; 16(5):565-575.
  18. Steegen K, Bronze M, Papathanasopoulos MA, van Zyl G, Goedhals D, van Vuuren C, Macleod W, Sanne I, Stevens WS, Carmona SC.  Prevalence of antiretroviral drug resistance in patients failing protease inhibitor-based treatment: results from the first national survey in South Africa.  J Infect Dis 2016;214(12):1826-1830.
  19. Jooste P, van Zyl A, Adland E, Daniels S, Hattingh L, Brits A, Wareing S, Goedhals D, Jeffery K, Andersson M, Goulder P, Matthews PC.  Screening, characterisation and prevention of hepatitis B virus (HBV) co-infection in HIV-positive children in South Africa.  J Clin Virol 2016; 85:71-74.
  20. Steegen K, Carmona S, Bronze M, Papathanasopoulos MA, van Zyl G, Goedhals D, MacLeod W, Sanne I, Stevens WS.  Moderate levels of pre-treatment HIV-1 antiretroviral drug resistance detected in the first South African national survey.  PLoS One 2016;11(12):e0166305.
  21. Steegen K, Bronze M, Papathanasopoulos MA, van Zyl G, Goedhals D, Variava E, MacLeod W, Sanne I, Stevens WS, Carmona S.  HIV-1 antiretroviral drug resistance patterns in patients failing NNRTI-based treatment: results from a national survey in South Africa.  J Antimicrob Chemother 2017;72(1):210-219.
  22. Rhee SY, Varghese V, Holmes SP, Van Zyl GU, Steegen K, Boyd MA, Cooper DA, Nsanzimana S, Saravanan S, Charpentier C, de Oliveira T, Etiebet MA, Garcia F, Goedhals D, Gomes P, Günthard HF, Hamers RL, Hoffmann CJ, Hunt G, Jiamsakul A, Kaleebu P, Kanki P, Kantor R, Kerschberger B, Marconi VC, D`amour Ndahimana J, Ndembi N, Ngo-Giang-Huong N, Rokx C, Santoro MM, Schapiro JM, Schmidt D, Seu L, Sigaloff KC, Sirivichayakul S, Skhosana L, Sunpath H, Tang M, Yang C, Carmona S, Gupta RK, Shafer RW. Mutational correlates of virological failure in individuals receiving a WHO-recommended tenofovir-containing first-line regimen: an international collaboration.  EBioMedicine 2017 Apr;18:225-235.
  23. Hardie DR, Korsman SN, Hsiao NY, Morobadi MD, Vawda S, Goedhals D.  Contamination with HIV antibody may be responsible for false positive results in specimens tested on automated platforms running HIV 4th generation assays in a region of high HIV prevalence. PLoS One 2017;12(7):e0182167.

Book chapters

  1. Huang K-HG, Fryer H, Goedhals D, van Vuuren C, Frater J.  (2012). HIV Drug Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa – Implications for Testing and Treatment.  In: Ricardo Sobhie Diaz (Ed.), HIV Testing (109-132). InTech.
  2. Burt FJ, Goedhals D. (2015). Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever an emerging virus and reemerging pathogen.  In: A. Singh (Ed.), Zoonoses: Infections affecting humans and animals – A focus on public health aspects.  Springer Publishers

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