Current Research:


  • Children with special needs, Prof Andre (A) Venter
  • Paediatric Oncology and other projects, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Life support and other Projects, Dr Lincoln (LJ) Solomon
  • Fenotipiese kenmerke, Prof Stephen (SC) Brown
  • Efficacy and safety of micafunging, Dr Annalie (AE) van der Vyver
  • Neonatale intensiewe sorgeenhede, Prof Beyers (BB) Hoek
  • Perinatal problems and other Projects, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
Summary of previous study areas:


  • Neurodevelopment, Prof Andre (A) Venter
  • Neonatology, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • Child development, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • Oncology & Haematology, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Infectious diseases, Dr Ute (UM) Hallbauer
  • Nephroblastoma, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Leukemia, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Diacaustic 112/09, Digitally Automated Paediatric
  • Cardiac auscultation, Prof Stephen (SC) Brown
Previous studies:


  • Coping responses as moderator in subjective well being, self-esteem, anger and comorbid psychopathology in adolescent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Prof Andre (A) Venter
  • Demografie van trauma in pediatriese pasiënte, Prof Andre (A) Venter (Studente)
  • An evaluation of different echocardiographic modalities to measure left ventricle function in children receiving chemotherapy, Me J Badenhorst (Brown) BTech
  • The assessment of Echocardiography and tissue Doppler Profiles of asymptomatic patients in a general cardiology practice, J Steyn (Brown) BTech
  • M-mode measurement in premature infants, Prof Stephen (SC) Brown
  • The establishment of reference endocardiographic measurement for premature and low birth weight infants in the Free State and Northern Cape, Me S Jacobs (Brown) BTech
  • 3D LV regter ventrikel funksie, Prof Stephen (SC) Brown
  • Homograft inplanting by skape in samewerking met Kardiotorakschirurgie, Mnr Rudolph (SR) Pretorius
  • International randomized double blind study evaluating the efficacy and safety of clopidigres 0.2mg/kg once daily versus placebo in neonates and infants with cyanotic congenital heart disease palliated with a systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt (e.g.) modified Blalock Taussig shunt, Prof Stephen (SC) Brown, Dr Andre (AD) Bruwer
  • Prone positioning and motor development in the first 6 weeks of life, Me Dorothy (DC) Russell
  • Perinatal problem identification, Dr David (DJ) Griessel, Dr Annalie (AE) van der Vyver
  • Quality of language stimulation in Pre-school settings, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • Preventable factors in neurodevelopmental delay, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • Perinatal problem identification program (PPIP), Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • The quality of language stimulation in Pre-School Setting – In collaboration with Dept of Psychology of Education, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • Outcome of traumatic brain injury in children at Pelonomi hospital, Dr Lincoln (LJ) Solomon
  • Prognosis and outcome of patients with solid tumours in the Paediatric Oncology patients at the Bloemfontein Hospital Complex, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Prognosis and outcome of children with brain tumours, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Outcome of central lines inserted in paediatric oncology patients in the Bloemfontein Hospital Complex, Prof David (DK) Stones 
  • Outcome of patients with lymphoma, Prof David (DK) Stones 
  • Outcome of solid tumours in the paediatric oncology patients seen at the Bloemfontein Hospital Complex, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Retrospective study of the patient profile and outcome of patients admitted to the paediatric care unit of the Academic Hospital Complex, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) and cancer in children, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • EISAI (Quintiles) Etovs Nr 71/08 – Randomized, double-blind study, placebo controlled study of efficacy and safety of Donepezil Hydrochloride in pre-adolescent and adolescent children with attention impairment following cancer treatment, Prof David (DK) Stones, Me Yolande (Y) Goosen
  • A retrospective study and ongoing study of patients with Fanconi Anaemia seen by the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health since the early 1980's, Dr David (DJ) Griessel
  • SIPPET (Survey in Inhibitors in Plasma-Product Exposed Toddlers) – Inhibitor development in previously untreated or patients minimally blood component – treated on patients when exposed to plasma derived Von Willebrandt Factor containing Factor VIII (VWF.FVII) concentrates and to recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) concentrates: An independent, international, multicentre, prospective, controlled, randomized, open label, clinical trial, Prof David (DK) Stones
  • Use of oxygen non-invasively in children, Dr Ute (U) Hallbauer
  • Pertussis in Bloemfontein 2008/2009, Dr Ute (U) Hallbauer
  • Ethionamide induced hyperthyroidism in children, Dr Ute (U) Hallbauer
  • Chronic supportive otitits media in children in the Free State: Bacteriology and contributing factors, Dr Ute (U) Hallbauer
  • Evaluation of oxygen to paediatric patients in Public Sector Hospitals in the Free State, Dr Ute (U) Hallbauer (Student)
  • Plasing van nasogastriese buise en umbilikale lyne. Prof Beyers (BB) Hoek (Student)
  • “Understanding non-attendance” at Paediatric Outpatient Department, Pelonomi Hospital, Dr Annalie (AE) van der Vyver (Student)
  • The quality of language stimulation in Pre-school  facilities, Dr David (DJ)Griessel (Student)
  • Cytomegalovirus pneumonia co-infection with pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in HIV exposed infants admitted with suspected pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia, Dr Alex (AO) Ogugua (Kappos)
  • Eosinofiele in sepsis, Dr Bernice (B) Powell (Hoek)
  • Temperatuur van kraam tot in eenheid, Dr Carrie-Leigh (C) Greig (Hoek)
  • A 12-month comparison between growth-, immunological- and virological parameters in the HIV infected child, started on ARV’s at a Paediatric ARV site at Kimberley Provincial Hospital, Northern Cape Province, Dr Liesl (L) du Plessis.


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